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Products for Babies

99% Pure Water Based Wipes
Unscented care for your baby. These wipes will give care as good as cotton and water
Rs 299.00Rs 269.00
Natural Sunscreen Lotion
This SPF provides the shelter to the baby’s delicate skin from the harmful UV rays
Rs 349.00Rs 314.10
Natural Insect Repellent
A spray which also providing 3 way protection from mosquitos, fleas & ants
Rs 249.00Rs 224.10
After Bite Turmeric Balm
Relief from insect bite & minor skin irritation with the presence of turmeric & mustard
Rs 299.00Rs 269.10
Anti-Insect Fabric Roll-On
By applying on clothes your child is getting 3 way protection from mosquitos, fleas & ants
Rs 99.00Rs 89.10
Tummy Roll-On
Curing of abdominal pain & constipation with the help of hing & saunf
Rs 249.00Rs 239.04
Laundry detergent for Babies
Gentle care through plants & their essentials to baby’s soft laundries like clothes & blankets
Rs 649.00Rs 551.65
Natural Liquid Cleanser
safely cleans the baby bottles, nipples, accessories & toys with the help of plants
Rs 449.00Rs 381.65
Detergent & Cleanser Combo
Care to your baby’s essentials like toys, feeding bottles, laundries & save Rs. 299
Rs 1,098.00Rs 799.00
Dusting Powder
Absorption of moisture and sweat from the delicate baby skin folds.
Rs 225.00Rs 202.50
Ayurvedic Gripe Water
All in one water which helps in stomach discomfort, gas, colic, teething & hiccups
Rs 125.00Rs 112.50
Kids Cooking Oil
Enrichment of Omega 3, Omega 6 & fortified with vitamin D for your child’s growth
Rs 399.00Rs 359.10
98% Water based wipes
Mildly scented care for your baby along with the plant fabric and water content
Rs 198.00Rs 178.20
99% Water based wipes (Pack of 2 - Super Saver Pack)
Unscented care for your baby. These wipes will give care as good as cotton and water
Rs 499.00Rs 449.10

Products for Mommies

Vardaan 100% Ayurvedic lactation supplement
A home remedy for the new mommies which helps in supplying milk supply along with calcium support
Rs 399.00Rs 399.00
Stretch Mark Massage Oil
A herbal massage oil which gives toning, firming & smoothing to the saggy skin & stretchy skin
Rs 475.00Rs 427.50
Natural Nipple Butter
Butter that soothe & nourish cracked nipples and which can be used as lip balm also
Rs 249.00Rs 224.10