How and Why baby laundry Detergent is a Supreme Priority!

How & Why Baby Laundry Detergent is a Supreme Priority!

Did you know - your child's clothes and towels hold germs? And if they don't have them, they can get them when washed with other clothes. After taking every precaution to keep your baby clean, it is necessary to feed them in a germ-free environment. Keep your house and their stuff tidy. You'll be upset if your baby gets an infection just because their clothes weren’t washed properly. Isn't that right?

Is using baby laundry detergent safe for baby dirty clothes? Which baby laundry detergent will be the best for babies? Which is the best detergent for baby clothes in India? Do liquid detergents are good for a baby's delicate skin? These are the concerns that make every mom worried for their little ones. 

If you're thinking that these concerns are adding to your new mom's list of worries, then relax. Mother Sparsh will help you understand how to wash your baby's dirty clothes. We will introduce you to the best baby laundry detergent for your baby's dirty clothes.

Continue reading to discover the best baby liquid detergent in India, also The No.1 trusted brand by dermatologists for the natural baby skincare category. Now more about some of the easiest ways to preserve your baby laundry wash.


How to Wash Your Baby’s Dirty Clothes?

It's important to keep a few key points in mind before you dunk a baby's dirty clothes in a laundry bucket or a washing machine.

Check the baby laundry directions on the label

    If the baby clothes have a tag, they are more likely to have laundry instructions related to water temperature, hand/machine wash, and more. Manufacturers of baby clothes also provide baby-safe steps to wash the clothes. Following them might be helpful in the process of washing baby laundry. 

    Choose the certified baby laundry detergent

      Many parents wash their baby's dirty clothes with regular detergent. However, sometimes it is not safe because they contain strong chemicals that might affect your baby's delicate skin. They may have an allergic reaction to it. Therefore, it is advisable to use detergents only designed to wash baby clothes without leaving any potential allergenic residues.

      Best baby laundry detergent in India by Mother Sparsh


      Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Laundry Detergent for Babies is the best natural laundry detergent in India. It is a botanical blend of plant extracts, organic herbs, and essential oils with anti-bacterial properties that are effective yet gentle on Baby dirty clothes. It is the best stain remover for baby clothes enriched with plant powered formulas to give smooth, soft, and best baby laundry care.

      1. Bio enzymes break down oil and dirt easily for efficient cleaning of the baby's delicate clothes.
      2. Eucalyptus oil has anti-bacterial properties that sanitize the clothes.

      Separate the clothes of the child

        Many parents mix their baby's clothes with other household clothes to wash them all together. Clean them separately to prevent dirt from other clothes coming on the baby's clothes, thereby reducing the risk of allergies, by Focusing on the fact that baby clothes need special care with the best natural baby laundry detergents.


        Do I have to wash my baby’s new clothes before I use them first? 

        You might not be aware of the conditions under which the clothes are getting manufactured. Experts suggest that you wash your baby new clothes before you start using them. If you've bought the clothes before the baby was born, keep them clean and ready before your baby arrives. Clean them with natural baby laundry detergents and wrap them in a clean bag or box.

        Now, let's focus on the different steps involved in the baby laundry wash.


        How to Hand Wash Your Baby’s Dirty Clothes? 

        You can wash your baby's clothes by hand as mentioned on the washing label, or simply the way you prefer to wash your baby's dirty clothes. This is how you can wash them by hand:

        Check the temperature of the water

          Fill a bathtub or a bucket with the needful amount of water. Pick the temperature of the water on the fabric label as recommended. If instructions are not given, you can wash them in cold or lukewarm water with a temperature of around 35-40°C. Warm water is suitable for washing cloth diapers and baby undergarments as it helps to eliminate any foul smell and infection. Cold/room temperature water should be appropriate for daily washing of baby clothes.

          Use the right amount of baby laundry wash

            Use only the best or certified baby laundry detergent or, if necessary, whip the soapy water to make it moist. Gently swish and rub the baby cloth, particularly in areas with stains. Avoid stretching the fabric as it may get damaged. Instead, gently twist them so that each part of the fabric is washed and cleaned.

            Soak your clothes for better cleaning

              Soak the clothes for a few minutes, then remove them from the liquid detergent water. Clean and rinse in a bucket until the water appears to be clean. Repeat the rinsing process until the clothes have no foam left.

              Dry your baby’s clean clothes

              Clean clothes after washing it from Best laundry detergent by Mother Sparsh


                Quite gently, wring your baby clothes to remove the excess water. Drip -dry the cloth on a clothesline or a fabric stand. Put them in an area with good ventilation but no direct sunlight, as it can harm the clothes. You should dry your baby cloth diapers and undergarments under direct sunlight as it is a natural disinfectant.

                Ensure that every part of the fabric is properly cleaned and washed. But if you want to save time and need a good cleaning, you can wash the dirty clothes in the washing machine.


                How to Wash Baby Clothes in a Machine? 

                You should wash baby clothes the way you wash other clothes. Here's how you should be washing your baby's dirty clothes:

                Remove the obvious stains

                  Check for any stubborn fabric stains so that you may use a detergent to treat them before putting them in the machine. Use a mixture of baby laundry detergent and water to gently clean the stained spot and proceed to the next stage.

                  Choose the water level and add baby laundry detergent

                    Put the clothes in the machine and pick the water level you want. You may use lukewarm or cold water and add the liquid detergent for baby clothes you used to wash the clothes by hand. Do not apply any bleach or fabric enhancers.

                    Choose the laundry mode

                      Pick the washing mode and let the machine do the rest of the job. You can choose a gentle wash cycle mode on the machine dashboard. Washer machines have a spin mechanism that centrifuges the water out of the damp clothing. For baby clothing, you can pick an additional spin to spin out the leftover baby laundry detergent. When done, you can dry your clothes the way you did with hand-washed clothes.

                      Reminder: your baby bedsheets and nappies can be washed the same way as their dirty clothes.

                      Should I use a Fabric Softener and a Dryer Sheet?

                      Fabric softeners are liquids added to soften the fabric content during the washing process. Dryer sheets are tissue-sized sheets of paper to put in an electric dryer to avoid the build-up of static electricity and soften clothing.

                      Both fabric softeners and dryer sheets have chemicals that can irritate the skin of your baby. Moreover, their scent may be unfavorable to the infant. Health experts are never in favor of fabric softeners and dryer sheets as the baby's skin is vulnerable to discomfort and allergies.


                      How to disinfect baby clothes?  

                      Baby dirty clothes are disinfected with over-the-counter baby-safe disinfectants or with vinegar. Hot water and sunshine also kill germs from baby clothing. You may want to disinfect all clothing, but cloth diapers and baby undergarments are the ones that need disinfection. Here are the ways you can keep your baby's clothes germ-free:

                      • Post-wash disinfection: Apply a standard disinfectant liquid to a bucket of water and soak the washed clothes for a few minutes or as directed on the bottle of disinfectant. Rinse the clothes with clean water before putting them to dry. Use a disinfectant that is healthy for children and does not leave any strong scent. Do not use vinegar for post-wash disinfection, as rinsing in water alone will not eliminate its odor.
                      • Use hot water and sunlight: Disinfecting clothes with hot water is healthy and simple. Soak your clothes in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes before you wash them in a normal way. You can also dry your clothes in direct sunlight and leave them there for some extra time to disinfect.



                      Wash your baby's dirty clothes, particularly cloth diapers and undergarments, at regular intervals with liquid detergent for baby clothing. Keeping your baby laundry squeaky clean is one way to keep them safe from disease-causing germs. Use toxin-free baby laundry detergent made with 100% natural extracts.

                      Do you have a suggestion for washing baby dirty clothes? If you do, drop a comment below.

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