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Stretch Mark Repair & Body Toning Kit

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  • Pure 100% Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation With herb enriched oils & butters
  • Enriched with natural emollients, it moisturize & boost skin’s collagen
  • Tones, Firms & Lightens Stretch Marks And Scars
  • Suitable For All Skin Types




Mother Sparsh Stretch Mark Repair & Body Toning Kit is carefully designed to help your body adapt to the beautiful, natural changes that come with nurturing new life, & make this transition beautiful and comfortable for all. The skin-enriching & nutrient-wealthy Stretch Mark Oil & Stretch Mark Toning Butter is rich in reparative Ayurvedic oils to soothe stressed skin, alleviate dryness & help diminish the appearance of stretch marks & cellulite. The non-greasy texture derived through the decoction process of Stretch Mark Oil & Toning Butter sinks in almost instantly, restoring hydration, & enhancing your skin’s elasticity. Especially beneficial throughout pregnancy & during weight gain/loss as the oils & butter combine to strengthen skin’s fabric as it expands – helping to minimize stretch marks. This enriching combo is carefully formulated to encourage the elasticity and resilience of your skin & is the ultimate way to give your body the attention and care it deserves during this precious time.


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  • Simply massage over the Stretch Mark Oil on damp skin post-bathing, to ‘lock in’ precious moisture & maintain skin’s firmness.
  • Apply the Stretch Mark Toning Butter liberally over your belly & concerned areas before bedtime & allow it to repair skin’s broken barrier overnight.


Stretch Mark Massage Oil

S.No.Ingredient NameFunction
1Jiwanti (Root)Tone & furnish the skin
2Haldi (Rhizome)Known for toning
3Kachur (Rhizome)Antioxidants properties
4Manjishtha (Stem)Lightens scars & improves skin texture
5Peepal (Leaf)Heals the cracked skin
6Bargad (Leaf)Anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory properties
7Baheda (Fruit)Make the skin firm & lessen the scars
8Palandu (Bulb & Seed)Improves skin condition
9Amla (Fruit)Great for skin firmness & skin softness
10Badam (Seed)Nourishes & improves the skin
11Baboona (Flower)Boost the skin health
12Rosemary (Flower)Hydrates & moisturizes the skin
13Til (Seed)Keep the skin moist & warm
14Nariyala (Endosperm)Improves the elasticity

Stretch Mark Toning Butter

S.No.Ingredient NameFunction
1JiwantiTone & furnish the skin
2HaldiKnown for toning
3KachurAntioxidants properties
4ManjishthaLightens scars & improves skin texture
5PeepalHeals the cracked skin
6BargadAnti-microbial & anti-inflammatory properties
7BahedaMake the skin firm & lessen the scars
8PalanduImproves skin condition
9AmlaGreat for skin firmness & skin softness
10BadamNourishes & improves the skin
11BaboonaBoost the skin health
12RosemaryHydrates & moisturizes the skin
13TilKeep the skin moist & warm
14NariyalaImproves the elasticity
15MadhuchistamAnti-microbial and soothes the skin
16Shea ButterNourisher
16Coco ButterNourisher
16Paraffin WaxPharmaceutical aid
16Soyabean oilPharmaceutical aid


Can we use stretch mark oil before pregnancy?

Definitely yes, Mother Sparsh Stretch Mark Massage oil is helpful in both pre & post pregnancy cases to help in lightening the stretch marks and promotes the growth of healthy skin cells.

Will I completely get rid of my scars?

When and how to use this oil?

When should I start using this oil during my pregnancy?

Can we use Mother Sparsh Stretch Mark Toning Butter during pregnancy?

On which skin areas can I use this product?


  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For external use only.
  • Protect from direct sunlight.
  • Even natural ingredients can cause and trigger allergies, a patch test is recommended.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Stretch Mark Repair & Body Toning Kit

Stretch Mark Repair & Body Toning Kit

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