Best Oil For Hair Growth

Postpartum Hair Loss: Best Hair Oil to Control Hair Fall

There’s a lot that goes into being a mother, from lack of sleep, potential nutritional stress to devoting undivided attention to caring for your little one. Motherhood’s relentless pace brings a lot of joy and lifestyle changes, & often at times self-care goes for a toss,

We know that, and we are here to help you.

Before going into details of postpartum hair fall, let us ask you one question. Did you notice that your hair got thicker during pregnancy? If yes, that’s the answer for the “unreasonable” hair fall you face during postpartum!

Keep reading to learn more about postpartum hair loss, tips to reduce it, and the right herbal hair oil to treat it.

Causes behind Postpartum Hair Loss

Best Oil for Hair Fall

Almost 40-50% of mothers face postpartum hair fall, and the main reason is hormonal change. Pregnancy is a period of many hormonal changes accompanied by other physical changes. The hair thickening during pregnancy and the loss after it are also a part of it.

When a woman gets pregnant, the first hormone to rise is HCG followed by estrogen, progesterone & Oxytocin. It will be a gradual increase that happens at different stages of your pregnancy to facilitate the baby’s growth and delivery.

This hormonal spike affects hair fall; it makes the hair remain in the resting phase for longer. The increase in blood circulation during pregnancy also facilitates hair growth. It will reduce the hair fall rate and increase the new strand growth.

However, most of these hormones fall within the first twenty-four hours of delivery, initiating the shedding phase of the hair. Hair strands that remained in the resting stage for nine months will start shedding.

The lowering of blood circulation also affects root strength and reduces hair growth. This phase continues for months after the delivery, and you might a lot of hair.

How to care for your hair post-pregnancy?

Best Oil For Hair Growth

Even when the hair fall is completely normal, no one wants to see a bunch of hair falling daily. So here is how you can care for your hair after delivery:

Regular Oiling

No matter how busy you get, find 10 or 15 minutes for yourself every day for self-care. Apply any herbal hair oil and massage for 5 minutes to increase blood circulation and hair growth. Here is a simple herbal hair oil recipe that you can make at home:

Take equal amounts of neem, curry leaves, soaked methi, aloe vera, and chopped amla. Then grind all the ingredients together to make a thick paste. And heat one liter of coconut oil in high flame in a thick bottom vessel.

Once the oil is hot, add the paste and lower the flame. Let it boil until the paste turns brown and oil green, and turn off the flame. Let the oil cool, then strain it with a close-knit strainer, store in a bottle and use it regularly.

We know that this is a lot of work, so our instant solution is Mother Sparsh 30 Herb Hair Oil. It is an infusion of 30 ayurvedic ingredients used by our grandmothers and is the best oil for hair fall.

Whatever your choice is, make sure you apply oil on hair regularly and massage the scalp properly. It will prevent hair fall, increase hair growth and reduce stress.

Avoid excessive styling

Most of us have the habit of blow-drying the hair or straightening it with an iron straightener. That makes our hair looks thinner and increases the chances of heat damage. So, we suggest you avoid heat treatments of styling for a few months after delivery.

Best Hair Oil

Healthy Diet

What you eat plays a vital role in post-pregnancy hair regrowth; here are some of the items you must include in your diet.

Berries: Berries are vitamin C and antioxidants that promote hair growth.
Sweet Potatoes: It is rich in Vitamin A that increases sebum production.
Avocados: The abundance of Vit E present in Avocados help in hair growth.
Spinach: Rich in iron, folates, and vitamins that facilitate hair growth and ensure hair strength.
Nut & Dry Fruits: Nuts like almonds are a great source of Vit E, and regular consumption will prevent hair fall.

Hair Leps

Hair Leps are the secret of our grandmothers' thick and long hair. They are paste made of ayurvedic ingredients to enhance hair growth and prevent hair fall.

Ayurvedic ingredients such as Dashmool, Brahmi & Curry leaves are ideal for making natural lep. Mother Sparsh Dashmool Hair lep is a mixture of these hair growth ingredients and several more. Use that once a week to nurture your scalp and prevent unreasonable hair fall.

Onion Rasa

Onion is the number one hair growth ingredient, rich in elements that promote hair growth. The raw onion juice is ideal for fighting dandruff and preventing hair fall.

But you do not have to worry about chopping and extracting juice by yourself. Mother Sparsh Onion Rasa is an improved version of natural rasa with 2% Redensyl for complete hair growth.

Apply this once every week, followed by hair growth oil, and wash it off with a mild cleanser.

Natural Cleanser & Conditioner

Switch to natural hair shampoos and conditioners for proper hair cleansing along with nourishment. It not only cleanses your scalp but nurtures it and helps in hair growth.

Mother Sparsh Mother Care

Now that you got all the essential hair care tips, it is time to take action. Get the best oil for hair growth and other essential hair care products for your hair and start hair care.

Our Intense haircare collection includes :

● 30 Herbs Hair Oil, the best oil for hair fall
● Dashmool hair lep, ayurvedic hair lep to nourish your scalp
● Jabapushp Hair Cleanser gently cleanses your scalp
● Jabapushp hair conditioner to deeply nourish your hair.

Get them now and let us know how it worked!!

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