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Plant Powered & Ayurvedic baby care products crafted with nature inspired formulas as gentle as baby’s skin



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Discover natural skin care products with our Plant powered & Ayurvedic skin care for effective soothing benefits

Kind To Nature & You

Mother Sparsh offers a restorative balance of nature & innovation by transformingnature’s best resources to provide you with conscious solutions.Because you shouldn’t have to choose between what’s best for nature & you



img_1Their unique & exquisite ingredients helps my skin to stay well nourished and hydrated all day long. - Rutu Chauhan(@rutuchauhan)
img_2My daughter has used @mothersparsh since birth and we can’t do without it. These wipes have been more than perfect forus. - Simone Khambatta (simone.khambatta)
img_3These products are must haves for dull, dandruff and frizzy hair people. Its affordable and pretty effective on everyscalp type. - Amruta Agarkar (@beautyeditbyamy)
img_4I started using after bite mosquito & natural insect repellent & trust me they work like magic ✨ now m using naturalinsect repellent regularly!!- Archy Sharma (@iambaby_ira)

Why choose Mother Sparsh?

When it comes to choosing the best baby skin care products brand for your baby, moms want nothing but the best! As a new mom, it's a tough task to pick the right baby care products & what's better than trusting the recommendations of dermatologists across India!Ensuring that you get honest solutions from an honest brand Mother Sparsh baby care uses nature’s therapeutic powers & botanical ingredients to give your baby Natural Skin care products & best organic baby skin care products in india.It’s important to properly care for your baby by using the best baby products in india that will protect and moisturize their evolving skin which is why Mother Sparsh offers the first ever range of plant powered baby care products such as best baby soap, best baby cream in india, baby shampoo for hair etc. in an endeavour to offer the restorative balance of nature & innovation in our baby care & adapt with the changing needs of mothers to bring nature in its most unadulterated form.Ensuring that your trust is safe with us, we introduced India's first Plant Powered baby care range to give your little ones the purest start in life.Give your baby the gentlest start in with our plant based baby skin care for baby’s comfort, comprising our Plant Powered Natural Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo & Baby Wash. Our Natural Baby Shampoo is curated with gentle botanical extracts, they contain no harmful toxins & are less foaming due to plant based cleansing agents. Our Baby Shampoo is crafted to soothe a baby's delicate scalp while our baby soap, baby wash, baby lotion nourishes baby’s skin & are the best organic baby skin care products in india.Explore more of our baby care kit & baby care products list encompassing Plant powered & ayurvedic baby care products from natural & safe baby care products brands. Our newborn baby gift set includes baby massage oil for fairness, baby bath products , baby moisturizing cream ,best baby lotion in India & much more! For generations, the restorative properties of Ayurveda baby care have helped restore, nourish and soothe baby’s skin & have been known to nurture your baby’s skin from day one. Explore our carefully selected Ayurvedic best baby products in india which are gentle & safe for baby’s sensitive & delicate skin, our baby care kits & new born baby kit set comprises of our bestselling products for baby care & wellness such as colic relief & mosquito cream for baby , natural & safe insect repellants, Baby oil with ayurvedic ingredients like rosehip, avocadoolive oil for baby massage . Encasing of pure botanical extracts & dermatologically recommendedbest baby skin care products & baby bath products like baby shampoo, baby oil& many more best baby care products in India make for a perfect baby gift hamper, newborn baby gift set & baby gift set to give some love to the ones you love. Our wellness & natural products formom's careare rooted in nature and crafted with carefully selected mothers & moms to be.Mother care products curated with exclusive products for lightening stretch marks & hair care products for improved hair health. Our Hair care collection of rich ayurvedic hair care products also comes with an exclusive detailed descriptive card for empowering you through your hair care routine & how to take care of hair. Our thoughtful assortment of hair care products also includes our one of it’s kind product, our hair lep which is a well preserved ayurvedic home remedy as opposed to synthetic gel/creme based hair masks & hair serum which are prefabricated & may contain chemically formulated ingredients for short-lived results.Mother Sparsh hair care kits & skin care kits also make for a perfect gifting option for any occasion!Modern based hair care solutions like hair serums, treatments are crafted with a composition that can't be altered according to scalp needs like our Hair Lep which is a blend of potent ayurvedic herbs & ingredients which targets hair health from the roots & enhances hair health from within.Pre-made masks & hair serums may contain harmful preservatives for prolonged shelf life which may further damage the hair hair health. Our 30 Herbs Hair Oil is hair care oil crafted with a decoction of over 30 herbs & oils which enriches the scalp which it’s nutritive benefits. Our Ayurvedic skincare products are a centuries-old cultural beauty ritual formulated with the most efficacious Ayurvedic recipes. We have encapsulated the essence of nature in our plant powered natural skin care laced with precious botanical extracts.Mother Sparsh skin care combos come with everything you need whether it’s intense hydration, treating hyperpigmentation & dark spots & a radiant complexion!

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