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Vardaan Lactation Supplement (Pack of 2) & Natural Nipple Butter
Vardaan Lactation Supplement (Pack of 2) & Natural Nipple ButterVardaan Lactation Supplement (Pack of 2) & Natural Nipple ButterVardaan Lactation Supplement (Pack of 2) & Natural Nipple Butter

Vardaan lactation supplement (Pack of 2) & Natural Nipple Butter

Best Suited for: New Moms

  • Vardaan ayurvedic lactation supplement (200 g each) contains the power of shatavari & 4 other ayurvedic herbs (ela, amla, yashthimadhu, godanti bhasma) which improve the quantity and quality of mother's milk supply. Breastfeeding affects a mother's bones, so Mother Sparsh contains natural calcium i.e., godanti bhasma that improves the strength and immunity in lactating mothers.

  • Natural Nipple Butter (25 g) is formulated with organic ingredients like virgin coconut oil,Shea butter, coconut & cocoa butter for the nourishment of cracked & dry nursing mom's nipples and it is safe for babies if ingested.

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Solution for Nursing Moms

wITH Ayurvedic Herbs 

A mother needs to feed her new born baby 10 times in a day. Mother Sparsh natural nipple butter made this feeding process easy as it provides healing to cracked and dry nipples. This butter is prepared with ayurvedic formulation which is the safest option to have. 

Saviour for New Moms 

Grand Ma's Home remedy 

In the previous time of pregnancy a lady face so many problems while feeding her child but this Vardaan-ayurvedic lactation supplement solves many of the problems & make this journey easy and smooth. 

100% Authentic Formulation

Vardaan Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement 

S.No.Ingredient NamePart UsedFunction
1Shatavari RootGives support in healthy production of breast milk & strengthen the immune system
2ElaichiFruitFlavouring agent
3AmlaFruit Vitamin C helps to maintain bone density & immune system
4YashtimadhuRoot Boosts immunity & digestion
5Dalchini BarkLoaded with anti-oxidants
6Godanti Bhasma Gives Calcium support to lactating mothers

Natural Nipple Butter 

S.No.Ingredient NameFunction
1Nariyala (Endocarp)Heals the crack skin & soothes dry skin
2Kokum (Seed)Make the skin soft & supple
3Haldi (Rhizome)Anti-inflammatory properties
4Shea ButterNatural skin softener
5Cocoa ButterKeeps the moisture intact
6Arachis Butter Gives relief in minor skin irritation

Direction to use

Vardaan Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement

  • Add 2-3 scoop of Vardaan, in 1 glass of lukewarm milk, twice a day. Stir well drink immediately

    Note : Don’t consume with hot mil

Natural Nipple Butter 
  •    Apply to the nipple area after each feed or as needed. Also appropriate for chapped /dry lips, elbow & other dry       skin 

       Note :  *Toxin free, no harm if ingested by baby

Who can use this?

Vardaan Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement
  • Nursing Mothers

Natural Nipple Butter 
  • Nursing Mothers


Vardaan Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement

What is Vardaan and who can consume it?

Vardaan is an Ayurvedic Home Remedy for lactating mothers that boosts milk supply and offers a variety of health benefits. This is a natural, safe, and an Ayurvedic solution for nursing moms. It also fulfils the substantial requirement of calcium to enhance immunity in new mothers.

What are the ingredients used in Vardaan?

Vardaan - Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement is made with a natural formulation of 5 herbs that are Shatavari, Elaichi, Amla, Yashtimadhu, and Dalchini, along with Godanti Bhasma that gives calcium support in healthy production of breast milk & strengthens the immune system. 

How should Vardaan be consumed?

Add 2-3 scoop of Vardaan- Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement, in 1 glass of lukewarm milk, twice a day. Stir well drink immediately.

Note: Do not consume it with hot milk.

Can it be consumed by Pregnant Mothers?

No, Vardaan - Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement should strictly not be consumed by pregnant mothers. Having ingredients such as natural herbs which are warm in nature that can lead to miscarriage on menstrual blood loss. 

Can it be consumed by a mother having diabetes?

No, we do not recommend Vardaan to be consumed by diabetic patients. To balance the taste of ayurvedic herbs present in it, we have added a small amount of crystallized sugar in it. So, accordingly should not be consumed by diabetic patients.

Why is there a variation of color in herbs present in Vardaan?

This is due to variation in temperature across various seasons; the colour of herbs might have slight variation. However, this not compromises the quality of the product.

I don’t like drinking milk/lactose intolerant. What else can I have it with?

Mothers who have lactose intolerance or who cannot drink milk can also consume Vardaan with Luke warm water or tea regularly for 2-3 months, which will also give desired results. However, it is best accompanied by milk. 
Note: Do not consume with Coffee.

While pouring Vardaan, milk was curdled/ejected. Why did this happen?

Do not pour Vardaan in Extremely Hot milk. It contains Amla which is a rich source of Vitamin C and hence leads to curdling/ejection of milk and forms a curd-like texture. Hence, we suggest you consume it with Luke warm milk.

How is Vardaan different from similar lactating products available in the market?

Usually, other lactating products available will only contain herbs like Shatavari to boost the milk supply in lactating mothers. Vardaan is made with a natural formulation of 5 herbs that are Shatavari, Elaichi, Amla, Yashtimadhu, and Dalchini along with Godanti Bhasma that gives calcium support to the mother. It helps in providing bone strength to mothers to enhance immunity in new mothers and they feel active during this time.

Natural Nipple Butter 

My nipples are getting sore, so will it be fine if I apply this cream on it?

Mother Sparsh Natural Nipple buttercream heals cracked, painful nipples of a breastfeeding mother. The presence of essential oils makes it mildly fragrances that suit our senses. Coconut oil and turmeric increase the healing process of sore and cracked nipples. This Natural butter provides relief from irritation and cracked nipples and is safe for nursing mom and baby.

What is the color and quantity of this cream?

Mother Sparsh Natural Nipple Buttercream is off-white and has a net quantity of 25 gm per piece. And you can buy the product from our website (

When should I apply this cream?

A soothing nipple cream provides much-needed relief before, during, and after feedings. As natural as breastfeeding is, it doesn't always feel natural—especially at the beginning when your nipples are dry, cracked, chapped, itchy, or even bleeding.

Can I breastfeed with nipple cream on?

It is safe to use on intact skin while breastfeeding and is non-toxic for both mother and baby. You do not have to wipe it off or remove it before your baby breastfeeds.

As the area of the nipple is very sensitive, so is this cream safe to use?

Mother Sparsh Natural Butter Nipple cream has a botanical blend of natural herbs having coconut (natural moisturizer and heal wounds), kokum (gives soothing effects on skin), Haldi (natural antiseptic), shea butter (relief itchiness and peeling skin), madhuchhistam (keeps skin moisturized and reduce irritation), cocoa butter (repair damaged skin and heals dry skin), and arachis oil (possess healing properties). Hence, this cream is skin-friendly and will help you in healing the dryness or cracks of nipples.

Do I need to store the cream in a refrigerator or it is fine at room temperature?

No, you do not need to store Mother Sparsh Natural Butter Nipple Cream in a refrigerator or any cool storage. This cream could be stored at room temperature as there is no such risk of effecting the product due to change in temperature as it has the ingredients made up of natural herbs and essential oils.

Care through plant extracts for baby essentials 

Make your baby’s laundry with natures help

Using plant things in our daily life is a modern way to procure our requirements as well as a safe step to have a bacterial free life. Plant essentials have no side effects on skin & keep our things safe, when it comes to a child our love and care should be natural like neem & aloe plant extracts.

Solution for tough stains & odour

Love through botanical blend

Getting rid of stains in the shed of plants is such pure blessing of nature. Mother Sparsh plant-powered laundry detergent has entitled the properties like anti-bacterial agents, allergen-free fragrance nature along with the organic ingredients.

Say Hello to Plants for laundry Detergent

Plant Powered formula which eliminates odour & tough stains

With this simple plant powered formula, you can bid goodbye to odour, stains which are caused by little one’s while playing and eating junks.

This plant powered formula pack contains plant extracts like neem & aloe along with DM water which causes no irritation to skin.

A modern botanical blend formula with bio enzymes & eucalyptus oil is the most natural care we carried upon for baby essentials along with organic ingredients which gives sparsh of softness towards laundry. 

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Which credit/ debit cards does Mother Sparsh support?

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How do I know that my credit/ debit card payment is safe?

Payments are accepted through certified third party payment gateways. These gateways are certified for all security aspects.

Can I pay through Net banking? What is the procedure?

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Where all does Mother Sparsh deliver?

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What is the delivery timeline or my order?

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Is there a charge for delivery?

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