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Why should you use Natural Hair Conditioner after every Hair Wash?

Many people still consider the use of natural hair conditioners unnecessary. If you are also in the same mindset, let us break the bubble; conditioning is a necessity!

We often encounter questions such as: is it necessary to condition if I oil my hair; What can I use instead of hair conditioner; and which ayurvedic herb is best for dry hair.

So, this blog is devoted to answering all your queries regarding hair conditioning and the best organic conditioner.

Scroll down and find your answers!

Best Organic Conditioner

How Beneficial is Natural Hair Conditioner For Your Hair?

Don’t you also hate waking up to tangled hair? Here is how a natural hair conditioner helps in solving that problem.

Cuticle Protection:

The cuticle is the scaly outer layer of hair that ensures complete protection to the inner layers. However, chemical treatment, heat exposure and repeated shampoo washes damage the cuticle.

Conditioning is the right way to prevent that; natural hair conditioner healthify the cuticles from within and ensures hydration.

Deep Moisturisation:

The surfactants present in your shampoo can strip away the natural oil from your locks. It will lead to frizziness, tangles and split ends.

Conditioners with herbal essence and oils will retain the natural moisture, increase volume and prevent breakage.

Natural Shine:

Sun exposure, pollution and several other factors contribute to the dullness of your hair. If it shows signs of dullness, consider it an indication for deep conditioning.

Using a natural conditioner will help you regain the natural shine and bounciness. The hydrating property of ayurvedic ingredients enhances the natural colour of your hair.

Prevent Tangles:

Not using conditioner after shampooing is the easiest path to rough and tangled hair. That will be followed by extensive hair loss, split ends and other damages.

Make conditioning a habit to avoid that; a natural conditioner smoothens your locks and keeps them untangled.

Fend-Off Dryness:

Your hair becomes dry faster when your scalp does not produce enough sebum.

If you have dry hair, ayurvedic conditioner is the only way to make it soft and manageable. The ayurvedic oils present in it nourishes your hair strands from within and ensures complete care.

How to Apply Hair Conditioner?

Dry Hair Ayurvedic Conditioner

Applying a hair conditioner is not enough; you have to apply it the right way! Here are the easy steps for applying hair conditioner:

Shampoo wash

There are conditioners that you can apply directly without a hair wash. However, don’t skip this step if you are using a deep conditioner.

Wash your locks with an organic shampoo that suits your hair type and caters to your needs.

Remove excess water

It is normal for your hair to be wet after a wash; however, the excess dampness can dilute the conditioner and lessen its benefits.

So, dry your hair a little with a microfibre towel or t-shirt. Ensure that your locks are wet enough to absorb the conditioner but not too wet to dilute the conditioner.

Apply the right amount of conditioner

Take a generous amount of conditioner on your palm, and apply it evenly to your hair. Avoid scalp and roots as it has an abundance of natural oils.

Massage your hair strand for 10-30 seconds and let your tresses soak in its benefits for 3-5 minutes.


Rinse off the conditioner thoroughly after 5 minutes under plain running water. Make sure that no amount of conditioner remains on your hair after washing.

Best Organic Conditioner

Best Organic Conditioner for Hair!

Never forget the golden rule of hair care ‘conditioning hair after shampooing is a must'.

Get a natural hair conditioner with herbs and roots to nourish your locks. Ayurvedic scriptures suggest that ingredients such as Jabapushp, Brahmi and Bhringraj are ideal for hair nourishment. Check if your hair conditioner also has these vital elements.

Mother Sparsh Jabapushp Conditioner

Yes, Mother Sparsh has the right solution! Our Jabapushp Hair Conditioner is an ayurvedic blend of several hair treatment herbs. It hydrates your hair and gives it a natural lustre.

The herbs, roots, and oils present in this conditioner are ideal to reduce hair fall.

So, don't wait; order the right hair treatment now!

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