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Daily Moisturizing Coco-Rich Baby Lotion

Daily Moisturizing Coco-Rich Baby Lotion

To Hydrate & Nourish Baby’s Delicate Skin

Available in : 200 ml

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  • Mild & Gentle formulation of Coconut Oil for smoother and healthier skin
  • Nourishing care of Milk Protein & Shea Butter to hydration baby’s skin
  • Formulated to replenish the moisture and keep baby’s skin soft & supple
  • Tackle post shower dryness | pH Neutral


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Mother Sparsh Coco Rich Baby Body lotion keeps baby skin soft, supple & hydrated. The pH neutral formulation produces a rich creamy lotion which moisturises skin from deep within. The lotion glides into the baby's skin preventing post-shower dryness. Boosting Hydration of Milk Protein, Shea Butter & Coconut Oil combined provides 24 Hours moisturization to baby's delicate skin.

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  • Take a required amount of Daily Moisturizing Coco Milk Baby Lotion into your hands.
  • Gently apply onto Baby’s body.
  • Massage until fully absorbed.
S.No.Ingredient Function
1Coconut OilNourish & Moisturise
2Jojoba OilNourish Skin
3Milk Protein Enhance Moisture Retention
4Shea ButterIntense Moisturisation
5Olive OilDeep Skin Hydration
6Almond OilTreats Dry Skin
7Wheatgerm OilCalm & soothe skin
8GlycerinPrevents Dryness
9Xanthan GumWater-Based Emulsifier
10Cetomacrogol 1000Retain Moisture
11BeeswaxLock in Moisturisation
12Glyceryl Monostearate Deep Skin Hydration
13Disodium EdtaChelating agent
14Sodium BenzoatePreservative
15Potassium sorbatePreservative
16Vitamin ESoothe Irritated Skin
17 Purified WaterBase
18TriethanolaminepH Adjuster
19PerfumeIFRA Certified Fragrance

How can it provide a moisturising effect on the baby’s tender skin?

The Lotion is formulated with Milk Protein, Coconut Oil & Shea Butter, providing an intense nourishing care to the baby's delicate skin. It imparts a complete moisturising effect on the skin and keeps it soft & supple for the whole day long. Its mild & natural suggested ingredients will keep your baby’s skin as natural as it is without harming the skin’s pH level.

Can we use this product on the baby’s face especially when it’s dry?

My baby is having a very dark skin tone, is it helpful in improving the skin colour?

No, Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion doesn’t help in improving the skin tone of your baby’s skin. It simply nourishes your baby’s skin by keeping it moist, soft, and supple. The formulation provides an ultimate protection to the baby’s skin. So, we won’t promise that it will make your baby’s skin fairer but it will surely improve the skin texture.

Is it effective for dry and itchy skin of kids? How can it help in healing the skin?

Yes, the presence of Shea butter and Coconut Oil makes it effective for dry skin; Shea butter nourishes the skin from within while moisturising it deeply and Coconut Oil acts as a healer for dry or damaged skin. Mother Sparsh Daily Moisturising Coco Rich Baby Lotion provides an essential moisture to the baby’s skin lost during bath time. It helps to prevent the baby’s skin from dryness & itching.
  • Best Before - Use within 24 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • Store in a cool & dry place.
  • For external use only. Protect from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Even natural ingredients can cause and trigger allergies, a patch test is recommended before using.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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