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Skin and beauty care is essential to your general health. Mother Sparsh is the No. 1 brand trusted by dermatologists *natural skin care category and offers the best natural & Ayurvedic skin care products. As the largest organ, practicing good care of your skin is necessary for more than just your appearance. It is surely worth the time and energy to take care of your skin regularly. The skin is exposed to the sun and environmental pollutants all of the time. Once the skin is damaged, it can be challenging to reverse it. That is why glowing skin care plays a significant role in everyone's life. But a good skin care routine is only as good as the products you use. While good essence glowing skin products that are natural and ayurvedic can help your skin look healthier now as well as in the future. But poor quality products that are chemically processed can be inefficient and can cause long-term harm to your skin. Keeping in mind the importance of skin care, we at Mother Sparsh strive to bring you glowing skin products with natural ingredients, plant-based derivatives, authentic ayurvedic formulation, therapeutic-grade essential oils, many certified organic ingredients, biodegradable & eco-friendly options in their glowing skin products. We have encapsulated the essence of nature in our plant powered natural skin care products laced with precious botanical extracts. Our Plant Powered Range is formulated with the goodness of natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Cocoa, Cucumber Extract, Earth Marine Water, Vanilla Oil, and Lavender Oil that deeply nourishes your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

The Ayurvedic  glowing skin products in the kit are gentle, lightweight on the skin, and highly effective for a clear and flawless look in no time with regular use. These are the best organic skin care products in India that are free from parabens, Silicones, Dyes, and Mineral Oil-free. The plant powered range is the derma care and the best skin care kit in India, which comprises the best skin care products in India like- natural face cream, face wash, under-eye recovery gel, body butter, and face mask. The skin care kit comes with different skin care combo packs to choose easily from the best skin care products online. Along with plant powered skin care kit, we have the best ayurvedic skin care products in India to rejuvenate your skin with glowing skin products. Our Turmeric Healing Kit for hyperpigmentation, dark spots & a radiant complexion is crafted with the restorative essence of the age-old remedy of Turmeric & Gotu Kola extracts. This skin care kit is comprised of Turmeric Healing Face Wash targets blemishes, dark spots & supports healthy cell renewal, Turmeric Healing Face Ubtan sloughs away dead skin cells, treats blemishes & unveils a luminance glow, Turmeric Healing Night Beauty Balm treats hyperpigmentation & fades dark spots & imparts a radiant complexion, and Turmeric Healing Day Cream enhances skin resiliency & shields the skin from UV Rays. Mother Sparsh skin care combo of glowing skin products come with everything you need whether it’s intense hydration, treating hyperpigmentation & dark spots & a radiant complexion. 

FAQs related to Skin Care

Q.1. What is the basic skincare routine?

Ans. The best and basic skincare routine is the CTM skincare routine. CTM stands for Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice a day. It can be followed by sunscreen lotion or cream, under-eye gel, face serum or oil, and other skincare products. Also, follow the CTM skin care combo routine before doing make-up to avoid skin problems.

Q.2. How do I find out my skin type?

Ans. The skin is categorized into; normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive skin. But with time, your skin texture and type can change as it is influenced by factors such as lifestyle, hormones, and your diet. The ideal way to understand your skin type is simple. Wash your face gently and don’t use any products. After some time you will eventually start feeling the difference like if your skin is dry it will get dry and flaky if your skin is oily, it will start secreting sebum/oil, and if your skin is sensitive then it will start getting irritated and red. 

Q.3. Do we really need skincare products?

Ans. Proper skin care is necessary as our skin is the barrier against infection that we have. Keeping skin healthy and moisturized helps keep the barrier strong. Cracks in the skin make a person more prone to infection. 

Q.4. Are the ingredients in Mother Skin care products suitable for sensitive & irritated skin?

Ans. Yes, Mother Sparsh products are made with plant-based ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens & phthalates that can be used to heal the skin without damaging it & helps turn back the clock on aging. A patch test before use is recommended.

Q.5. Does Mother Sparsh Products contain any artificial fragrance?

Ans. No, Mother Sparsh products are made with natural bio-based ingredients and essential oils that are completely free from any artificial color or fragrance that helps in healing the skin.

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