Step By Step Guide to Avail Mother Sparsh Cashback Offer

Step By Step Guide to Avail Mother Sparsh Cashback Offer

Have you recently heard of the “20% Cashback offer” or “100 percent cashback?” Have you wondered what it means or how to avail it, or what even is a good cashback offer

The times are changing. India is getting digitized. We all have online wallets now for our online shopping. Let’s dig deeper and discover how the new system of online discounts work.

What is Cashback Offer?

Cashback refers to the refund of a percentage of the purchase amount into the customer’s wallet. For example; for a 20% cashback on a product of Rs.100, the customer, on buying the product, gets Rs. 20 (i.e.20%) back in their wallet. 

The cash back meaning is as literal as it gets- You get cash back!

Mother Sparsh is sure to provide you with a good cashback offer with our periodic sales. We have created a systematic, step-wise guide for you to go through so you don’t have any trouble in availing of some good cashback offer!

How does Mother Sparsh Cashback Work?

  • Step 1: Login or Create a New Account
  • Step 2: Add any Product/Kit to your Cart
  • Step 3: Proceed to Checkout
  • Step 4: Add Shipping Address & Choose Payment Method
  • Step 5: Place Order
  • Step 6: Get Cashback Straight into your Mother Sparsh Wallet

Step 1

Login or Create a New Account 

When you visit the Mother Sparsh website, click on the Login button in the top right corner. 

Upon entering your E-mail ID and password you can log in to your account. 

To Sign-in as a new customer click on the Create Account button and fill in your respective details. Congratulations, you’re a part of the Mother Sparsh family now!

How to Login on Mother sparsh to avail the cashback?

Step 2

Add any Product/Kit to your cart

Browse the site and choose from our wide range of wellness products!

See something you love? Add it to your cart.

Whenever you’re ready to buy the lovely products you picked, click on the basket icon to visit your cart. Your cashback online claim is not far now!

Mother sparsh Step by Step for Good Cashback offer
Step 3

Proceed to Checkout 

Ready to avail some good cashback offer? Click on the Proceed to Checkout button on the bottom of your cart.

Step 4

Add Shipping Address & Choose the Payment Method

Just a few more steps between you and your cashback! 

Fill out your Shipping Address (The address where you want your products to be delivered.)

Checkmark the Save Information button for ease in future purchases.

Move forward with Shipping and select your desired payment method.
Mother Sparsh Step by step Cashback Offer

Step 5

Place an Order

Almost done.

Double-check your address information and place your order. 

Be ready to receive the exquisite products at your doorsteps and cash back in your Mother Sparsh wallet.

Step 6

Get Cashback Straight in your Mother Sparsh Wallet

Get ready to receive your money transfer cashback offer today!

After your purchase, you’ll receive the eligible cashback online claim in your Mother Sparsh wallet. One rupee is equal to one store credit.

You will be notified via e-mail or SMS upon receiving the cashback. You can check your online cashback amount on Store Credit 

FAQs Related to Mother Sparsh Cashback & Wallet

Mother Sparsh Good Cashback Offer Detail
Q1. What is Mother Sparsh Wallet?

Ans. With your account on Mother Sparsh, a digital wallet will be created for you. The reimbursed amount from the cash back sale will be added to your wallet and it can be redeemed with your next transaction or purchase with us. The cashback period is valid for one year (365 days) and during this time you can redeem your points. 

Q2 Is Bank Transfer Cashback available?

Ans. The Mother Sparsh Cashback reward is not eligible for withdrawal or for bank transfer but can be used for future purchases on the site as a discount.

Q3 How do I know if cashback is safe or not?

Ans. The doubt regarding cashback is understandable but it is nothing to worry about. Cashback offers and cashback online claim are safe to avail on trusted and secured portals / sites.

One last note!

Now that you’re a pro at everything cashback it’s time to shop and get some cash back into your wallet. Mother Sparsh has timely sales on the products with good cashback offer available, so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

To stay updated on offers you can subscribe to our newsletter.

If you still have any remaining query regarding cashback feel free to refer to our Wallet & Cashback page

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