Mother Sparsh Turmeric Ubtan

The Greatest Woman's Day Gift; Break The Bias and Love Yourself!

To every girl
To every daughter
To every wife
To every mother

You're early for nothing,
You're late for nothing
You're just on time for everything
You're what you want to be!


You're the plant that sows the seeds of tomorrow. Those seeds will eventually grow and propagate the same warmth & strength which you have inherently carried in yourself! As a woman, the sole bearer of life, you have shown immense resistance and attained heights, shattered glass ceilings, and limits to stand where you are today.

This International Women's Day, celebrate these small triumphs that made you a woman, and gift yourself the power of SELF-LOVE & CARE, the greatest of all! One thing that makes a woman unique is that when she loves herself more, she gives back more, sometimes out of her capacity! This distinctive quality calls for self-pampering sessions, from mental well-being to skin & hair care!

All you need to do is get into a calmer state of mind with this special day just for yourself!

How can you do that?

Create space in a room and dim the lights. Light mildly scented candles for fresh feels! Play some slow music that helps ease your mind and body. It can be a piece of meditative music or a sound healing playlist that creates a calm environment for you!


When it comes to pure Ayurvedic Skin & Hair Care and deep skin healing, try Mother Sparsh Turmeric Ubtan. Real Ubtan with actual Turmeric, Saffron, Orange peel, and Rosemary. Immerse yourself in an authentic Ayurvedic experience with Turmeric Ubtan.

Take 1-2 tablespoons of Turmeric Ubtan in a bowl and add raw milk or water and stir to form a paste. As you glide the Ubtan on your face, you're not only healing your skin but embracing your inner self! Turmeric, for ages, has been used in India to restore natural skin texture, lighten scars and glowing skin. Keeping the same thought process in view for Ayurvedic healing, Mother Sparsh Turmeric Ubtan is put together with pure herbs and essential oils that go deep into skin cells and heal them from inside.

Leave the Ubtan on your face for 10-15 minutes. As you wait, sit, and close your eyes, envision your beautiful self conquering every challenge, loving your family, and embracing yourself! Engage in the process for 15 minutes! When the Turmeric Ubtan is dry, use cotton and normal water to remove it. Be gentle as you remove the Ubtan off your face.

Look at your glowing self; all-time future-ready!

Women's Day Hair Care-

Every woman dons a hairstyle that she loves. It's a form of self-expression. You can have your hair colored, keep them short or long, it's up to you!
In all this styling, make sure; your hair gets nurtured with chemical-free ingredients! On this occasion, remember to give them a healing touch. Your hair is your identity; they express what you are, so why not give them the best, right?


Bestow upon them the deep nourishment of long known Ayurvedic and grandma's remedy- the goodness of power herb Dashamoola!
Yes! Dashamoola, as the name signifies, is a potent magical concoction of ten dried roots of ten different plants, which have been widely used in Ayurveda for ages due to its wondrous hair benefits.

Since we are talking about Dashamoola, give a try to our Dashmool Hair Lep! Lep is a crushed and powdered blend of botanical extracts and essential oils that strengthen and repair fragile & damaged hair. Dashmool Hair Lep's unique Ayurvedic formulation consists of 14 Ayurvedic Herbs like Dashamoola, Triphala, Methi, Curry Leaves, Brahmi, Bakuchi, and more!

How to apply it?

Take 1-2 tablespoons of Dashmool Hair Lep in a bowl, add curd or water and stir to form a paste. Make sure to give your hair a gentle oil massage before applying the Lep, for which you can test our Onion Hair Oil with raw onion concentrate for hair regrowth and volume.

After the massage, apply the Lep from the scalp to hair tips and leave it for 20-30 minutes. As it dries, listen to some good & relaxing music, breathe and manifest stronger and healthy hair!

Rinse your hair and let it dry naturally for better results. It's not only on women's day but try to use Dashmool Lep whenever you wash your hair! Let your hair shine as you shine too.

This International Women's Day, do a little 'extra' even if you follow a daily skin routine, add some ayurvedic healing elements in your hair and skincare! Yes, you heard it right! Let women's day be about healing! Look into yourself and embrace your inner & outer self as you do your skin & hair care routine!

Whenever we talk about hair or skincare, remember it's not only about looking beautiful! It's also about caring for yourself in the present moment and taking care of your health for the future. Not only today, but every day is Women's day and each day asks for self-love and care. Every step of self-care makes you believe in yourself. The stronger the belief, the more confident you can be as you take up challenges and overcome them.

You are a Daughter
You are a Wife
You are a Mother

When at home, you build a family
When at work, you provide

In every role
You are beautiful
You shine!


Preserve that shine with the right choice. Act for your well-being. Choose products for yourself, your skin, your hair that are safe and chemical-free. Prioritize your health. A healthy, strong self builds a stronger foundation!

As you take your first step towards self-love and self-care, you transform into a new being. Embrace this change gracefully, see yourself growing! As you bloom, you witness changes around yourself too! You are elegant, you are confident, and you are a woman. Isn't this experience so magical?

So, why are you waiting? Get into self-care mode right away with Ayurvedic skin and hair care and heal inside out; the best women’s day gift to yourself!

And have a phenomenal International Women's Day!

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