Ubtan For Face: Ingredients, Recipe, Benefits & FAQ's

Ubtan For Face: Ingredients, Recipe & Benefits

Thanks to the wisdom and advice passed down from our grandmothers and mothers, we have definitely used or learned home remedies for skin care & health care! These "desi nuskhe" have been admired for a long time now as these remedies have worked so well in curing various skin, hair, and health issues. From rose water to hot oil champi and Haldi Ubtan paste, these age-old Ayurvedic home remedies have groomed us naturally, without any side effects. In the same way, we have Ubtan, the most beneficial yet less known home remedy for all your skin and health ailments. Even if you have never heard about it, you just have seen it during the auspicious ceremony of Indian weddings. Yes! we are talking about the "Haldi Rasam''. The yellow paste applied on their face and body is none other than Ubtan, an age-old ayurvedic home remedy to detoxify your skin and body.

Ubtan for face is it beneficial?

Ubtan originated during the Vedic times. According to Ayurveda and ancient Indian culture, the face Ubtan pack was used as a beauty treatment for the skin and body while protecting it from external aggressors. With the goodness of herbs, spices, pulses, and nuts, this natural face pack has different recipes in every part of India. Let's dig deeper and get to know more about Ubtan, how it is made at home, the benefits of Ubtan, and the ingredients to make homemade Ubtan.

Ubtan Meaning

An Ayurvedic home remedy for the body and face. It acts as a gentle exfoliator and is infused with essential herbs, oils, and minerals to yield healthy glowing skin. The blend of  herbs, spices, cereals, and pulses, beautifully work together to cleanse away the dirt and impurities from skin and give it a natural healthy glow. It is a special yet unique blend of Ayurvedic ingredients that help in smoothing the skin texture and treat skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, blemishes, dullness, etc. The best part about the face Ubtan pack is that it delivers the benefits at a pocket-friendly cost. All you need is some ingredients from your kitchen and some magical recipes to make your Ubtan at home. So, let us help you with the ingredients first then we will guide you with the recipes. 

Face Ubtan Ingredients:

Essentially, Ubtan Face Pack is made with turmeric, gram flour(besan), sandalwood(Chandan), rose water, and milk/curd. Some people add saffron(Kesar), Neem powder, Orange & lemon peel. These ubtan ingredients work together to brighten the complexion and reduce excessive facial hair naturally. Let us help you with choosing the ingredients for naturally glowing skin of all types. 

  1. Turmeric (Haldi)
  2. Gram Flour (Besan)
  3. Saffron (Kesar)
  4. Sandalwood (Chandan)
  5. Neem Powder
  6. Rose Petals or Rose Water
  7. Milk/curd

You must be thinking about why you need these ingredients to make a Face Ubtan. Continue reading to know the mystical uses of these ingredients.

Turmeric (Haldi) 

Turmeric for Skin and Ubtan is it good?

The antiseptic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin, an active compound of turmeric helps to provide glow and luster to the skin. It revives your skin by eliminating the dead skin cells from the skin and brings out the natural radiant glow. This magical ingredient nourishes the skin, deeply hydrates, and controls the early aging signs and symptoms.

Gram Flour (Besan)

The alkalizing properties of the gram flour(Besan) keeps the skin pH level balanced and absorbs the excess oil from the skin. It effectively helps in removing tan and excess facial hair. The anti-aging properties control early signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. 

Saffron (Kesar)

Saffron in Ubtan for face is it beneficial?

Saffron is loaded with vitamins and minerals that help in lightening and whitening skin tone. It is an anti-inflammatory agent that soothes the skin by removing dead skin cells and treats acne. The antifungal properties of saffron helps in reviving the skin from severe infections. 

Sandalwood (Chandan)

Ubtan For Face: Sandalwood Ingredients for making it

It is a natural astringent that helps nourish the skin, improve skin elasticity, even out skin tone. It tightens the pores to prevent acne/pimples for healthy, smooth, and naturally radiant skin. The soothing fragrance of the Chandan relaxes the senses that help in relieving stress. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help in treating acne-prone skin and reduce the appearance of scars.

Neem Powder

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the neem are the ultimate home remedy to soothe your irritated skin from all skin infections and problems like acne, early aging signs, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, dullness, etc. The cooling agent of the neem soothes dehydrated skin and treats skin sensitivity. 

Rose Extracts

Rose extracts are gentle antiseptic and astringent agents. It is worldwide accepted as a toner to soothe irritated skin or applied after face washing to tighten the skin pores. It is an ideal home remedy for all skin types because of its calming and healing abilities. 


The lactic acid works as a natural cleanser and exfoliator and fades the appearance of any blemishes on your skin. 

Face Ubtan Recipe

The Recipe of Ubtan for face

Now that you know the key ingredients of an Ubtan powder, Follow these simple steps for an ayurvedic Ubtan Recipe:

  • Take Half Tbsp of Turmeric powder, 3 Tbsp Gram Flour powder, 1 Tbsp Sandalwood Powder, Half Tbsp Neem powder, and a pinch of saffron in one bowl. If they are not powdered, take the raw ingredients and grind them in a mixer or grinder before mixing them with rose water/curd/milk. 

  • Take the desired amount of the mixed powder and add 2-3 drops of rose water, along with milk or curd, for a thick paste. 

           For oily skin- Use rose water and milk for the paste
           For Normal skin- Use rose water or milk paste
           For Dry skin - Use rose water and curd 

  • Apply the paste on your face and let it dry for 30 mins. 

  • Once the paste is dried up, scrub your face in a circular motion to remove all the dried Ubtan from your face.

  • Wash your face with lukewarm water and follow your regular CTM routine. To know more about the CTM routine, read this blog on CTM Skincare Routine

  • Use this Face Ubtan twice a week regularly for better results.

But, the day-to-day activities and busy schedule may make it hard for you to get time to collect necessary ingredients and prepare your own Face Ubtan mask. Then, you can try Turmeric Healing Face Ubtan from Mother Sparsh, which is formulated with the most efficacious Ayurvedic recipes and infused with Kesar, Chandan, Orange peel, Rose & Haldi that gently exfoliates and boost the natural radiance of the skin. It is the best Ubtan in India that is enriched with fresh botanical herbs for skin healing and revealing of healthy texture while gently exfoliating the dead skin cells.

Turmeric Healing Ubtan For Face By Mother Sparsh

For overall radiance and naturally glowing skin, follow a proper CTM skin care routine with Mother Sparsh's Turmeric healing Kit. 

Face Ubtan Benefits 

We all seek glowing and radiant skin without any side effects. Face Ubtan is the oldest and most beneficial home remedy for naturally glowing skin. And if you are still wondering why you need Ubtan for face and body, look at these magical benefits of Ubtan uses regularly in your skincare routine. 

Ubtan for glowing skin

The key ingredients like gram flour(besan), sandalwood(Chandan), and saffron(Kesar) gently exfoliate the dead skin cells and are known for brightening the skin tone. It improves the skin texture and dullness of the skin. Regular use of Face Ubtan will help you get radiant yet spot-free glowing skin. 

Ubtan for Acne and Early Aging 

Turmeric and gram flour are well-known for their anti-aging properties. It helps in reversing the signs of early aging and gives a youthful glow and texture to the skin. The antioxidant properties help in restoring the lost moisture and prevent acne. Along with turmeric and gram flour, other key ingredients act as a toner and help in sloughing away the dead skin cells & unveils a luminance glow. 

Ubtan for facial Hair

Facial hair can be of concern to some women. Scrubbing the Ubtan paste on your face regularly in a circular motion after it gets dry can lead to the natural removal of some facial hair or can reduce facial hair growth. 

Ubtan for Oily skin and Dry skin

All the key ingredients of Face Ubtan help in removing the excess oil from the skin and lock in the moisture to avoid dehydration of the skin. The amount of vitamins and minerals in Face ubtan nourishes the skin from deep within to enhance skin resiliency and supports healthy cell renewal to impart a radiant complexion.

FAQs About Face Ubtan

Top FAQ's on Ubtan for face
Q.1. Can I use Ubtan every day?

Ans. We recommend using Ubtan twice a week for a gentle exfoliation & enhanced radiance.

Q.2. Is Ubtan good for oily skin and dry skin?

Ans. Yes, the key ingredients used in Face Ubtan help remove the excess oil from the skin without stripping away the essential nutrients and moisture. It nourishes the skin from deep within and hydrates it to avoid dryness or flakiness of the skin. 

Q.3. Does Ubtan cure acne and removes tan?

Ans. Yes, Turmeric in Ubtan has antibacterial properties which treat acne and other skin concerns. It also helps in enhancing the skin resiliency & shields the skin from UV Rays. So, turmeric in all heals your skin from deep within and removes tan as well. 

Q.4. Why do Brides put Ubtan?

Ans. The yellow paste applied on the bride's face and body is none other than Ubtan, an age-old ayurvedic home remedy to detoxify the skin and body. It helps in providing instant glow and radiance to the skin. 

Q.5. What do you mix with Ubtan?

Ans. For normal to oily skin you can use water / rose water or milk to create a paste. For Dry skin,you can mix it with curd, water / rose water. 

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