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7 Reasons Why You Should Massage Your Baby

7 Reasons Why You Should Massage Your Baby

Massaging a baby is an old age Indian traditional ritual that has been passed down from one generation to another. Baby massage is a way in which one gently strokes the child’s body using their hands lightly with the help of massage oil. It is a lovely way to enjoying time with your baby and also helps in forming a strong bond. Massaging your little one is also beneficial for multiple reasons – it strengths the muscle, bones, and soothes the digestive system. Before your child is able to understand any language, we are able to communicate and comfort them through tender warm touches. If they start crying the parent will try to hold them close, cuddle, or stroke them giving a sense of comfort. So, one can say that baby massages are a part of the natural impulse. 

Benefits of massaging your baby:

  1. Makes skin soft and smooth:
    Gently giving, a loving massage using massage oil for baby skin helps to retain the moisture of the skin and keeps the baby’s skin soft, supple as well as healthy.
  1. Better sleep cycles:
    An everyday massage ritual promotes a better sleeping pattern for babies by relaxing and improving blood circulation. This leads to better sound sleep for your baby along with them being less irritable.
  1. Helps in growth and development:
    As the skin gets stimulated and nourished, it improves blood circulation, body functions, and the nervous system leads to all-round growth and development.
  1. Strengths muscles and bones: 
    Using a good Ayurvedic massage oil ensures that the bones of the baby are strong and that it strengthens their muscles and tones their body.
  1. Exercise for the body: 
    During the first few months of a newborn, massage is proven to be the best way to keep their body and mind active. It also keeps the child to stay fit and active.
  1. Soothes the digestive system:
    Massaging the baby has also been proven to improve the digestive functions of the baby. It helps in easing the digestion of the child and prevents stomach problems.
  1. Nourishes the skin: 
    Mother Sparsh Baby Massage Oil is enriched with the goodness of nature and its ingredients fulfill the purpose of giving the nourishment that the skin needs for healthy growth. Avocado oil, coconut oil, Sesame oil, etc. are essential oils that moisturize the skin from deep within the layers and leaving it feeling healthy as well as looking healthy.

A Good Baby Massage Oil Can Do Miracles!

Applying a good natural baby oil for your child’s massage is very important. Many specialties suggest using an organic baby massage oil like coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil, and avocado oil is all the more beneficial for babies.

So, while picking the best baby massage oil for your little one, opt for oils that have natural ingredients and don’t contain severe chemicals. It is also important to avoid products that contain sulfate, added fragrance, or any other harsh chemicals that are not good for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Make Baby Massages a Daily Regime

Massaging your baby on daily basis with an Ayurvedic body massage oil can be a therapeutic and connecting not just for the child but also for the mother as well. It can help them form a really strong bond. So, go ahead and start the right way to let the magic of parenthood unfold as you start this beautiful journey with your little angel. 

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