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Skin Care Products For Kids At Different Ages

Being a parent is not just about enjoying the sweet giggles and clicking cute baby pictures. Parenthood comes with a lot of struggles; from changing diapers eight to ten times a day to washing their clothes, the chores never end. And amidst all these tasks comes the tension of buying the best skincare products for kids.

Baby skincare is more complex than you would ever think! Their skin demands different products at different ages, and getting the right products always seems an impossible task.

So, we are here to reduce your burden a tad by giving you the right insights on baby care products. Scroll down to know everything about the skincare of your little ones.

Skin Care Products For Kids At Different Ages

Kid’s Skincare at Different ages

Children are born with delicate skin barriers and strengthen as they grow. So, kids of different ages demand different skincare routines.

0 - 4 Years

Your baby’s skin will be very gentle at this age, and it absorbs any skincare product that you apply over their skin. Ensure that you do not use any chemical infused baby care products for your baby. Here is the best baby care routine for your baby:

  • Cleaning: Baby poops at least ten times a day, and you have to clean the nappy area every time they poop and pees. Use plain cotton and water to wipe and clean your newborn's body before changing diapers. It will protect them from rashes, dryness, irritation and other skin problems. And never use synthetic wipes for babies as there could be alcohol or any allergens in them.

    Mother Sparsh 99% Pure water wipes are as good as water and cotton and are 100% safe on baby’s skin.
  • Massaging: Oil massages are very good for infants' muscle and bone growth; it also helps in motor skill development. Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil is enriched with Ashwagandha, almond oil and lajjalu oil to nourish the Baby’s Skin. It strengthens the baby's body and moisturises their skin. So, massage your baby’s body with Ayurvedic Oils at least once every week.
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  • Hair Oil: Head massages help with mood swings in babies; use Ayurvedic Hair Oils with mild ingredients to massage the baby’s hair before the bath.

    Ayurvedic Baby Hair Oil is enriched with herbal ingredients to nourish the baby's scalp.
  • Bath: If you do not do it right, bath times can be irksome to your baby. Make sure you use tear-free body wash and shampoo. Also, keep a check on the ingredient list of the baby wash and shampoo.

    Plant powered Baby shampoo and conditioner contain natural herbs and essential oils. It moisturises your baby’s skin, ensures gentle cleaning and does not strip away natural oils from the baby’s skin.
  • Moisturisation: Moisturising lotion is a must-have skincare product irrespective of age. Apply a generous amount of moisturiser on the baby’s skin right after bath and massage for two-three minutes.

    Plant-Powered Natural Baby Lotion, the best body lotion for kids, is enriched with butter and oils to retain natural moisture.

  • Rash Prevention: Baby skin will always be prone to rashes and itching, so the baby rash cream is a must-have. Plant-Powered Rash Cream with natural ingredients helps in fighting rashes, as well as itching. You can also apply Natural Dusting Powder for Baby to soothe the irritation.

4 - 8 Years

As your child grows, you need to make several changes in your baby’s skincare routine.

  • Sunscreen: Your toddler will be full of energy and enthusiasm to go out and play all day. But the UV rays waiting outside on the open playground will harm your baby’s skin. So apply a thick layer of natural and baby-safe sunscreen on your little one's arms and legs before their playtime.
  • Afterbite Balm: With more outside time comes the troubles of insect bites and bite marks all over hands and legs. Don’t let the itchiness of these bite marks spoil your toddler's playtime. Apply natural after bite balm the moment you spot any bite mark. It will soothe the irritation and relieve your little one from the trouble caused by the bite mark.
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8 - 12 Years

  • Face Cream: Your little one is about to be a teenager a few years from now. Acne, dark spots and dullness are all waiting to invade your kid's face. So, start the skincare a little early; make Plant-Powered natural face cream an unskippable part of their skincare routine.
  • Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner: It is normal to have dandruff on the scalp of school-going kids. Treat it at the beginning with Ayurvedic Dandruff shampoo and conditioner.
  • Hair Lep: This is the time of hair growth, and the care you take now plays a vital role in the overall hair growth of your child. Ayurvedic Hair Leps with Brahmi and Amla to brain development as well as hair growth.


Shopping Time!

Enough reading; it is shopping time now! Buy all the essential skincare products for kids from the best skin, Mother Sparsh. We bring you everything from the No 1 Wipes for babies to the best skincare products for kids.

The dermatologically tested skin care products are not just safe for kids; nourishing too. It nurtures the skin cells and provides hydration and care from within.

So, buy now and let us know which one is your favourite!

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