Colic in Babies & Baby Colic Relief Products

Colic in Babies & Baby Colic Relief Products

No one wants to see their baby crying! Still, every once in a while, your newborn will start crying and won't stop for hours. This crying can be out of pain due to acid reflux or other physical issues. It can also be because of skin sensitivity or neurological trouble.

The prolonged crying due to unknown reasons is called Colic, and it is common in babies between 3 weeks to 4 months. However, being a new parent, dealing with your colicky baby might be a little difficult.

So, here is your all-in-one guide for handling colic in babies and the list of best baby colic relief products.

Baby Colic Relief Products

What is Colic Pain?

You fed your baby, cleaned them with wipes for babies, changed their diapers, and are expecting them to sleep any moment. But suddenly, it starts crying in a high pitched voice and does not stop for long. Does this sound relatable?

That is colic, and here are some of the symptoms of colic crying:

  • Prolonged Crying: Colic crying can last up to two-three hours and mainly occurs three days a week for a minimum of three consecutive weeks.
  • The pattern of crying: Most colicky babies have fixed timing for crying, and it will be during the evenings.
  • Fussiness: Colic crying will be accompanied by fussiness; they might clench fists while crying and keep on moving legs up and down.
  • Burp a lot: Babies swallow a lot of air while crying, which gets stuck in their stomachs, and comes out as burps.
  • Disrupted eating & sleeping: Baby might stop crying for a while when you feed them but stops sucking in between and starts crying again.
  • Physical Changes: Eyes might widen, the forehead may be furrowed, and ears and cheeks will turn red as crying intensifies.
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What are the reasons for Colic Pain?

Even when colic is common in babies, the real cause is still unidentified.

Here are some of the reason that leads to colic pain in your baby:

  • Tummy pain due to indigestion, gas or food intolerance.
  • Not feeding properly (underfeeding or overfeeding).
  • Intolerance to formula milk or breast milk.
  • The issue with the development of digestive symptoms.
  • The initial stage of migraine in children.
  • Stimulation towards sudden emotions such as frustration, excitement or fear.
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In short, colic is not a disease but any discomfort without any particular reason, and it is normal in babies. One other thing that you have to understand about colic is that you cannot prevent it. No matter how well you take care of your baby, colic crying might occur and disturb your sleep.

How to Treat Colic?

Studies show that one out of every five babies can be colicky and show all the symptoms. So, if your newborn is crying tremendously, it will be colic.

If you are unsure and worried, you can take it to a doctor. A pediatrician will conduct a physical examination and analyze your baby’s previous health conditions. That will give you the specific reason for the colic.

However, you won’t get any treatment for the pain as there aren’t many trustable baby colic relief products.

So, take a look at these remedies that you can try at home to stop colic crying:

Your Diet

Anything that you consume affects the baby while you breastfeed it. So make sure you do not eat or drink anything that can affect your baby.

Stay away from caffeine, chocolate or any other stimulants that can disturb your baby’s sleep. Avoid food products such as nuts or lactose that might be allergic to your baby. And consult your doctor to check if you are consuming any medicine that triggers colic in babies.


Always keep your baby in the upright position while feeding to avoid gas discomfort. Track the feeding speed and make sure that it is not too quick or slow. Twenty minutes per feeding is the advisable feeding time.

Sometimes the feeding formula can also be a problem, so try changing it if you find your baby sensitive. And always ensure that the baby food is at body temperature (not too hot or cold) at the time of consumption.

Holding Position

The position you hold your baby plays a significant role in stopping it from crying. Following are some of the doctor-advised holding positions for colicky babies:
  • Hold them on hand and massage the back
  • Hold them in an upright position until they burp
  • Walk while holding them close to your body.
  • Rock the baby in your arms or a cradle.
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Baby Colic Relief Products

As it is not a disease or physical condition, there are no particular medicines to treat colic. However, there is one magic roll-on that can help your baby with the pain and discomfort, Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-On.

It is an infusion of Ayurvedic ingredients such as Hing, Pudina, Seva and Saunf. It provides relief from gastric troubles in newborns within a short time.

Lay your baby on the bed and roll the Tummy Roll-On in a circular motion to get the best result. Roll in the clockwise motion for 2 minutes, then switch to the anti-clockwise direction for 2 minutes. Continue this for 3 or 4 turns and rub the belly with your palm for the next 5-10 minutes.

Another trusted product for colic in babies is Mother Sparsh Gripe Water with Saunf & Pudina. The medicinal herbs used in this gripe helps in tummy pain, teething pain and several other discomforts in babies.

Apart from trying different ways of holding and changing diet, try these ayurvedic solutions for rapid relief from colic.

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