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How to travel with your newborn? Baby Wipes Travel Pack the Ultimate Saviour

Let’s all be honest here, travelling with a baby is no picnic. Yet, you can make it effortless with Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes Travel Pack and other travel necessaries.

We often hear couples saying that they stopped going on long trips after having their baby. But, we think parents should go on long tours with their babies.

So, we did extended research and found ways to make long international trips with infants trouble-free. Read till the end to know the items you must carry while travelling with a baby.

Baby Wipes Travel Pack

5 Tips for Travelling With a Baby

Travelling with an infant is much easier than travelling with a toddler. They won’t run or walk away and won’t be that heavy to carry around. A foolproof plan and some essential products are all you need to have a fun trip with them.

1.No flight trips untill 4 Months:

Different flights have disparate policies regarding the minimum age for travelling; yet, our suggestion is to wait for four months.

It takes two to three months for your baby to develop its immune system. For the same reason, doctors generally suggest avoiding flight trips for the first three to four months.

Still, you can go on road trips during this period; it will be a good warm-up for the upcoming long trips.

2. Baby-Friendly Destination:

Don’t pick a random destination for your trip with a baby on board; check if the place is safe and enjoyable for the child.

Do your research, find the main tourist attractions of the place, and enquire if it is entertaining to the baby. Call the hotel or AirBnB you plan to stay at and ask for strollers and other baby gear.

3. Mode of Transportation:

Your baby might not be comfortable with all modes of transportation initially. So, understand their preference and choose vehicles accordingly.

Ask for a bassinet seat if you are taking a long flight; that will make the trip comfortable for the baby and enjoyable for you. If it is a short flight or train journey, an aisle seat would be the best choice.

Get a baby car seat fixed in the car if you are on a road trip; it protects your baby from injuries during accidents. And carry your baby in a carrier bag while walking to avoid the hassle of travelling with a stroller.

4. Pack Light:

Being a new parent, you might have the urge to pack everything including the sink (to give your baby a quick bath). But don’t!

Baby diapers and nappy creams are indeed essential for travelling; still, you do not have to carry too many diapers. Make a list of all the baby gear and necessary items, cross-off things available at the destination and buy the rest.

If you are still confused about what to pack, don’t worry! A list of necessary items awaits you at the end of this blog.

5. Don’t bath the baby every day:

Trust us, if your baby hasn’t reached the toddler phase, they don’t need a bath daily!

Tap water can be harsh on your baby’s gentle skin and cause irritation and allergies. So, it is better to carry a baby wipes travel pack and use them to clean the baby. The 99% pure water unscented wipes are 100% safe to use on infants and come in a travel-friendly pack.

So, use baby wipes instead of compromising your baby’s skin health with hard water.

Things to Carry While Travelling with a Baby

As we already mentioned, you might feel the need to pack everything at home inside your suitcase. So, let us help you figure out what you really need.

Baby Wipes Travel Pack the Ultimate Saviour

Here is your inventory for a trip with the baby:

Baby Wipes Travel Pack:

A compatible pack of pure water baby wipes is the first and foremost thing that must go into your travel bag. It will come in handy during diaper changes, feeding time and every other time your baby needs a cleaning.

Moisturising Lotion:

As babies have delicate skin, skin dryness and irritation are common problems you might face during a trip. Plant-Powered moisturising lotion and face cream are the only options to prevent that. So, buy baby dry skin products online or offline before going on a trip.

Diaper Rash Cream:

Diaper rash is something that withholds parents from travelling with babies. Don’t let that happen to you; baby diapers and nappy creams are a must-have. Make sure you add the best cream to treat diaper rashes to your travel shopping list.

Baby Sunscreen:

Yes, your baby needs protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Use a Plant Powered Baby sunscreen with SPF 30 and protection against UVA & UVB for safe sun protection.

Small waste disposal bags:

You do not know when your baby needs a diaper change, and you might not find garbage bins everywhere. In such situations, a waste disposal bag will save time and make your trip tension-free.

Few Toys:

As much as your baby needs toys, you do not have to carry them all; one or two soft toys will do the trick. You can also keep an illustrated book or small items that make crackling noise to distract your baby.

Happy Journey!

It is true that babies can be fussy at times but trust us, they would love to go out and see the world. Plan everything accordingly, enquire if the places are baby-friendly, do your shopping and make it happen.

If you are worried about the shopping part, we have that sorted. Whether you are looking for the best cream to treat diaper rashes or a baby wipes travel pack, Mother Sparsh has it. And if you are too lazy to pick each product by yourself, get the baby essentials travel kit. It has everything your baby would need for the trip.

Now don’t wait! Get up from that couch, pack your bags and go!

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