5 Must Know FAQ's of Neem Oil for Hair by Mother sparsh

5 Must Know FAQ's of Neem Oil For Hair

Neem Tree, also known as 'Azadirachta Indica' is a native tree of India. In Sanskrit, neem means 'Arista', meaning something perfect, imperishable, and complete. Complete because not only its leaves, but from roots to stems it has useful nutrients that have many medicinal and healing properties. In Ayurveda, it is denoted as "good health' for all living beings.

A traditional and potential natural medicine, the health benefits of neem leaves have been used for centuries now. It would be uncommon not to see a neem tree in any Indian home or neighborhood. Neem leaves have over 130 different biological compounds, such as Nimbin and Nimandial, which naturally heal the body and promote healthy living!

We all know how beneficial neem is for us from head to toe, but do you know neem is beneficial for our hair, and how can neem help you promote healthy hair growth? Do you know how to use neem oil for hair growth?Is neem oil good for hair growth? Today, let us educate you a little about neem oil, the best neem oil for hair in India, and neem benefits for hair.


Neem Oil and its Usage:

Neem oil is an essential that’s available across every household in India. It is useful in every form for your skin, hair, and body, irrespective of skin and hair type. You might be wondering how does neem for hair oil is extracted? How do we know that it is pure or chemically processed? What all are the neem uses for our body? Relax! we will help you with that.

How is neem oil for hair extracted?

Neem oil for hair is extracted from the seeds and fruits of the neem tree with many different techniques. The neem oil for hair is obtained by pressing or crushing the neem fruit and seeds kernel through the cold pressing technique. In the cold-pressing technique, the seeds of the Neem tree are first removed from the pulp and then left to dry. Then, the husks are removed from the seeds to get kernels. These kernels are then pressed to release the oil extracts. The extracted neem oil for hair can have varying colors and odors depending upon the quality of kernels. So, the extraction of neem oil for hair does not contain any type of chemical processing.

Neem oil is used on the body for:

  • Anti-aging & anti-oxidant properties control wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and premature greying of hair
  • Wound healing
  • Fighting skin infection 
  • Controlling fungal growth
  • Treating head lice
  • Purifying blood to prevent acne
  • Stimulating natural and healthy hair growth

Neem Oil Benefits for hair

All the antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties are present in neem oil. With the wide acceptance of neem in cosmetic and beauty products, it has become an important and popular natural ingredient for those who are switching to natural and ayurvedic remedies and adopting a more naturally healthy lifestyle. 

Let's know why...!"Neem Ka Tel" is a solution to every hair problem.

We all prefer neem as oil for hair treatments and it is the most popular hair regime accepted by cosmetic companies. We will help you find the best neem oil for hair with the best neem benefits for your hair. But before that, let's focus on some of the important neem's properties

1. Anti-oxidant, Antifungal, and Antibacterial Properties
With regenerative properties, neem oil for hair promotes healthy cell division and stimulates hair follicle growth. It helps in controlling hair fall or thinning of the hair. 

2. Prevents Dandruff and Dryness
Antifungal property of the oil prevents fungal growth on the scalp, soothes dryness, and controls dandruff. It also gives relief to itching and flaky scalp.

3. Treats Head Lice
Head lice
is a common problem in kids. Neem oil, with its medicinal properties, treats head lice without any side effects on your kids.

4. Prevents Premature Greying
In this modern-day living, we all are facing premature greying due to lots of stress, environmental changes, and hormonal imbalances. With regular use of neem oil, you can curb premature greying.

5. Natural moisturizer and nourisher
Neem oil gently moisturizes and nourishes your hair from the scalp to roots for stronger and visibly healthier tresses.

You must be wondering which is the best neem oil for hair and all your hair problems? Is there any neem oil for dandruff? Neem Hair packs are better than neem oil? How will it be useful in eliminating dandruff? What are other ingredients that will help eliminate dandruff and promote healthy hair growth? And many more. We understand the concerns you are facing in this modern-day lifestyle. Let's now talk about the neem oil for hair and all your hair problems.

What is Ginger & Neem hair cleanser?

Ginger & Neem Hair cleanser is a mild formulation to clean away all excess oil and dirt from the scalp, nourishes and moisturizes scalp to prevent dandruff and dryness and promotes healthy hair growth. It works wonders with ginger & neem Hair oil.

Mother Sparsh's Ginger & Neem Anti-Dandruff Kit

Neem Oil for Hair, Hair Cleanser and hair lep combo KIt

For Dandruff & Itchy Scalp it is your real savior and solution to your every hair problem. Want to know why? Continue reading...

Mother Sparsh's Ginger & Neem Anti-dandruff Kit for dandruff & itchy scalp is made of ginger and neem oil extracts included with other ayurvedic ingredients along with essential oils. Used for centuries, neem and ginger extracts hydrate your hair & scalp to relieve dandruff and dryness. Neem and ginger oil for hair is an effective antibacterial combination that fights dandruff and stimulates hair follicles for improved healthy hair growth.

1. Ginger & Neem Hair Cleanser

The mild and gentle anti-dandruff formulation of Ginger & Neem Hair Cleanser helps in cleansing away the excess oil and dirt from the scalp without stripping away the essential hair moisture.

2. Ginger & Neem Hair Oil

With the regenerative properties of both the ingredients, the hair feels smooth and fresh by eliminating dandruff and itchy white flakes from the scalp. Neem & Ginger oil for hair has calming meditative properties that ease your mind from stress.

3. Ginger & Neem Hair Lep

Without any doubt, the therapeutic properties of Ginger & Neem Anti-dandruff lep is better than any other neem hair mask. It works wonderfully on the dry, itchy scalp by eliminating dandruff and controls fungal growth.


    5 Must Know FAQs Related Neem Oil For Hair In India!

    1. Can I apply Neem Oil directly on my hair?

    Yes, you can apply neem oil directly to your hair, but it is recommended to mix it with almond oil or any other essential oil before directly applying it to your hair or skin. But, Mother Sparsh Ginger & Neem oil is infused with ayurvedic herbs and essential oils that you can apply directly to your hair.

    2. Does neem oil make your hair grow?

    Yes. As mentioned above in neem benefits for hair, neem oil helps in stimulating hair growth by eliminating dead skin from the scalp and keeping it moisturized. Mother Sparsh Ginger & Neem Hair Range with its therapeutic properties will help your hair grow healthier and stronger.

    3. How do I apply neem oil to my hair?

    It is recommended to mix neem oil with other essential oil before applying, but Mother Sparsh Ginger & Neem Hair oil is already infused with essential oils that it can be applied directly to your hair without a doubt because it is safe.

    4. How do you use neem oil for thinning hair?

    Mother Sparsh Ginger & Neem Hair Oil gently moisturizes your hair and scalp, which helps hair growth due to its therapeutic properties of 100%natural and pure ayurvedic ingredients.

    5. How to choose the best neem oil for hair?

    Always consult your dermatologist before using any type of beauty product including hair oils, but it is advised to buy only those neem oils that are diluted with any essential oils like almond oil, ginger oil, or sesame oil.

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