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"Best Kids Friendly Product That Is Safe To Use As It's Trustworthy"

Mother Sparsh Natural Insect Repellent for Babies, Herbal Armor, 100% Protection from Mosquitoes, Fleas and Ants - Best kids friendly product which keeps them safe and happy. I really feel tensed everytime to send my daughter outside for playing because of mosquitoes, insects, ants and fleas. It is my responsibility to protect my kid from all these. At that time i find a product from Mother Sparsh which is really Fabulous as it contains ayurvedic herbs and essential natural oils. No harsh chemicals present in this product. So i purchased it and started using for my kid. Also i am using this for my 11 months old daughter. The result is awesome as there are no mosquito or insect bites. The fragrance is also mild. I suggest this for sure to the people i know as it take care of my 2 kids both indoors and outdoors. Worth for money too. Totally i like the product.                

- Laxmi Makutam

"Mother Sparsh Repellent is so awesome"

If you are worried for your kid and you are very conscious about what you use for your baby then I suggest this , matter of fact any product from Mother's Sparsh can be used without a shadow of doubt , very effective and safe , highly efficient in keeping the creepy crawlers away from little one.

- Leon W.

"Baby Wipes - Relief for Mothers"

I bought 98% water wipes from Mother Sparsh at Amazon. This felt different on the skin. Not at all soapy. Yet there is a nice fragrance. I think this will be best for baby skin. In fact i think this will suit any skin and won’t be harmful at all. I have used this on myself and my son. It gave a fresh effect and took away the dirt and grime too. After doing some research work, I try to buy more organic stuff which won’t hamper my son in anyway. This falls on that category. These are paraben and alcohol free. These are hypoallergenic in nature which minimises the occurence of rashes and so is safe for babies.I strongly recommend this to all the parents. Try it out. You won’t be disappointed at all.

-  Pamela Sarkar

"Roll-On: Its A Savior"

It’s best for a colicy baby. It eases them very quickly and its handy even when you are not home to offer any other homemade solutions. Though the smell is natural, it is intense. It work very fast... need not to wait for baby to settles.. It is very good especially in d way with baby.

-  Tripti Prem

"Best quality wipes for kids"

Mother Sparsh are my personal favourite. Love these for many reasons! I am using it for my kids from some time now. They are safe, natural withmedical grade cloth and these thick wipes clean well. The best thing about this is they are not fragrant and carry a pleasant and mild fragrance and safe to use. The package comes with a lock box on that retains the moisture intact. Will keep buying it

-  Nesha Sharma

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