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Must Know Baby Health Tips For that Perfect Care!

The first few months with their newborn can be chaotic and overwhelming for new parents. You may be overjoyed at the arrival of your child, but you may have mixed thoughts about how your baby care and parenting experience will unfold. Will you be able to adequately care for the baby? How can you know whether he or she is hungry? You may be nervous especially when you’d be hearing newborn baby care tips from almost everyone. But don't worry, we've curated a perfect guide on baby health tips to show you how to care for your newborn while also enjoying parenthood.

How to Take Care of your newborn baby?

Baby Health Tips: Providing Nourishment to Your Newborn

When it's your first time, knowing suitable baby health tips is even more important. Taking care of your newborn could be a challenge. So, here are some suggestions for baby health tips to provide you with all the essential newborn care information:

1. Providing nourishment

The most crucial one from baby health tips would be feeding the baby in an appropriate manner. An infant needs to be fed every 2 to 3 hours, therefore you'll have to nurse her 8-12 times in 24 hours. A baby should be fed only breast milk initially at least for the first six months.

Breast milk contains essential nutrients and antibodies for a baby's survival and development. If breast milk isn't a possibility, a feeding of 60 to 90 ml of doctor recommended formula can be given to the baby.

2. Burping 

How to Burp a baby? Baby Health Tips


Burping is required after the infant has been fed. While nursing, babies swallow air, causing gas and colic in their tummies. Burping is an essential part of baby health tips that helps in digestion by expelling excess air and reducing spit-ups and stomach colic. You might be wondering how to burp a baby? With one hand, gently hold the infant against your chest. It's best if her chin rests on your shoulder. With your other hand, softly pat or massage her back till she burps.

3. Holding Your Newborn

Holding your baby in the correct manner is one of the most important tips for new moms. While holding your infant, it's critical to make sure you're supporting their head and neck with one hand. This is due to the fact that their neck muscles are not yet strong enough to support the head on their own. The backbone is tender because it is still developing and strengthening. So, it is necessary to remember to support your kid's head and neck while holding them.

4. Changing diapers

When caring for a newborn baby after delivery, changing diapers on a regular basis is critical. If your baby is getting enough breast milk or formula, the baby should wet 6 to 8 diapers per day and have regular bowel movements. The diaper should be changed frequently, as soon as it feels full. You'll need a changing sheet, mild diaper wipes, diaper rash cream or baby powder, and new diapers to change a soiled diaper. Try to allow your baby to go a few hours without wearing a diaper each day.

5. Bathing & Massaging

Baby Health tips: how to give baby the perfect bath & massage

Bathing a baby is a delicate process in baby health tips for parents. In a healthy term, an infant weighing more than 2500 gr is given a bath normally after 2-6 hours of birth. Before you take the baby for a bath, make sure you have all of the necessary bathing and changing equipment on hand. A baby bathtub, lukewarm water, mild baby soap or body wash, a washcloth, soft towel, baby lotion or cream, a new diaper, and clean baby clothes are all required. With the washcloth, clean the baby's genitals, scalp, hair, neck, face, and any dried mucus that has accumulated around the nose. Using lukewarm water, rinse your baby's body. After that, dry the baby's body with a soft towel, apply lotion and change the baby's diaper and clothes.

Massage is a wonderful method to include in your baby health tips because it helps to bond with your child. It helps in relaxing the baby, improves sleep, as well as improves blood circulation and digestion. Take a small amount of baby oil or lotion in your hands. After that, touch the baby’s body lightly and rhythmically. When stroking the baby's body, make eye contact and chat with them. 

6. Handling Your Newborn

Baby Health Tips & Baby Care Images: How to feed a Newborn

When playing with your baby, there are a few baby health tips to keep in mind. The internal organs of your infant are delicate and might be injured by severe shaking. It's not a good idea to throw the infant up in the air because it can be dangerous. Because their immune systems are not fully formed and they are susceptible to diseases, always disinfect or wash your hands before handling the infant. If you're taking your kid out, make sure the baby is safely secured in a stroller, car seat, or baby carrier to ensure baby protection at all times. Make your infant rest on their tummy for a few minutes every day. The neck and back muscles will be strengthened as a result of this. 

7. Preparing for sleep

Baby health tips can’t be completed without telling the methods for a baby’s goodnight sleep.

Newborns need about 16 hours of sleep every day for the first two months. They normally take 2 to 4-hour naps and only wake up when they are hungry or wet. You may need to wake the baby and feed her every three hours since he needs to be nourished. Don't be concerned if he doesn't sleep in the way a newborn should. Every infant is unique and has its own sleep schedule. 

What Products Should You Buy for Your Newborn?

Baby Skincare Products: Baby Travel Kit, Baby Health Tips & Baby plant Powered Range

Without recommendations on how to choose the correct baby products, baby care tips for new moms and dads are insufficient. Safe, delicate, and mild are three words that you should keep in mind when thinking about buying a baby product. When you're dealing with skin as sensitive as your baby's, safety is an understatement. Allergy testing should be done beforehand because allergens are so common these days. To be considered a baby product, however, a product must be examined and found to be free of any allergic tendencies. Mother Sparsh has a wide variety of new born baby products that are natural and chemical free which makes it absolutely safe and an ideal choice for your baby. We offer the best baby products for newborn in India that are trusted by mothers all over the country.


It's tiring and difficult to care for a newborn, especially if you are a new working mom, but it's also one of the most lovely and rewarding experiences you'll ever have. Newborn care and baby care tips can be difficult at times. From burping your baby to clothing him to clipping those little nails and other basics for babies could be tiring. Fortunately, with some practice after learning from these baby health tips, you'll be an expert in no time.
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