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The adaptation to modern-day lifestyle and changing environment is quite concerning for every parent, as it is crucial to take good care of kids hair care and skin care in their growing years so that they grow up healthily. Mother Sparsh is the No. 1 brand trusted by dermatologists *natural skin care category & offers the best baby and kid care products in India. Providing kids with the best and good hygienic care is of utmost importance because kids are more sensitive to external aggressors than adults. Skin and hair concerns are the most common issues they face during their growing stage. That's why, we at Mother Sparsh, believe in bringing your child the purest by using botanical extracts, plant powered ingredients,authentic Ayurveda formulations and age-old home remedies. Our products are crafted with natural ingredients, plant-based derivatives, authentic ayurvedic formulation, therapeutic-grade essential oils, many certified organic ingredients, biodegradable & eco-friendly options, and without Synthetic ingredients, chemical free, cruelty free & artificial fragrance free. Our kid's range is specially curated exclusive best kids products with Ayurvedic herbs and oils to soothe your child's sensitive skin, hair, and hair scalp.

The Brahmi Hair Range for Kids hair care is an Ayurvedic 4-step care routine that gently soothes itching and reduces the appearance of flaky dandruff, ensuring no irritation to your baby’s tender scalp. This 4-step hair care routine of Brahmi for kids consists of the best hair oil for kids, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, and hair lep for kids hair care. Brahmi Anti-Dandruff Hair Shampoo is the best shampoo for children's hair in India with a gentle and mild formula blended with pure ayurvedic hair oil ingredients & bio-extracts for little one’s sensitive scalp and hair. Mother Sparsh Brahmi Hair Oil for dry scalp of kids is an elixir for a baby’s delicate scalp & restores hair and scalp health. It is a natural hair oil for hair growth and antifungal hair oil that deeply penetrates each strand of kids hair with ultra-enriching hair oil ingredients of Bergamot, Lavender, Rosemary, Ginger, Neem, Kari Patta & other pure herbs. Our Brahmi for kids Hair Conditioner infuses the strands with its strengthening, and rich hydrating extracts without weighing locks down, leaving hair ultra-soft, shiny, and detangled. Brahmi powder for kids in our Brahmi Hair Lep for Kids hair care is an Ayurvedic solution that gently soothes itching and reduces the appearance of flaky dandruff ensuring no irritation to the kid's fragile scalp. It promotes healthy hair growth for kids hair and gently exfoliates hair follicles & boosts hair density. Along with hair care for kids hair, skin care for children is also important. Skin is more resilient, and it’s the perfect time to start forming good skincare habits from a young age. That's why skin care products for kids are made of natural bio-extracts & ayurvedic herbs. The best skin care products for kids consist of kids face cream, kids lotion, kids sunscreen, and kids soap or face wash. Child care is as important as an adult's, so it’s essential to maintain a healthy skin care routine for kids. And we must teach them that building a solid skin-care routine will help prevent certain issues in the future. 

FAQs Related to Kids Care

Q.1. How do I keep my child's hair healthy?

Ans. It is necessary to know your child's hair type and texture before choosing any hair care products for them. Choose natural hair care products for them that are free from harmful chemicals. Always tie your kid's hair before going to bed. Give them a proper nourished diet and keep them hydrated throughout the day. Try the best kids hair care with our 4-step hair care routine of Brahmi for kids. 

Q.2. Should you use conditioner on children's hair?

Ans. Yes, you can use conditioner on your kids hair and it is safe as long as it is needed. But use products that are naturally crafted for kids with bio-extracts, ayurvedic herbs, and natural mineral oil for hair. Using conditioner might help in keeping it soft and manageable and help with brushing out tangles and knots.

Q.3. At what age should you start using skin care products on kids? How do I take care of my kid's skin?

Ans. Ideally, you can start your kid's skin care in between 8-10 years. A kid's skin care regimen should include a daily bath with a gentle cleanser, followed by the application of a moisturizer. In the summer, it's also important they wear sunscreen applied several times throughout the day, especially because a child's skin is more sensitive than most adults' skin.

Q.4. Why is it important to take care of your skin for kids?

Ans. The skin is the largest organ of the body. So it is necessary to teach them some important tips to maintain a healthy skin complexion. Kids are constantly exposed to high levels of dirt and germs, so they must learn how to take care of their skin.

Q.5. Is the Brahmi Anti-Dandruff Kit For Kids suitable for frequent use on a kid's sensitive scalp?

Ans. The natural & ayurvedic formulation brings along tremendous hair health benefits. Regular usage helps reduce dandruff and strengthens the hair shaft. In addition, it helps in hydrating & nourishing the kid’s scalp leaving it flake-free & soothes itchiness.

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