Why to use Onion Hair Oil & Onion Hair Conditioner Benefits

Onion Hair Conditioner Benefits & Why to use Onion Hair Oil?

Onions offer a lot more than just being a common kitchen ingredient. Although it has long been a staple of Indian cuisine, its advantages have been mostly forgotten or obscured by tears. It's advisable that we look past its pungent odour to see how this common vegetable influences our health and appearance and is loaded with hair conditioner benefits.

How is onion good for Hair?

There is compelling evidence that using onions as a topical hair treatment can aid in the treatment of hair loss. The onion hair conditioner benefits have been linked to stronger hair roots, faster hair development, and an overall enhanced appearance of your mane, thanks to nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin B6, potassium, and countless other components.

This powerful cure, when applied as an oil or hair conditioner, can be used to treat your scalp and hair as an anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, antioxidant, and antibacterial treatment. 
Why to use Onion hair Oil & what are benefits of Onion Hair conditioner

Onion Oil & Hair Conditioner Benefits:

The benefits of onion oil for hair and onion oil uses are well known and trusted. Here's all you need to know about onion oil and hair conditioner benefits for your hair, in more detail:

1. Helps to optimise the hair growth cycle
2. Prevents hair breakage and thinning
3. Prevents premature greying
4. Maintains scalp pH levels
5. Fights bacterial infections
6. Can be used as a natural conditioner
7. Improves hair texture

1. Helps to optimise the hair growth cycle: One of the primary advantages of onion oil for hair is that it has the ability to activate particular enzymes on your scalp, which aids in hair development optimization. For a healthier-looking mane, onion hair conditioner benefits in faster hair development and reduces hair fall.

Onion hair oil and hair conditioner benefits? Is it good for Growth

2. Prevents hair breakage and thinning: Onion oil, which is high in sulphur, can help prevent hair breakage, split ends, and hair thinning. Sulfur has the ability to build connections in your hair that are necessary for strand strength.

3. Prevents premature greying: Onion oil contains enzymes that can protect your hair from free radical damage, so onion hair conditioner benefits to prevent premature greying.

4. Maintains scalp pH levels: A nourished and balanced scalp is essential for good hair, which onion can help with by keeping the pH levels of your scalp balanced.

5. Fights bacterial infections: Applying onion oil to the scalp on a regular basis can help prevent bacterial infections, preventing dandruff and itching.
hair conditioner benefits & Onion hair oil usage

6. Can be used as a natural conditioner: Before shampoo, using an onion hair conditioner benefits to guarantee that your shampoo doesn't dry out your scalp. Onion oil can be utilized as a natural conditioner in this situation as well.

7. Improves hair texture: Onion hair conditioner benefits to make your hair lustrous, smooth, moisturised, and frizz-free with regular application.

How to Use Onion for Hair Growth?

Onion can be utilised in a variety of ways, including raw and as a hot oil treatment. Take a few drops of pure onion oil in your fingers and massage it into your scalp for 15-20 minutes to utilise onion oil without heating it. To truly get the oil into the scalp, employ a circular motion while applying light pressure. Allow 3-4 hours for the oil to soak in before washing with a light shampoo. For optimal results, use onion oil for hair growth twice a week.

Why should you use Onion Hair Oil and what are the benefits of Conditioner

Mix onion oil with a carrier oil (such as almond or olive) and bring it to a moderate temperature before massaging it into the scalp and hair lengths while performing a hot oil treatment. Keep it overnight and wash it in the morning with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. For beautiful, thick hair, finish with a conditioner and repeat every hair wash.

Keep in mind the following:

Consider the following points before using onion oil on your hair:

  1. Onion oil has a strong odour, so if you're sensitive to it, dilute it with a few drops of any fragrant essential oil.

  2. Do not over-massage your scalp with onion oil because it may create inflammation, especially if you scratch your head too frequently.

  3. Make sure you're only using the recommended amount of homemade onion oil because it may still cause eye irritation.

  4. Make sure you're not sensitive to onion oil before applying it on your hair. Before applying it on your hair and scalp, do a patch test on your inner arm for 24 hours.

  5. Avoid leaving the oil on your scalp for long periods of time if you have sensitive skin. All your sensitive scalp should be subjected to is a hair oiling session with gentle massage and 3-4 hours of masking.

Here are Some Common FAQs 

Faqs related to Onion hair oil and hair conditioner benefits
Q.1 Can I apply onion oil to my hair and leave it on for the night?

Ans. Yes, onion oil can be left on your hair overnight; just use a shower cap to avoid ruining your pillows. Even after washing, the odour of homemade onion oil might linger on textiles. So, if your clothing or bedding has gotten onion oil on it, make sure to add a few drops of lemon juice to the wash load.

Q.2 Can I apply onion oil to my hair on a regular basis?

Ans. You should only use an onion oil treatment or pure onion concentrate once or twice a week on your hair. This is because onions' high sulphur concentration can make your scalp sensitive to other hair products, producing irritation and discomfort if overdone.

Q.3 Can I use red onion for hair growth?

Ans. Red onion oil for hair growth works as a magic because it is rich in sulfur and strengthens hair follicles. Red onion hair oil benefits in nourishment and promotes faster hair growth. 

Q.4 Is Onion good for dandruff?

Ans. Yes, onion hair conditioner benefits in controlling dandruff and promoting new hair growth. Regular use of onion oil for dandruff will be effective. 

Q.5 Is conditioner good for hair?

Ans. People often wonder if it is necessary to use conditioner after shampoo or is it good for hair or not. Hair conditioner ingredients help in making the hair manageable and smooth. There are no specific side effects of conditioner, hence it makes it safe to use each time after shampoo.


We hope we helped in solving all your questions like does onion promote hair growth? Why onion is good for hair and onion hair oil uses? Should we use conditioner after shampoo? etc. Now that you are a master of knowing the benefits of onion hair oil and conditioner, we’re sure you won’t use the magical ingredient just for your kitchen anymore!!

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