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Why should you switch to Natural Skin Care Products?

Did you know that your skin absorbs 64%  of what you apply to it? 

Skin, the largest organ of the human body, demands more attention and care than any other part. Be very picky about your skincare products as it determines the health of your skin. Because many elements present in them directly sweep into the inner layers of your skin and cause damage.

Here, we discuss the drawbacks of regular products and why you should switch to natural skincare products. Keep reading to find out the best natural products for glowing skin.

Ayurvedic Skin Care Products

What’s in your Skin Care Product?

Many of us buy anything labeled Glowing Skin Products without reading the ingredients list. And most of the time the products give a positive result in few weeks. 

But there is an issue! The majority of the ingredients in those products will be skin brightening chemicals. Using them regularly on the skin can cause long-lasting cell damage and dullness.

The following are some of the chemical ingredients in your regular skincare products.

● Sulfates: Due to the lathering property of sulfates, that is a surfactant in several skincare products. It gives your skin a clean and refreshed feeling that we look for in a skincare product. However, they cause skin and eye irritation in many people and are also harmful to the environment.

● Parabens: Parabens are present in anything from face masks to your shampoo & conditioners. It is a preservative that increases the shelf-life of skin care and hair care products. Studies have proved that exposure to parabens on the skin can cause hormonal imbalance and interfere with brain functioning.

● Phthalates: It is a softener in body lotions, shampoos, and several other products you use daily. Due to its toxic properties, it causes adverse effects on the endocrine system.

● Mineral Oil: Most skincare products advertise mineral oil as a skin-enhancing ingredient. But it is not; mineral oils clog your pores and cause pimples & blackheads over time. So, stay away from glowing skin products with mineral oils as an ingredient in them.

● Alcohol: Several skincare products use alcohol as a solvent to enhance absorption. However, this alcohol dries your skin and makes it flaky, and initiates breakouts.

The Right Way of Skincare!

Natural products for glowing skin are the solution to protect your skin from these toxins. But, make sure that the products are authentic and 100% ayurvedic before purchasing.

Many of the natural products we get in the market also have the above-mentioned chemicals in them. So, check the ingredient list of all the natural products for glowing skin on the shelves before buying.

Does that sound like a hectic task? Don’t worry; we have you covered in this. Pick any natural skincare product from Mother Sparsh Skin Care, and be assured that it will be good for your skin.

Natural Skin Care Products

Mother Sparsh Natural Skincare

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