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    Hair and Care is essential for not only looks or appearance but also for the overall regimen. Having healthy hair empowers us to look best and ensure hair and scalp are healthy. It is crucial to visit a reputable salon and employ quality hair care kit and herbal hair care products that are natural yet ayurvedic-free from harsh chemicals to ensure hair is as healthy as possible. The hair texture is important and has a significant impression on our self-esteem. A staggering 88% of women say that their hair is related to their self-confidence. Self-confidence is important to everyone, and the health of your hair has a notable impact on how you see yourself, That is why we at Mother Sparsh inspire to conserve that custom by bringing you nature’s luxurious herbs and oils in their most unadulterated form in our natural hair care products and the best hair products in India. We craft our products with authentic Ayurveda formulation and believe in doing a bit for the environment with the aim of zero waste in every product that we formulate. Our thoughtful assortment of hair care products incorporates our one of a kind and well-preserved ayurvedic home remedy as opposed to synthetic gel/cream-based hair masks & hair serums that are prefabricated & may contain chemically formulated ingredients for short-lived results. Our Intense hair treatment kit is an ayurvedic hair treatment that consists of the best hair products that are natural and free from harsh chemicals. This hair and care kit includes Dashmool hair lep, 30 herbs hair oil, Jabapushp hair cleanser, and Jabapushp hair conditioner. It is an Age-old Ayurvedic home remedy to control hair fall, dandruff, premature greying, & give your hair an intense herbal treatment with herbal hair care products.Our Dashmool hair lep is a blend of potent ayurvedic herbs & ingredients that targets hair health from the roots & enhances hair health from within.

    Modern-based cosmetic hair care solutions like hair serums, treatments are crafted with a composition that can't be altered according to scalp needs like our Dashmool Hair Lep. Our 30 Herbs Hair Oil is hair care oil crafted with a decoction of over 30 herbs & oils which enrich the scalp with its nutritive benefits. Our Jabapushp Hair Cleanser, an ayurvedic shampoo for hair growth & natural hair Conditioner, a therapeutic hair care combo that cleanses, hydrates, and enhances hair vitality. Dandruff has been a common problem these days in both men and women. Mother Sparsh's Ginger & Neem Anti-Dandruff hair Kit yet hair care combo for dandruff & itchy scalp is enriched with Ayurvedic herbs & essential oils that are known to hydrate hair & scalp by stimulating the hair follicles for improved hair health. The therapeutic properties of Ginger & Neem Anti-dandruff hair lep work wonders on dull, itchy, and dandruff-prone hair, resulting in effectively diminishing dandruff, killing fungal growth. The gentle anti-dandruff formulation of Ginger & Neem Hair Cleanser is an ayurvedic shampoo for hair growth and dandruff that washes away excess oil and dirt while preserving hair’s natural moisture balance leaving your locks cleansed, refreshed & dandruff-free. Ginger & Neem Hair Oil is a proven hair care oil for its rich moisturizing yet deep nourishment properties that relieve dry, itchy scalp. It is an effective antibacterial hair and care product that fights dandruff. These hair and care products are the best hair care products in India. These are the must-have hair and care products and hair care kit  that you should include in your daily hair routine

    FAQs related to Hair Care

    Q.1. What products are good for hair care?

    Ans. Unlike cosmetic or chemically-based hair treatment products, the best and good hair and care products are herbal hair care products that are curated with ayurvedic ingredients and natural bio-extracts. Ayurveda for hair loss, dandruff, premature greying, and all other hair problems is the best solution you can get for hair and care problems. 

    Q.2. What is the correct hair care routine?

    Ans. The hair and care tips that you should keep in your mind are-

    • Oil Massage 
    • Trim Your Hair 
    • Avoid Tying Your Hair Up Too Often
    • Wear A Hat When You Step Out
    • Wash Your Hair With Cool Or Lukewarm Water
    • Avoid Using Products That Produce Too Much Heat

    The hair and care routine that you must know is-

    • Step 1: Oil massage 
    • Step 2: Cleanse/shampoo
    • Step 3: Conditioner
    • Step 4: Repair and treat with hair mask/serum/natural hair lep
    • Step 5: Protect from environmental aggressors

    Q.3. Do Mother Sparsh hair care products work on all hair types?

    Ans. Without any doubt, Mother Sparsh products are made with Pure Ayurvedic ingredients and essential oils that are completely suitable for all types of hair scalps.

    Q.4. Are Mother Sparsh hair and care products used by all age groups?

    Ans. The Ayurvedic intense haircare set of best hair care products is suitable for all hair concerns & hair types and is best suited for individuals aged above 11+.

    Q.5. How is mother Sparsh Dashmool's hair lep different from Ginger & Neem hair Lep?

    Ans. Mother Sparsh Dashmool Hair Lep promotes hair growth and helps in preventing premature greying. Ginger & Neem Hair Lep is an anti-dandruff hair lep that controls dandruff, dryness, and flaky scalp.

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