3 Best Remedy for Nappy Rash & Faq's solved

3 Best Remedy for Nappy Rash {Explained}

Diaper rashes often happen due to infrequent diaper changes that are soiled and wet, but a lesser-known fact is the involvement of baby wipes in the presence of rashes. An irritated child is every parent’s nightmare. A parent’s main motive would be to cure the rash as soon as possible and make the baby feel comfortable. We bring to you the best remedy for nappy rash.

With Mother Sparsh products and some tender loving care, you can help your little angel feel happy and help prevent a nappy rash from recurring. Many mothers agree that nothing works better and faster than Mother Sparsh diaper rash cream.

Which is the best Remedy for a Nappy Rash?

How to Prevent Rashes?

1. Cleanse Baby’s Skin Thoroughly
2. Allow the Nappy Area to Dry Out
3. Apply Rash Cream to Protect Baby’s Tender Skin

1. Clean Your Baby’s Skin Thoroughly

Always ensure to keep your child’s skin as clean and dry as possible. Doing so alone is the best remedy for nappy rashes. This means changing wet, dirty, diapers right away. You might not always know when your little one needs a change or you might question how long a diaper can be used, so often check the diaper after every two hours. In newborns or babies who have a diaper rash or diarrhea, checking frequently becomes imperative. If you are using wipes while changing diapers often, ensure to pick ones that are gentle, mild, and crafted for your baby’s delicate skin.

Clean your Baby Skin thoroughly & diaper rash images

If using re-usable home diapers, ensure they are thoroughly washed and cleansed to tackle the side effects of cloth diapers. Using detergents with harsh chemicals for washing your baby’s diapers can irritate the sensitive skin of the child, giving rise to more rashes. To treat this issue Mother Sparsh has the best remedy for nappy rash, our Plant-Powered Laundry detergent for Babies with Bio-Enzymes so that no harsh irritants come in contact with your baby’s delicate skin.

The best remedy for nappy rash is the wipes that are plant-based/ organic and that have been clinically tested or proven to be mild to the skin just like our Mother Sparsh Dermatologist tested 99% Water Baby Wipes which works as gently as using a soft cotton, wet washcloth to lightly clean the diaper area. Lukewarm water will do the work. Use a gentle baby body wash when needed. Whether you prefer using a washcloth or wipes, it’s important to avoid irritating already inflamed skin. Use your wipes or washcloth gently to pat clean the skin, and avoid rubbing harshly on the skin. Just clean up the soiled, outer layer, and leave the happy nappy cream on the skin to avoid damaging the fragile skin of the baby as it heals.

2. Allow The Nappy Area To Dry Out

    Allow Baby Nappy area to dry out. What are some Diaper Rash Images
    One important step to healing the diaper rash is keeping the diaper area clean and dry at all times. Once you are done cleaning your baby’s bottom, pat dry it and remember no rubbing! It would be great if you allow your baby to go without a diaper for 15 to 20 minutes to let their bottom air dry. Then later on apply a thick layer of protection when you get back at the re-diaper phase.

    3. Apply A Diaper Rash Cream To Protect Your Baby’s Tender Skin

      Lather up on rash free cream for newborn baby, which acts as a thick barrier of protection and a wall between the skin and diaper. Using a baby rash cream causes less discomfort to your little one by creating an ideal environment that allows the skin to heal up perfectly. Applying a happy nappy cream will also prevent friction from being created from the diaper. Using the Mother Sparsh Anti Diaper Rash Cream is one of the best remedy for nappy rash. 

      Diaper Rash Images & How to use Diaper Rash CreamHow to apply diaper rash cream on baby?

      After removing the diaper and cleansing apply the baby rash cream onto the skin. Make sure the baby’s skin is properly dried and clean before the cream is applied.

      Why Mother Sparsh?

      Mother Sparsh is India's first leading Plant-Powered baby care brand. Founded in the year 2016 by Ms. Rishu Gandhi. The company offers products made out of the goodness of nature that are 100% organic. The motto of the company has always been to evolve with the purity of love and power of nature.

      The Plant-Powered Diaper Rash Treatment of Mother Sparsh has a rapid relief formulation that soothes and protects your baby’s irritated skin at every single diaper change working as the best remedy for nappy rash. Its super-rich, thick formula of the cream glides easily into the skin instantly forming a protective layer on your little ones' skin and giving relief and comfort from rashes. In fact, many moms agree that nothing works faster for them.

      Hope you found these remedies to treat nappy rash useful! Share it with a mom or a mom-to-be who might need it. If you’re interested in learning more about Maintaining Your Baby’s Proper Hygiene feel free to consult our other blog posts on the topic.

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      We recommend you to give more diaper free time to the baby.
      Also, every time you Clean the nappy area and allow it to dry properly .
      Once dried completely ,using your fingers, apply a thick layer of the diaper rash cream liberally on baby’s bottom , as often as necessary. Try to touch the baby’s irritated skin as little as possible.

      Mother Sparsh

      My baby is 1 year 2 months old I am using mother sparsh 99 percent wet wipes and mother sparsh diaper rash cream. I am using mother sparsh products from his birthtime for the first time my got diaper rashes today. I’ll provide diaper free time for 20 minutes, but still it happened can you please suggest something. Thank you


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