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Mother Sparsh

Don’t neglect your emotions & feelings

1. I feel very angry and irritated lately

2. I feel overwhelming fatigue or loss of energy

3. I have lost my appetite

4. I have been crying excessively recently

5. My sleep schedule is disrupted. (You sleep too much or too little than before)

6. I feel disconnected from my baby & family

Share What You Feel

Dear new mom,

We understand the turn in your life has been monumental and everything seems different, new, and a little…off. You’ve achieved a commendable feat recently and we adore you for that. Understandably, you’re now tired, agitated and a little stressed but #MomYouAreNotAlone

Mother Sparsh introduces the #MomYouAreNotAlone campaign, an initiative to shed light on and promote conversations on postpartum stress and depression.

We aim to provide mother’s a safe space to open up about their postpartum experiences and help them comprehend their emotions better. Motherhood brings with it many battles and challenges, and we are here to discuss all those real experiences.

A Mother Sparsh Initiative to Shed Light
on Postpartum Stress and Depression

Mother Sparsh Mother Sparsh

Maternal Child Wellness Coach
Woman Activist
- Birthing Naturally
Founder - Birthing Naturally
Times Most Influential Personalities 2021
Youth Ambassador
- India ( IYS )
Honored by WCD Minister Smt. Smriti Irani

Mother Sparsh
Mother Sparsh

Certified Lactation Consultant
Certified Perinatal Mental Health Coach
Certified in Positive Psychology from Harvard
Certified in IYCF Master course from UNICEF and Cornel University
Worked with hospitals like Fortis, Apollo Cradle, and Rainbow Hospitals in the past.
8-10 years of experience in coaching pregnant women and postpartum moms on well-being.


How can a psychologist help me?

A Psychologist is a trained professional and a registered practitioner who assists people with their issues and challenges. A psychologist best understands the human mind and its functioning therefore is an ideal figure to guide you through the postpartum period.

How will the psychologist analyze my case?

Is the consultation confidential?

Yes. The consultation will be completely confidential.

How do I know if I need any consultation?

The Psychologist will inspect your case by the given information on the questionnaire so feel free to fill it out.

How long will it take for me to get better?

The recovery time differs from case to case. With the right resources, you’ll notice the recovery signs soon.

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