Magical Tips to Handle Negative thoughts & Stress During Pregnancy

Magical Tips for Negative thoughts & Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be stressful. And it is natural to get a little stressed during pregnancy. Swollen ankles, frequent urination, can't find a comfortable position to sleep, mood swings, severe headaches, and many more can intensify the emotional stress during pregnancy. Coping with everyday changing lifestyle and symptoms of pregnancy can be overwhelming too. And you'll probably be having a lot on your mind during this beautiful phase of your life. Yes! A beautiful journey of your life. But stressing can make it troublesome for you as well as for your baby. 

Every pregnant woman wants to stress less and enjoy the best dream of floating calmly through this phase of her life, but some women get more vulnerable or anxious because of the hormonal changes or the other stressful thoughts they might be thinking.  

How to be remove stress during pregnancy

Now you must be stressing about how to be happy during pregnancy? How to relieve stress? How to remain calm during pregnancy? But do you know that the effects of stress and tension during pregnancy on infant and child development are a thing? Then how do you get through the emotional stress during pregnancy? Try out practical mind fresh tips to help you relax for a happy pregnancy. In this blog, we will share some easy ways to relieve stress just for relaxation to enjoy this beautiful journey of your life. 


7 Easy Ways To Relieve Stress During Pregnancy 

7 Easy ways to deal with negative thoughts & stress during pregnancy

Your mental well-being during pregnancy is just as important as your physical health. You probably have a lot on your mind during pregnancy. Coping with hormonal changes, pregnancy symptoms, and changing lifestyles can sometimes be overwhelming. So, try these 7 mind-fresh tips to relieve stress and be relax.  

  1. Meditate Or Practice Mindfulness
  2. Eat Well
  3. Workout Everyday
  4. Get Enough Rest And Sleep
  5. Breathing Exercise
  6. Stay Socially Active
  7. Try Complementary Therapies

Meditate Or Practice Mindfulness

Does exercise helps in stress during pregnancy

Mindfulness helps you stay connected with the world around you and stay relaxed, so you don't engage yourself in negative thoughts in pregnancy. It means taking the time to pay full attention to yourself just for relaxation. Practicing mindfulness regularly through meditation has been proven to have significant benefits on mental health. It helps in easing stress, anxiety, worry, depression, and negative thoughts in pregnancy. 

These following mind fresh tips can help you be more mindful and relaxed-

  • Practice yoga every day 
  • Meditate twice a day 
  • Pay attention to the sights, sounds, scents, and other sensations around you when you go out.
  • Try doing something new like stress buster games, music, or mini-vacations.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts and try to avoid negative thoughts in pregnancy about anything.
  • Try mindfulness courses, sessions, and apps available.

Eat Well, Drink Well

What to Eat & Drink to reduce stress during pregnancy

Eating well is good for your brain, your body, and your baby. Make sure you eat regular meals to keep your blood sugar level balanced. As it can leave you feeling tired and irritable. Sometimes, you might feel like not eating because of the hormonal changes and mood swings which are natural pregnancy sickness but try to have small meals or fulfill your craving with tasty food. 

Dehydration also makes it challenging to focus or think clearly. So make sure you get six to eight medium (200 ml) cups of water every day. You can also have milk and fruit juice. 

Workout Everyday

Exercising can boost your well-being at any time and also during pregnancy. The reason behind it is that it releases feel-good chemicals in your brain, called endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. These hormones help you in staying calm and happy. Activities that build up your heart rates, like dancing, low-impact aerobics, and yoga, are usually safe in pregnancy. Nature has benefits too, a simple 20-minute walk in the park can help with stress. Try to routine your day with these light exercises to be in relax mood during pregnancy.

Get Enough Rest And Sleep

Does getting enough sleep & rest reduces Stress during Pregnancy

Always listen to your body's needs. If you’re exhausted and need rest, take a break and rest for sure or sleep for some time. A proper 7-8 hours of sleep is much-needed for everyone's mental health. It helps in improving body and brain functioning to support a happy pregnancy and a baby's health too. Try to meditate before taking a nap at night, it will help you sleep peacefully. 

Breathing Exercise

It’s good for you and your baby' health if you are in relax mood for some time and just do nothing. Whenever you feel like doing nothing, try to focus on your bump and start taking deep breaths in and out. It will help in increasing the oxygen level which promotes the healthy growth of your baby and will balance your blood pressure level. Although it may be a little stifled, your baby can hear your voice from 15 weeks of pregnancy. So, it will be helpful for you if you will chat, sing, or read for your baby. It is a great practice to bond with your baby and may help you in staying positive during pregnancy. 

Stay Socially Active

During pregnancy, you might feel like not talking to anyone or be socially distant from gatherings and parties. It is natural because of the hormonal changes, but try to communicate with your partner or family, or friends. Go out for dinner or anywhere you feel happy and relaxed as it is important to keep yourself busy with other things to avoid any kind of negative thoughts in pregnancy. You can also share your feelings with other people of similar experiences, which can help you feel less isolated and help you stay calm and relieve stress during pregnancy

Try Complementary Therapies

It is crucial to give yourself a small break to help release any pent-up worry. You can try complementary therapies like massage, mental health education, and laughing therapies. These can be a fantastic way to de-stress yourself. Even a simple body or hair massage from a loved one can be effective. Many spas and beauty salons provide pregnancy massage treatments, but be precautious before going for it and double-check if your therapist is qualified and experienced in working with pregnant women.

Does doing Therapies to reduce stress during pregnancy

NOTE: If you still feel stressed and your feeling gets more overwhelmed, try talking to your doctor or a psychologist. Your doctor will help you navigate through proper mental health treatment and therapies for negative thoughts in pregnancy and stress during pregnancy. To know more about stress, pregnancy and how to cope with it, do read this blog on Top 8 Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms.


FAQs On Stress During Pregnancy

FAQs on how to handle negative thoughts & Stress during Pregnancy

Q.1. How can I avoid stress during pregnancy?

Ans. It is natural to get little stress during pregnancy because of hormonal changes and other circumstances. You can try yoga, meditation, listen to the best music for pregnant moms, social gatherings, and many more stress buster activities you can try at home to avoid negative thoughts in pregnancy which can be stressful.  

Q.2. How to manage anger during pregnancy?

Ans. Stress during pregnancy leads to anxiety, panic attack, or sometimes severe irritability or anger. To conquer your anger, meditating regularly can help you with anger issues as it calms your mind and keeps you relaxed. You can also try breathing exercises whenever you are feeling irritated or angry. Deep breathing increases oxygen level, which naturally helps you stay calm and relax.

Q.3. What are the signs of stress during pregnancy?

Ans. The signs of stress during pregnancy can vary from woman to woman, but some common stress signs are-

  • Increased heart rate or heart palpitations
  • Severe Headaches
  • Severe Back pain or body aches
  • Bloating
  • Grinding of teeth
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Loss of appetite or overeating
  • A feeling of worry, frustration, anger, or sadness
  • Staying in isolation or extra-extrovert nature

Along with above mentioned signs, you can also read more about pregnancy stress in this blog on postpartum depression.

Q.4. What does stress do to an unborn baby?

Ans. High levels of stress for a long time may cause health issues, like high blood pressure or heart disease. During pregnancy, stress can double the chances of having a premature baby (born before 37 weeks of pregnancy) or a low-birthweight baby (weighing less than 5 pounds, 8 ounces).


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