Summer Skin Care Routine

5-Myths and Facts about Summer Skin Care Routine

Let’s be honest, we all have fallen for the skincare myths our friends told or saw on the internet and messed up our skincare routine. From washing our face with cold water to tighten pores to giving up on natural face cream for a sudden result, we experimented a lot with our skin. And it is high time we break these myths and set our hands-on an authentic skincare routine.

However, disassociating skincare myths from facts is easier said than done. So, we are here to save you from that trouble and reveal the common skincare myths. We have also gathered the skincare facts that you must religiously follow for clear and glowing skin.

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Summer Skin Care Myths

Summer demands a specialising skincare routine with a hydrating face wash, nourishing natural face cream, and night beauty balm. However, the burning weather and skin’s need for undivided attention might make you fall for the age-old skincare myths.

Natural Face Cream

Scroll down to learn if you are also a victim of those myths.

1. Applying Natural Face Cream makes your Face Greasy:

Many stop applying natural face cream when the winter ends and the first sign of spring appears. The myth behind it is that natural face creams contain oil, and they will make skin oily and cause breakouts. If you are one among them, let us break the bubble.

Even if your skin texture is oily, it needs proper moisturisation with a natural face cream for daily use. Check if it is a heavy face cream; natural face cream with a lightweight formula maintains oil balance and keeps your skin hydrated during summer.

Mother Sparsh Turmeric Healing Day Cream is the perfect solution for the problem. The turmeric enriched lightweight natural face cream nourishes the skin and helps heal dark spots.

2. Harsh scrubbing is necessary for exfoliation:

We all know that exfoliation is necessary to keep skin clean & healthy during summer. Anyhow, some are in the notion that exfoliation is not complete until you scrub your face with rough particles. If you fall under that category, you are a believer in one of the biggest skincare myths.

Your skin is very gentle, and it does not require rigorous scrubbing. Gentle buffing with soothing ingredients is all it takes to keep your skin refreshed this summer. Using a scrub with antioxidant-rich ingredients would be an added bonus to your skincare routine.

Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Face Scrub & Body Scrub are made with poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation and other antioxidant-rich ingredients. It expels dead skin cells accumulated over the skin and brings out the natural texture and grace of your skin.

3. Lips are Safe from Sunburn:

Have you ever considered applying products with SPF on your lips? If yes, you are on the right skincare track. Lip skin is susceptible to UV rays causing sunburns, pigmentation and skin cancer under extreme conditions. This calls for dedicated lip care in summer; ensure that your lip makeup has sun protection factors.

Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Lip Scrub

In addition to that, you need to moisturise & exfoliate your lip with natural sun protection elements. Regular scrubbing dispels the dead and damaged skin cells stockpiled on the lips. A lip balm will moisturise the skin, and keep it nourished & hydrated from within to prevent sunburns.

Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Lip Balm & Lip Scrub is the ideal combination to protect your lips during the summer. The antioxidant-rich ingredients prevent sun damage and promote lip refreshment and healing.

4. Face Mist for Hydration:

Isn’t it so relaxing to spray face mist during summer? But your skin might not benefit from that, and chances are high it dehydrates your skin. We know you are confused; don’t worry, we are about to explain how.

Summer Skin Care

Humectants are ingredients in skincare products for moisturisation; sadly, most face mists available in the market do not have humectants. When your mist lacks humectants, it will evaporate from your face soon after spraying. This will leave your skin dehydrated, rough, and clogged, making you apply more mist to your face.

End this cycle and switch to face oils with nourishing ingredients such as rose oil and beetroot oil. Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Face oil will nurture your skin from within, keep it hydrated for the day and impart a natural glow.

5. Falling for SPF Number:

Many believe that SPF number is the only factor that determines the quality of a sunscreen lotion. But the truth is, you should focus on the spectrum more, I.e., if the product protects against UVA & UVB rays.

A sun protection product with SPF15 imparts 93% coverage, whereas one with SPF 30 ensures 97% coverage. The coverage provided by any product with more than 30 SPF is negligible. However, many sunscreens are not broad-spectrum and fail to protect you.

So, always pick broad-spectrum sun protection products and makeup with SPF 30; don't forget to re-apply after every two hours.


Q1. Which product is best for your face in summer?

Mother Sparsh Turmeric Skin Care Range is enriched with the goodness of Turmeric and other Ayurvedic Ingredients. The healing ubtan is ideal to treat dullness, and hyperpigmentation caused due to sun damage; healing day cream and night beauty balm ensure moisturisation, and the healing face wash cleanses the face.

Mother Sparsh Skin Care Range

Rose & Beetroot Skin & Lip Care Range is specifically curated to refresh dull and uneven skin tones. The antioxidant property of all the 9 products makes them perfect to re-energise your skin.

Q2. Which Lip Balm is the best for Summer?

 Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Lip Scrub rub away the dead skin cells from lips to prevent pigmentation during summer. Rose & Beetroot Lip Balm is a nourishing product focused on keeping lips soft and hydrated.

Q3. Do body scrubs lighten your skin?

Mother Sparsh Body Scrub is an antioxidant-rich formula to buff away dead skin cells and keep skin nourished. It rejuvenates the skin to fade dullness, treats uneven skin tone and makes your skin evenly textured.

Mother Sparsh Summer Skin Care Routine

Your summer skincare routine is the armour against the scorching heat and the skin problems that consort this summer. Understand your skin type and requirements to formulate a routine devoid of myths or unauthorised practices. And don’t forget to choose the right products for skincare.

Mother Sparsh Skin Care has a wide array of products enriched with herbs, flowers and dry fruits to tackle different skin problems. Pick your choice of products accordingly and pamper your skin a little extra this summer.

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