10 Unknown & Surprising Baby wipes Uses

10 Unknown & Surprising Baby Wipes Uses

Are you one of those people who don't buy baby wipes until you become parents? Do you know that newborn baby wipes are not just for babies or kids? Yes, they are significantly used to clean a baby's tush, face, hands, and many more. But, nowadays, baby wipes uses have remarkably become a significant part of everyone's daily life. The baby wipes uses have evolved so much over the years. Except for baby care, the wipes are used to clean sticky surfaces, remove makeup, cool your sweaty face, mopping up small spills, and so on. So, don't wait until you become a parent and then buy baby wipes to clean your baby tush. Keep them handy wherever you go and whenever you. It can be your travel companion, recycled dusting cloth, or soothe your skin. Baby wipes uses are the perfect mystical info that can accompany you in every way.

So forget wiping the babyface, hands, or bum with baby wipes, and let us guide you on the best and genius baby wipes uses you've never thought of trying and why baby wipes uses are the most significant companion for both babies and adults. 

Why Are Baby Wipes The Best Significant Companion?

Why Baby wipes is significant and what are it's uses/

Baby wipes for universal usage is an intriguing idea for some reasons like- 

  • Perfect for all skin types (even for super sensitive skin).
  • Damp enough to remove sticky stains or heavy makeup.
  • Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free with perfect moistness.
  • Best toilet paper substitute, as it is made of smooth cloth.
  • Cleanse away dust, dirt, and impurities from almost everything.

Top 10 Baby Wipes Uses You Must Know

Baby wipes are multipurpose wipes, and everyone should have packets of these wipes at their homes, whether you have a baby or not. The baby wipes uses are endless, and YES... they are safe for both babies and adults in unexpected ways you never thought of. Let's begin with the top 10 baby wipes uses:

  1. During baby diaper changes
  2. Wiping baby's face or hands
  3. Cleaning baby feeding vitals and toys
  4. Removing makeup
  5. Reuse as a dusting cloth
  6. Removing sticky Stains
  7. Groom leather accessories
  8. Soothe your skin during summers
  9. Quick fix cleaning
  10. Sanitise germ-ridden public spots

1. During baby diaper changes

10 baby wipes uses: It can be used as a baby diaper cleaner

The most common use of baby cleaning wipes is while changing your baby's diaper. A newborn baby's skin is delicate and needs soft cotton with water to clean before every diaper change. But as we know babies don't wait too long, so the little baby wipes are the fastest and efficient way to clean and change their diaper in no time. The best thing about wipes is that you can use and throw wipes right away, and you don't have to go through the tedious process of cleaning clothes every time. Must be thinking which are the best baby wipes in India? Without any doubt Mother Sparsh 99% pure water wipes are the best disinfectant wipes for baby because they are as good as cotton and water. It is made from plant-derived biodegradable cotton fabric, which is 3x thicker than regular wipes and is safe for your newborn baby and the environment. 

2. Wiping baby's Face and Hands

We all know how messy and dirty it can be when you're feeding your baby or playing with them and even when they blow out sometimes. And it is difficult to take your baby or toddler to the bathroom to clean them with water. That is why baby face wipes are the best and efficient thing for you and your everyday challenges. With baby face wipes, you can clean your baby's mess anytime and can relieve yourself from the pain of wetting a napkin and cleaning your baby's face or hands every time. 

3. Cleaning Baby's Feeding Vitals And Toys

Baby's hygiene is always a priority that no parent can deny. It is crucial to keep the baby's feeding vitals like pacifiers clean and sanitized. Same with the toys, babies usually put everything in their mouth from their hands to toys to anything lying on the ground, which might lower their immunity. Germs live around us every time, this is why you should clean everything around your baby with baby wet wipes as they are more efficient than a napkin or a cloth. 

4. Removing Makeup

Removing Makeup is one of baby wipes uses

You cannot resist applying makeup because sometimes it gets really tiring to double cleanse to remove it. Or maybe you're traveling and need to remove makeup halfway. There are some days when you are too lazy to wash your face off to remove it. And our skin needs proper hydration and moisturization after makeup, which a regular cloth with water can't provide. So, the best and efficient way to clean your makeup is with wet wipes, especially baby wipes. But how do baby wipes remove makeup? As they are super soft and suitable for every skin type including sensitive skin. They gently cleanse away your makeup without causing any irritation or skin problems because they are hypoallergenic and mildly formulated. 

5. Reuse as a dusting cloth

Reusing wipes as Dusting Cloth is a Good Baby Wipes Use

Once the cleaning is done with baby wipes and if they are not too dirty. Leave them to dry out and then you can use it as a dusting cloth to clean your household things. Also, if the wet wipes are too dirty, you can use those to clean your smartphones, keyboards, monitors, television, remote, or any gadgets as they cleanse away the dirt and give lustrous shine. 

6. Removing sticky Stains

Baby wipes are damp enough to remove any stain from almost every surface. From tea spills to greased frypans and from wall drawing to carpet stains. Baby wet wipes work wonders while removing stains from any surface. 

7. Groom leather accessories

Baby wipes are great for cleaning leather accessories. From leather jackets to leather goods, shoes, and purses it cleanses away all the dirt without damaging the leather. Without spending extra money on specialist wipes or professional cleaners, you can get a lustrous shine by cleaning leather sofa with baby wipes

8. Soothe your skin during summers

During summers, after a long run or hectic day, placing a fresh wet wipe on your face will soothe your skin and give you refreshing coolness. You can also carry these with you to work, traveling, parties, gym, and all the places where you feel exhausted after some time and want to feel refreshed during summers by just placing the wipe on your face till it dries up. 

9. Quick fix cleaning

What if unexpected guests are coming and you don't have time to clean your house properly? Simple: just grab a baby wipe and start wiping down the surfaces of your house. It will clean all the dirt and impurities by giving a shiny appearance to the household goods. It may not last long, but it will give a priceless first impression of a super clean house to your guests.

10. Sanitise germ-ridden public spots

Sanitise Germ Ridden Spots with Baby Wipes

While traveling or attending a party somewhere, we usually need to use the restroom & washroom, which is sometimes not cleaned well or sanitized to use directly. Carry your baby wipes in small packets with you and always clean the area which you would like to use, like toilet seats & taps. Also, Use wet wipes for cleaning public items like handles before touching them.  

FAQs About Baby Wipes Uses

FAQ's related to all Baby wipes uses

Q1. Is it safe to use baby wipes on face?

Ans. Yes. Without any doubt because baby wipes are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Also, they are made of water and cotton cloth which is smooth and gentle for all skin types.

Q2. Can I use baby wipes on newborn?

Ans. It is advised to use only fragrance-free water baby wipes on newborns as fragrance wipes might contain artificial fragrances made of harsh chemicals that may cause irritation or skin inflammation to the baby. 

Q3. Can you use baby wipes on dogs?

Ans. Yes. You can use baby wipes to clean your pet's muddy paws, nose, and face. Baby wipes can also help in catching their malting hair. Baby wipes work as a magnet for a pet's hair. 

Q.4 Which baby wipes are best?

Ans. The baby wipes that are made of water and a biodegradable non-woven cloth are safe for both babies and the environment. Always opt for fragrance-free and hypoallergenic wipes, as they will gently clean your baby's skin without causing any skin irritation or skin inflammations. Also, prefer dermatologically tested baby wipes for your newborn baby. Still, it is advised to consult your dermatologist before trying any baby wipe on your baby's sensitive skin.

Q.5 What is the difference between baby wipes and flushable wipes?

Ans. There is no such big difference between these two wipes as baby wipes are made of non-woven fabric for their delicate skin and the flushable wipes are made of cellulosic fibers that pass the Flushability. The flushable wipes are for adults. Baby wipes are made for babies and their delicate skin as flushable wipes can irritate their skin or cause serious skin inflammations. 

Hope you enjoyed these surprising baby wipes uses you never thought in these ways. Also, we are heartily open to listening to your interesting usage of baby wipes on regular days. So, share your views and queries with us in the comment box.
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