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An Ultimate Guide for Baby‘s Bath: Be it Sponge Bath or Tub Bath

An Ultimate Guide for Baby‘s Bath: Be it Sponge Bath or Tub Bath

An Ultimate Guide for Baby‘s Bath: Be it Sponge Bath or Tub Bath

Baby bathing can fill a parent with anxiety. Any parent can find it difficult to hold a little baby in a bath tub as babies are delicate and there is always a risk of slipping. Most of the babies do not feel good during their bath time specifically for the first time. They may start crying and express their annoyance loudly.

But, you don’t need to worry as it is not the case of every time. As the time will go on, baby will become used to bath and love to touch and feel freshness of water. Your baby will find it exciting as he or she listens the water running.

The bath time is the moments when both of you enjoy the moments.

Let’s first start with the Sponge bath!

Newborns babies need sponge bath for the first several weeks after birth.  It is important, as a newborn’s umbilical cord stump need time to fall off and heal also. So, giving a sponge bath can be better to delicate and soft skin.

You not only need to clean baby but also make him comfortable, calm and happy during that time.

Here are some essentials for sponge bath:

1. Baby body wash

2. Two washcloths

3. A towel

4. A bowl of warm water

5. Several cotton balls

6. Lotion (optional)

7. A diaper

8. Baby shampoo

9. Dusting Powder

Sponge Bath Tips

A newborn will not be ready for the baby tub until the umbilical cord stump falls off. So, in such situation, you need to give him a sponge bath.

Here are some points that you need to consider during bath time.

1. First of all wash baby’s face before you put off his clothes. Dampen a cotton ball or wet cloth and wipe his eyelids from the inside to outside. Remember, you need to use different cotton ball for each eye. With another damp cotton ball, clean the area around nose.

2. After eyes and ears, ears are also the main areas of baby’s body that need to be cleaned. Again you can use a damp water based wipe or washcloth for cleaning. But, be careful don’t clean inside baby’s ears it can hurt them.

3. When you wash his hair, support his spine and hold back slightly. Put a few drops of shampoo in your hands and gently scrub baby’s head to make foam and then rinse with water.

4. After washing head, dry it with a towel.

5. When clean a newborn’s skin, put a little bit of soap on a soft wash cloth. Don’t overdo it as continuous use of soap can damage the soft skin.

6. When he is clean, pat him dry with a soft towel and apply a lotion for better skin care.

7. Sprinkle some dusting powder on little baby to bottoms and neck area, ensure that it should be a talc free powder

8. Newborn get cold quickly so, always keep your little in a warm room after bathe.

9. Like face and ears, cleaning of baby’s bottom is also necessary. So, you can use both a wet cloth or pure water wipes such as Mother Sparsh 99% Water Based Wipes- made of plant-based fabric and contain 99% water and are as soft as cotton and water.

Let’s discuss about Tub Bath!

Once the newborn’s umbilical cord falls off, he or she is prepared for tub bath. This is the stage babies don’t get very dirty so, bath a few times a week is fine.

1. Like sponge bath you have to prepare each item necessary for a child’s cleaning. You have to fill tub with a couple of inches of lukewarm water. As newborns’ skin is more sensitive so, needs not be washed with too hot and cold water.

2. While putting kid in tub, gently support his and neck with your arm.

3. Once you are done with cleaning, pat dry the baby’s skin with a soft towel.

4. Apply a lotion and put on the clothes of your little.

After getting 6 months old, babies are ready to big bath tub. But, one thing that is necessary to keep in mind that you need to remember is that don’t leave your angel in bath tub alone. It can be quite risky so you have to be careful. Some mothers leave their little alone whenever they listen to phone’s ring and door well.

I think you know, your cutie is totally dependent on you so, you have to be careful for him every time.

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