Why Should You Choose Nappers Over Regular Diapers For Your Baby?

Why Should You Choose Nappers Over Regular Diapers For Your Baby?

The early days of parenting are neither complete nor possible without diaper shopping. Hours of research on the internet, taking notes from other parents, and constantly calling the paediatrician would become your routine. However, due to the lack of favourable products in the market, new parents generally agree for disposable diapers.

Mother Sparsh, a brand founded and run by two new parents, went a mile further to curate the perfect nappy for babies. The fruit of months-long research and perfectioning, Nappers by Mother Sparsh, is all set to be shipped to your doorsteps now.

Scroll down to find why Nappers are the best diaper for your baby and how it is different from regular diapers.

The Best Alternative for Diapers

Nappers by Mother Sparsh is a premium cloth diaper customised to tackle the downfalls of regular baby diapers. To better understand the concern, here are some of the major shortcomings of disposable diapers.

Regular Diapers:

  • Discomfort: If you are in the notion that your baby is happy with the regular diapers, you are wrong. Regular diapers are made-up of non-woven fabric that could cause irritation and itching in babies. Prolonged use of such diapers could cause rashes on the skin and affect their mood.
  • Toxicity: Several studies indicate the presence of chemical compounds such as phthalates in disposable diapers. As diapers are in regular contact with the baby's permeable skin, these toxins might reach the their body and cause health problems as well as long-term side effects.

  • Infection & allergies: Even when many disposable diaper brands claim that their product is breathable, those are not absolutely breathable. When the baby soils the diaper, the gel inside expands and subsides breathability, increasing the chances of infections, contact dermatitis and other allergies.
  • Harm environment: A regular disposable diaper takes almost 500 years to decompose, and an average baby uses around 2000 disposable diapers in the first year of their life. If you do the maths right, you could easily understand that these diapers are not doing any good to our environment.
  • Expensive: As you just read, a baby almost uses 2000 diapers a year, and the cost of a single piece of diaper is between ₹10-20 in India. That means an Indian parent spends between twenty thousand to forty thousand rupees on diapers alone a year.

Now that you know why you should stop using regular baby diapers, here is our better alternative to diapers:

Nappers By Mother Sparsh:

  • Eco-Safe: Nappers by Mother Sparsh has two units, a cloth diaper and a soaker pad made of super absorbent micro terry fabric. All the units are eco-friendly and biodegradable, making them soft on the baby's skin and the best alternative for a sustainable future.

  • Reusability: Nappers are reusable diapers; you can easily remove the insert ( Soaker pad) and wash it in the washing machine or a bucket.

 Washing Instructions: 

  • Hand Wash
    • Step 01: Remove the insert & clean the diaper & insert with high-pressure water.
    • Step 02: Soak Diaper for a few minutes in detergent water.
    • Step 03: Wash well by rubbing gently, do not use a brush.
    • Step 04: Rise thoroughly till no detergent remains.
  • Machine Wash
    • Step 01: Take off the insert & rinse off the residuals with high-pressure water.
    • Step 02: Soak the diaper & insert for a few minutes in detergent water before washing with a baby detergent.
    • Step 03: Line dry under the sun.

    *Washing before the 1st use is advised.

    • Ultra Absorbent: Hybrid eco-safe soaker pad with 1200+ GSM high absorption ensures that the baby's bottom remains dry and comfortable. The super breathable and soft fabric assure leakproof dryness & protection overnight.
    • Cost Effective( 2000 Disposable Diapers = 20 Cloth Diapers): Nappers are reusable cloth diapers which remain intact for up to 250+ washes. The super-effective cloth diaper fits perfectly into your budget.
    • Comfort Performance: The Napper comes in sizes from Extra Small to Large with adjustable snap buttons that let you resize the Napper. The snug fitting elastic is engineered for comfort fit and gentle wrap around the baby's waist without leaving any imprints.

    Safe For The Baby & The Planet

    Being a parent, making informed decisions about baby care products is necessary for their happy future. With Nappers by Mother Sparsh on your shopping list, we assure you fewer worries about choosing the right products. Nappers are safe for your baby and the environment; thus, you can ensure a happy childhood and a sustainable future for your child.

    So don’t wait; go to the website and order Nappers for your little ones now!

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