About Us

plant powered care

At Mother Sparsh, we aim to bring you and your bundle of joy the purest of botanical ingredients; derived from plant extracts and essential oils. Our products are crafted with extreme love and compassion to give you and your baby the best care. For us, plant powered is the expression we live by.

skin care

At Ayurveda, the world’s oldest healing science has been synonymous with Indian culture for over 5000 years. We at Mother Sparsh aspire to preserve this ritual by bringing to you Mother Earth’s luxurious herbs and oils in their purest forms, with the help of our R&D team who has enabled us to create products with Authentic Ayurvedic formulation.

Crafted with Care

Compassion for the environment and a zero-waste approach lies at the heart of our products and operations. To provide you with the best of nature, we actively work with our Research & Development team to conduct market research and bring to you essentials rooted in love & care to support your needs, while honoring environmental health.