7 Useful Tips & Routine with Baby Care Products: Mother Sparsh

7 Useful Tips & Routine with Baby Care Products: Mother Sparsh

First of all, a hearty congratulations on the new addition to your family!! Motherhood is an exquisite phase of life and we understand that, as a new parent, you are always concerned about their well-being and health because they are dependent on you for everything during that time. We are supposed to nurture them till they understand how to look after themselves. So, till then, you have to take care of their surroundings as they are not aware and adaptive to the new environment.

Being a new parent along with taking care of a newborn is not as easy as we think..! Managing things for your little one & yourself may sometimes conflict with self-care and their skin care. That is when you start worrying about things like- Will I be a good mother/parent for my little one? How am I going to take care of my baby? What all special and sensitive care do they need? Are there any natural baby care products available in the market? How am I going to know which are worthwhile products and which are not? 

baby care products by Mother Sparsh

Whether it is about newborn skin care or health care, you have to be very cautious before trying out any new baby care products directly on newborn baby skin. Newborn baby skin has the most delicate skin during this period. They would often be prone to severe skin issues such as diaper rash, red itchy patches on the skin, cradle cap, and, milia which are little white bumps on the nose and face as it's the first skin of the newborn baby. So, it is obvious that newborn baby skin needs natural newborn skin care products, which is a foremost priority from the day they are born.

Now you must be wondering how to do baby skincare, what are the best baby skincare routine, how to care skin of a newborn baby, what are the best newborn baby care products and best skincare for newborns, What are the best baby products in India, How to get best natural skincare, what are the best natural baby skincare products, and this list will never end until you will find the best solution for your newborn baby skincare.

Whether it's a baby skincare routine or baby skincare products....here you will find every solution for the best baby skincare with the best baby products in India. Let us guide you towards the right path of baby skincare..! There is no need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our guide to the best baby skincare routine and best newborn baby skin care products.

7 Useful Tips to Best Baby Skincare Routine

Best Natural Skincare & Best Organic Baby Skincare Products in India

Some mothers find it hard when it comes to a baby skincare routine, which is normal. Following are some practical self-care tips for baby skincare and recommended baby care products that will help you out throughout the beautiful journey as a new parent.

Ensure Proper Hygiene

Baby care products for baby hygiene


Make sure your little one wears fresh and clean clothes. Change your newborn diapers regularly since prolonged wet diapers may cause diaper rash that leads to infections. We know as a parent it is going to be difficult for you to keep up with the laundry pile! To keep your baby skin healthy and hygienic, you need the best baby care products which are 100% natural and safe for your baby skin. 

It is not possible to bathe your little ones every time, but you must change their nappies and clean up the bottom area thoroughly with the help of some baby wipes and apply rash-free cream for babies to avoid red rashes on baby skin.

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes for babies are gentle, velvety soft, organic, making them safe to use for cleaning up your baby skin from head to toe. Made out of Plant-derived Medical Grade fabric, which is nearly as good as Cotton Water, helps control baby dry skin and red rashes on baby skin. Mother Sparsh 99% Water wipes are the best baby wipes for newborns in India. Mother Sparsh is accredited as the No.1 trusted brand by dermatologists for natural baby skincare. So keep them handy for a proper clean up! If you ever run out of wipes, you can also use cotton pads and water since that will not irritate the skin or cause a rash. Cause, believe me, they are a lifesaver.

Baby Wipes

Mother SparshPlant Powered Diaper Rash Cream for babies is a gentle, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free formula. It is specially crafted using toxin-free Plant Powered ingredients that are safe for baby skincare. Loaded with the goodness of calendula oil, shea butter, beeswax, and nutriment oil, it forms a protective layer and intensely moisturizes your baby skin. The enriching rash-free cream for babies combat inflammation and red rashes on baby skin caused by diaper dermatitis and provides your baby with healthy natural skincare.

best Baby Diaper rash Cream In India (Best Baby care Products)

The surroundings should be clean and tidy. The house should not be messy but playful for your kid. We know making every corner of the house squeaky clean might be next to impossible, but we also feel that you will give your best when it comes to things related to your baby. Clean up as much as you can since personal hygiene should be considered foremost in every aspect. Do not neglect it for the sake of your baby.

Sponge Bath and Good Moisturizing

    baby care products baby body wash

    All you need is to prepare a small baby care products list before their cleaning. Baby care kit with two-bath sponges or a washcloth, a small container full of warm or lukewarm water, a towel for pat drying the skin afterward, newborns diapers, baby moisturizer, baby oil, baby shampoo, baby soap, baby cold cream for winters, baby skin cream, baby powder, and clean clothes.

    Newborn babies need a sponge bath for the first several weeks after birth. It is vital, as a newborn umbilical cord stump needs some time to fall off and also the wound to heal completely. Hence, giving a sponge bath can be a better option for the delicate skin of the baby. You might need a  baby body wash  and a  good baby moisturizer.

    Best baby products by mother Sparsh

    Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby wash is designed to cleanse the baby's sensitive skin, making it look soft and smoother afterward. It is enriched with the goodness of the best natural oil for baby skin like chamomile oil, avocado oil, and coconut-based cleanser which are good moisturizers for baby dry skin. Also, it has no harmful chemicals like silicon, parabens, dyes and is made with the no-tear formulation. Even the best baby soap in India has harsh chemicals, that is why it is recommended to use a natural baby wash or baby soap on your little ones.

    Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Shampoo for hair is an infusion of restorative ingredients like Aloe vera, vitamin E & Vanilla Oil that helps in hydrating & conditioning the tender scalp. The no-tear mild formula gently nourishes your baby hair follicles deeply. After a good hair bath, apply some baby oil for the newborn or use olive oil for baby massage. 

    best baby care products baby shampoo

    Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Lotion is crafted out of the goodness of Plant Powered formulation of organic shea butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil. It gently moisturizes and protects the baby skin from dryness without irritating it and deeply hydrates it from within. The lotion has an allergen-free fragrance and is completely free from harmful toxins. It works as a baby moisturizer for face and body, which is better than any other baby moisturizing cream.

    In addition to being crafted with safe, natural and plant-powered formulation these baby care products are also India's No. 1 Brand Trusted By Dermatologists! Mother sparsh has also designed a special baby gift set for your little ones skin care. ( )

    Read The Label

      Say no to toxins for baby care products

      One of the primary things to keep in mind before grabbing anything from the counter is to go through the product label. You need to see and check if they have harmful ingredients such as Sulfates, Silicones, artificial fragrances, or Parabens. If you find anything like this, then it is a big no. 

      Instead, opt for baby care products that are natural, plant-powered, and organic products enriched with the goodness of plant extracts and oils that are beneficial for your child. Plant-based products are safe and won't cause any harm or allergies.


      Ensure that your child wears clothes that are light and not super tight. Opt for clothes that are breathable so that their skin does not feel suffocating. Make sure their laundry is washed thoroughly with lukewarm water. We would advise you not to go for your usual detergent because they often contain harsh ingredients such as sulfates and silicones that can irritate newborn baby skin.

      Try out baby detergents that are organic and preferably plant-based


        Baby care products for hydrating them

        It is important to keep the skin hydrated because your baby's skin is delicate, sensitive and it might dry out quickly. It is best to stick by body massages before having a shower using essential oils or an ayurvedic baby body massage oil. Gently stroking or massaging your child's skin helps in soothing your baby. As a result, they tend to cry and fuss less. This will, consequently, leads to a good night's sleep and happier mornings. Give them a sponge bath and afterward, pat dry your little one and lather them up with a decent amount of moisturizer.

        Call Your Pediatrician

        Most red rashes on baby skin and other skin problems are not that serious, hence they end up getting cured by themselves in a few days or a week. However, there can be times when these symptoms may be a sign of an infection that would need attention and an expert opinion. If your baby's skin has red sores, bump, blister, heat rash, intense itching, scaly patch, headache, fever, or seems drowsy or sluggish visit your pediatrician or a family doctor right away and take their help to find best baby care products for little one.

        Hope that you found the information helpful. You may share it with other mommies and leave a comment below for any query or suggestion.

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