Baby Care Kit: Plant Powered vs Normal. Which one is good?

Baby Care Kit: Plant Powered vs Normal. Which one is good?

When you're a new parent, there's a lot to learn about baby care products, newborn skin care regime and much more. There's an entire world of finding out what things you need, what objects you want in your nursery, and how to guarantee that everything you buy is safe and non-toxic for your baby beyond the infant-care fundamentals! In order to be completely sure about the baby skin care products, you should consider a baby care kit that includes natural baby products. We’re here to help you learn more about the plant powered baby care kit and why it is important for your baby’s health. 

What is Plant Powered Skincare?

Plant powered Baby Care Kit & Range by Mother sparsh

Plant extracts and oils are used to make plant-based beauty products. The botanical elements used in the products are chosen because of their reputation for calming, balancing, and replenishing the body. Instead of using animal-derived chemicals for your infant, use a baby care kit that includes essential oils, plant waxes, and by-product plant components. There are a lot of organic, plant-based skin care, hair care, and wellness products for your baby to provide them with natural nourishment.

Difference between Plant Powered Baby Care Kit Vs Normal Products

Plant Powered Baby Care Kit

Other Baby Care Products 

Gentle on baby’s delicate skin

Harsh on the skin and can cause irritation

Free from harmful chemicals like Parabens and Phthalates

Includes harmful chemicals like Parabens, Sulfates and dyes

Protects babies from microbes, allergens and other toxic chemicals

Makes the baby more prone to allergies or infections

Loaded with nutrients and enzymes

Absence of natural vitamins and minerals


Harmful for the environment

Why baby wipes for babies are good? Plant powered vs Natural Products

Why Plant powered Baby Care Kit for your baby?

Children are more vulnerable to the adverse impacts of environmental contaminants and hazardous substances than any other age group. Unfortunately, many newborn and baby care kit products on the market include harmful chemicals that harm the baby's skin, scalp, and overall health. You can help your child live a healthy tomorrow by learning about the dangers of chemical-loaded personal care products and introducing them to natural, safe, and effective alternatives.

Additional tips for parents

Additional Tips for Parents before buying baby care Kit
Children and babies do not have a complete understanding of the harsh truths of life. The ultimate responsibility for instilling in children the value of natural substances rests with their parents. Consider these suggestions to protect your child's health and help them reach their full potential.

  • Purchase items from reputable companies that employ the most potent natural components.
  • Typically, children learn from their parents first. As a result, set a good example by only using safe products and treating it as a responsibility to teach children about the benefits of natural ingredients.
  • Not all "safe" items are actually good for the body. In fact, some of them contain substances that could harm children's growth. Some antibacterial soaps and alcohol-based sanitizers for toddlers and babies, that may kill both healthy and dangerous germs.
  • In many circumstances, "edible" skin care products, or those with substances that are suitable to eat, are the safest, healthiest, and most natural options.

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Baby Care Kit

Mother Sparsh is a premium baby care company in India dedicated to using only natural and organic procedures. Mother Sparsh's products are made entirely of natural components and are 100 percent plant-based. In India, Mother Sparsh has the best baby skin care products like new born baby kit sets, baby bath products, baby gift hamper and baby care kit for the overall nourishment of your infant. Even the best skincare brands for newborn baby in India may not be offering 100% plant based and safe products, even if they claim so. Mother Sparsh baby care kit has products that are packed with the perfect balance of plant extracts and essential oils to support your baby's natural development and works as the best skin care for newborns. 

Plant Powered Baby Care RangeMother Sparsh Plant Powered baby care kit offers a wide range of the best organic baby skin care products in India including natural liquid cleanser, detergent for babies, baby lotion, baby wash, baby face cream, diaper rash cream, baby soap and natural sunscreen lotion. The Mother Sparsh Essential kit for newborn and new mother is an all in one care bundle for new mommy and her precious angel. 

Benefits of Plant powered Baby Care Kit by Mother Sparsh

Here are the following benefits of using the Plant powered baby care range for your baby:

  1. Safeguards your baby while keeping them healthy and comfortable while boosting their overall development.
  2. Helps in keeping your baby’s skin clean and nourished.
  3. The natural liquid cleanser gently cleans leftover milk and foul odor, leaving your baby’s clothes fresh and clean.
  4. Toxin-free and dermatologically tested products.
  5. Provides head-to-toe natural protection to your little one.


Why Plant powered baby care kit is good for babies?
We all want the best for our baby in terms of everything, so why not opt for a Plant powered product? Mother Sparsh is a renowned name offering the best baby care products in India for head-to-toe protection of your infant. So, if you're looking for paraben-free baby products India has, then Mother Sparsh is your one-stop solution to end your hunt for the best organic skin care products that are gentle and safe for your little angel and the environment. Happy Parenting!!

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