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A mother sustains, comforts and cleanses her child, so does Plant Powered. Our Plant Powered Family is crafted on the same feature of better sustenance, cleaning and comforting to your child with the best set of ingredients. This whole range is specially designed to maintain the baby’s skin health, healthy and intact. Also, with the skin care this range provides love to your baby’s essentials too. Altogether, Mother Sparsh’s holds an aim to provide the best natural care to its small little humans in a best way it can.


~ 100% Organic  ~

Plant Powered Baby Care Bundle
A complete baby care kit for baby's soft skin & its accessories. The range is formulated with the goodness of plant extracts,essential oils & organic herbs.

A head to toe care for your child with nature suggested ingredients.
Rs 2,825.00Rs 2,236.00
Plant Powered Natural Baby Lotion
A blend of essential oils for baby’s soft & sensitive skin. Also it includes with natural skin healer agents.
Rs 395.00Rs 355.50
Plant Powered Natural Baby Wash
With the presence of natural herbs and essential oils a baby gets tear free bathing & cleaning.
Rs 385.00Rs 346.50
Plant Powered Natural Baby Face Cream

Extra gentle care of baby’s highlighted parts such as cheeks, nose and elbows.

Rs 349.00Rs 314.10
Plant Powered Diaper Rash Cream
With the best ingredients which have skin healing abilities soothes & calm the diaper rashes.
Rs 299.00Rs 269.10
Baby's Playtime Combo
Care to your baby’s essentials like toys, feeding bottles, laundries & save Rs. 299
Rs 1,098.00Rs 856.00
Plant Powered  Laundry Detergent for Babies
Gentle & herbal care of baby’s laundry with the eucalyptus oil & best to remove stains and bad odour.
Rs 649.00Rs 584.10
Plant Powered Natural Liquid Cleanser

Plant Powered Natural Liquid Cleanser is formulated with edible components which safely cleans baby's accessories like toys, play area matte and other stuff.

Rs 449.00Rs 404.10
Bath Ritual Combo
Relaxing and soothing nurturing from day one with this mother sparsh lotion & wash.
Rs 780.00Rs 702.00
Baby’s Skin Protectant Combo

Assembled with most organic ingredients which has non-toxic nature for soft skin.

Rs 684.00Rs 615.60
Baby’s Gentle Skin Care Combo
This plant powered combo maintains the moisture & cleanse the baby’s body perfectly.
Rs 734.00Rs 660.60
Baby’s Rash Free Skin Combo

Minimize the redness on soft skin with the perfect blend of herbs and essential oils.

Rs 694.00Rs 624.60
Baby's Skin Care Combo

This trio is the safeguard of baby's tender skin with the goodness of plant ingredients.

Rs 1,129.00Rs 959.65
Plant Powered Natural Baby Lotion
A blend of essential oils for baby’s soft & sensitive skin. Also it includes with natural skin healer agents.
Rs 395.00Rs 355.50


~ Nature Oriented Ingredients ~

Mother Sparsh's aim is to create baby friendly products for their natural & safe care. In the world of creation we use plant & plant essentials to make plant powered range.  

This entire plant powered range is made with certified organic ingredients which maintains the proper care of baby & baby essentials. 

With the presence of nature oriented ingredients like coconut oil, calendula oil & shea butter,we made our products for purest care of your baby. 

 Plant Powered Range has all the natural ingredients which are super safe to use on soft skin. Being plant made they do not have parabens & toxics in it.  


~ Natures Choice ~

Natural Fragrance

Our range holds the natural fragrance of essential oils which are present in it.

Safe for Skin

Formulation of plant powered range is done without harsh chemicals like parabens & silicon. 


Eco-Friendly Ingredients 

Assembling of plant powered range is done with most natural ingredients.

Safe for Baby Essential 

It holds the anti-bacterial properties which provides safe & organic care to baby essentials.


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