Top 8 Essential Newborn Care Items & a Baby Checklist

Top 8 Essential Newborn Care Items & A Baby Checklist

Parenthood is such a lovely and responsible journey for you and your little one. You will have lots of to-dos along with a baby product buying guide when you are preparing for your little munchkin's arrival. We are sure you must be shopping for your essential newborn care along with your essentials, as mother and baby both need extra care during the first six months after delivery.

You must prep yourself with a welcome kit and baby useful products that involve health care and skincare, eating, diapering, and hygiene, all keep you busy with buying the best must-have essential newborn care for them. But when should you start shopping for baby stuff?How will you know what is best for your baby? What are the most needed baby items? How do I choose a baby product list? Now it is stressful and maybe you are worried about newborn baby products with price or which brand you should buy?

What are the best baby products for newborn in India? All you have to do is make a list of newborn baby care kit before going shopping. That is why we are here for you. Don't stress and read on for a complete list of the essential newborn care kit for healthy growth. 

Essential Newborn Care Baby care

Are you still looking for the best baby product buying guide or a newborn baby shopping list? Searching for the best newborn baby items for a newborn baby set on google? Need the best baby essentials kit guide then what you are waiting for, grab a notebook with a pen and start writing the newborn baby products list. Here's the compiled newborn baby shopping list with pictures especially for your little ones.

Top 8 Essential Newborn Care Vitals

Now you must be wondering what this newborn baby product list means? What is so different about this essential newborn care? What products are involved in these essential newborn care? and so on.You just have to relax and keep on reading as it will definitely help you with the best. We will help you with all the essential newborn care from wardrobe to playtime, eating to sleeping, hygiene to skincare, and feeding to diapering. So, let's start!

  1. Baby Wardrobe Vitals
  2. Baby Nursery Vitals
  3. Baby Diapering Vitals
  4. Baby Bath Vitals
  5. Baby Feeding Vitals
  6. Baby Health care Vitals
  7. Baby Skincare Vitals
  8. Baby Gear Vitals

Baby Wardrobe Vitals

Baby Diapering Essential Newborn Care

Nothing is cuter than the small tiny clothes and other wardrobe utilities of babies. But you've to be very cautious and practical while choosing your newborn baby accessories, as the baby's skin is delicate and demands comfort. Be very precaution while buying the following essential newborn care of wardrobe-

1. Baby Clothes: What clothes should I buy for my newborn? Buy side-tie or side-snap T-shirts to put on your baby until their umbilical cord separates. Try buying pure cotton soft & delicate clothes for your baby as they will cover the delicate skin of your baby the whole day. Add a few pairs of thermal wear to your baby's closet to keep them warm. Also, add some breathable nightwear for a cozy bedtime. You need to buy multiple outfits for a day because of the blowouts and spit-ups. 

2. Baby Bedsheets: Get soft and cozy bed sheets and pillows for your baby as they might affect your baby's sleep. If you're using a crib for your baby, try buying fitted crib sheets according to your decors.

3. Baby Blankets: Buy cozy blankets that are softly knitted and are thin. For winter, buy some heavy blankets to avoid chills and fever.

4. Laundry detergent:
It is suggested not to wash your baby's clothes with your clothes as their clothes are more delicate and need extra moisture which might get stripped away with our detergents. Use baby laundry detergents that are infused with natural ingredients. You can also read this blog on how to do a baby's laundry

    Baby Nursery Vitals

    Nursery vitals are necessary for both mothers and babies. A baby kit for a room is all about adorable and catchy decor, which makes a baby happy and joyous at the same time. All you need is good furniture and baby bedding that will make your essential newborn care easier. 

    1. Baby Crib: Look for a crib that meets all your safety purposes for your baby. The crib bars should not be spaced more than 2.5 inches. The sides of the crib should be 26 inches for baby safety purposes. The crib mattress should be firm and soft and should not sag under your baby weight.

    2. Diaper Changing Mat:
     Changing pads on diaper changing mat with contoured sides help to provide a snug, comfortable diaper changing surface for newborns and toddlers by giving them extra security. While buying a changing mat, keep the measurements in your mind and the adjustable restraint belt.

    3. Toys and Toys Basket:
     Now this is something you can do better without our help, but we would like to suggest you buy toys that encourage lights and sounds, help to develop cognitive skills, improve imaginations, teach them rhythms and other learning toys along with playful toys. 

      Baby Diapering Vitals

      Essential Newborn Care with baby massaging vitals

      Changing a diaper can be difficult at first, but you'll get used to it and these newborn baby accessories will help you learn it even faster. 

      1. Diapers: Make sure to buy soft and comfortable diapers with good absorbing power. The size of the diaper should be correct. Try buying diapers according to day and night as you can change a diaper in the day as many times as needed but during the night it is difficult to get up and change the diaper every time, so buy good absorbing diapers for night. 

      2. Baby Wipes:
      Baby wipes are lifesavers for diaper changing and all the mess-like blowouts. Avoid purchasing baby wipes with artificial fragrances as they might irritate the baby's delicate skin. Try these natural water baby wipes from Mother Sparsh that are made of 99% water and no artificial fragrances or any other harmful chemicals. 

      3. Baby Rash Cream:
      Diapers cause redness and rashes which might irritate the baby's delicate skin and cause severe inflammations. Use rash cream to avoid rashes and inflammation that is gentle, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free. You should try Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Diaper rash cream for your newborn as it is infused with natural herbs and essential oils. 

        Baby Bath Vitals

        Every mother worries about the bathing products for their little ones as it is the most crucial step which keeps your baby hygienic and clean for the whole day. How often do you bathe a newborn? The most common concern of every mother. During summers you can give your newborn a single bath a day, but in winters try skipping one or two days to avoid any illness as they are still not fully immunized to tackle environmental changes. Now let us help you with essential newborn care for bathing-

        1. Baby Soap & Baby Wash: Stock up with natural and specially formulated baby soaps or baby wash for newborns. Avoid using chemically infused essential newborn care as they might irritate your baby's delicate skin. 

        2. Baby Shampoo:
         Baby hair needs special care too. For healthy hair growth and gentle cleaning, you should buy only natural and organic shampoo that is mild and chemical-free. Try using this plant powered baby shampoo for your newborn that is mild, with no-tear formula, and free from chemicals.

        3. Baby Hair Oil:
        After a good bath, the baby's hair needs extra moisturizing and nourishment to promote healthy hair growth. Massage your little one's hair and scalp thoroughly with baby hair oil.

          Baby feeding Vitals

          Essential Newborn care feeding vitals

          A newborn needs time-to-time feeding as they are dependent on you. Either you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your newborn, you need a whole bunch of baby feeding vitals for their mealtime. 

          1. Baby Bottles/Bottle nipples: Use slow-flow nipples bottles for newborn babies as they mimic the natural milk flow of the mother breast.

          2. Bottle Cleaning Brush: Use a fine Bottlebrush to clean baby's milk bottles as the subsidies of the milk might not get cleaned properly with a brush which can affect your baby's health. 

          3. Liquid Cleanser for Baby Accessories: Baby accessories have a lot of germs and harmful bacteria as they throw them on the floor or because of mess like blowouts, poops, etc. So, it is suggested to wash your baby's toys or accessories before handing them over to babies. 

            Baby Healthcare Vitals

            Newborn babies need everyday grooming with bath or without bath and for that, you need to get basic health grooming vitals for your newborn as we can't use adult products on a newborn baby's body or skin. Let's know which products are safe for a newborn baby checklist.

            1. Baby Nail Clipper
            2. Baby Thermometer
            3. Baby First Aid Kit
            4. Baby Nasal Aspirator

            Despite everyday grooming, newborn babies need proper healthcare products for their internal body functions as they won't be able to express their pain verbally. Try buying these following essential newborn care for your healthy baby growth-

            1. Baby Insect repellent: To prevent Newborn babies from mosquitoes and other insects you can use natural baby insect repellent, which might relieve them from irritation and inflammation. Try Mother Sparsh After Bite Balm for insect bite, as we all know that we can help newborns keep away from insects, but once they get bitten by insects their delicate skin will eventually get irritated and inflamed.

            2. Baby Gripe Water: 
            A newborn baby is more likely to face stomach problems as they only drink milk which eventually causes gastric and other indigestion issues. Try using a good natural baby gripe water for your baby's stomach discomfort.

            3. Baby Massage Oil:
            Before every bath, try to massage your baby with good massage oil. It helps in boosting digestion, gaining weight, improving blood circulation as well as easing teething pain.

              Baby Skincare Vitals

              Essential Newborn Skincare Items by Mother Sparsh

              Newborn baby skin is delicate and prone to many skin infections if not taken care of properly. That is why you need especially designed skincare products for babies, infused with natural and plant ingredients. Products that are free from harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. Following a proper skincare routine is also necessary to keep your little one's skin healthy. To know more about Baby's skincare routine and the best skin care products in India, Do read this blog. 

              The newborn baby checklist for skincare should be mildly formulated, gentle, and provides deep nourishment. Choose naturally crafted products that are made from ayurvedic or plant extracts without any harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances that might irritate the baby's delicate skin. Following are the must-have products for your baby's skin-

              1. Baby Face Cream
              2. Baby Body Lotion
              3. Baby Sunscreen Lotion
              4. Baby Body Powder

              Baby Gear Vitals

              As your precious little ones are dependent on you, it doesn't matter if you're at home or going out for a walk with your babies. You need these baby gears ready because at some point you will need them.

              1. Baby Strollers
              2. Baby Carriers
              3. Playing Mat
              4. Infant Car Seat
              5. Baby Monitor(Optional)
              6. Night Light(Optional)

              Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and made an amazing and helpful list for your newborn baby. Do share your comments with us. We are always happy to help you.

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