7 Must-Have Ingredients in Kids’ Hair Care Products

7 Must-Have Ingredients in Kids’ Hair Care Products

Would you risk your child’s hair health with synthetic kids’ hair care products? We know you wouldn’t want anything less than the best for your kid! Unfortunately, all the hair care products for kids available on the market are not completely reliable.

'Natural' is one term we count on while buying shampoo or hair oil for kids, but are all-natural products nutritive? Sometimes not; herbs, roots and oils with nourishing qualities are essential for a healthy scalp and strong hair. This blog is a manual of primary ayurvedic herbs ideal for your kid’s hair care.

Keep reading and ensure that your kids’ hair care products have these ingredients.

Ayurvedic Ingredients for Kid’s Hair Growth

Studies indicate that hair care product we use as children have a significant impact on our future hair health. The more nutritious a kid’s hair care routine is, the healthier their hair is when they become adults.

The following are some of the vital hair growth herbs mentioned in ayurvedic scriptures:

1. Brahmi
2. Methi
3. Tulsi
4. Shikakai
5. Mulethi
6. Curry Leaves
7. Amla

Brahmi For Kid’s Hair

Brahmi is the first ingredient that comes to our mind when we think of the best hair oil for kids. Scientifically known as Bacopa Monnieri, Brahmi is a medicinal herb hailed in Ayurveda for its hair growth and cosmetic properties. In the olden days, Brahmi leaves were used to make hair oil, medicines and certain skincare products.

Brahmi for Kids

Benefits of Brahmi for kids

● Nourishes scalp and imparts hair growth nutrients.

● Promotes brain development, and functioning.

● The presence of antioxidants prevents cell damage.

● Strengthen hair strands and prevent hair loss.

How to Use it?

● Make a paste of Brahmi powder for kids and milk/ curd and apply it to the scalp as a mask.

● Make Brahmi hair oil for kids and apply it to their hair thrice every week.

● Use all the products of Mother Sparsh Brahmi Anti-dandruff Lep for Kids.

Methi for Kids’ Hair

Methi, commonly known as fenugreek, is a kitchen ingredient that holds the potential to heal several health problems. It is used popularly to treat anaemia, indigestion in children, constipation, inflammation and diabetes. However, its health benefits are not limited to that; methi seed is a popular hair care ingredient.

Benefits of Methi Seeds for Kids:

● Antifungal properties to prevent itchy dandruff and reduce inflammation.

● Hydrating property of methi makes hair softer and shinier.

● The rich amount of iron and potassium in Methi retains the natural colour of the hair and prevents early greying.

● The moisturising and nourishing property of the methi seeds protects hair strands from breakage.

How to Use it?

● Soak the methi seeds in water overnight, make a thick paste and apply it as a mask.

● Apply mildly warm methi hair oil for kids 30 minutes before bathing and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Shikakai for Kid’s Hair

Shikakai has been an inevitable part of hair oils and cleansers since the dawn of ayurvedic hair care. The bark, leaves, and pods of the Shikakai tree are used for hair treatments due to the promising presence of vitamins A, C, D, E, and K in them. This climber is also used to heal wounds and skin damage.

Benefits of Shikakai for Kids’ Hair

● Micro-nutrients nourish the scalp, smoothen the hair and provide tangle-free lustrous locks to your kids.

● The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties protect hair from dandruff, lice, eczema and other microbial activities.

● Vitamins present in it provide enough nutrition for thick and strong hair.

How to Use it?

● Shikakai is an ayurvedic herb that is difficult to gather and strenuous to prepare by yourself. However, it is a major ingredient of Mother Sparsh Brahmi Anti-Dandruff Kid’s Hair Care Products. Using all of them regularly will help you absorb all the goodness of Shikakai without going through the hassle of preparing it yourself.

Tulsi for Kids’ Hair

Tulsi/Holy Basil, as the name suggests, is a holy ingredient according to ayurvedic scriptures and is popularly known as the ‘queen of herbs’. It is powered with remedial properties to heal several health conditions in kids and adults. The antifungal and anti-microbial properties of Tulsi make it the appropriate ingredient for your kid’s hair care.

Best Hair Care

Benefits of Tulsi for Kids’ Hair

● Stimulates the roots of the hair and prevents hair loss.

● Antifungal properties prevent dandruff and itchiness in kids.

● Acts as an immunity booster and fights disease-causing microorganisms.

How to Use it?

● Make a paste of tulsi leaves, mix it with Brahmi or other herbal paste and apply it to your kid’s scalp and hair as a mask.

● Wash hair with water boiled and cooled with tulsi leaves.

● Use hair oil for kids with Tulsi as a prominent ingredient.

Mulethi for Kid’s Hair

Mulethi, widely known as liquorice, is an ayurvedic root as sweet as sugar and curing as tulsi leaves. The medicinal properties of Mulethi make it the ideal to treat sore throat and digestive problems and improve oral hygiene in kids.

Benefits of Mulethi for Kids’ Hair

● Mulethi increases blood circulation and thereby prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.

● The antibacterial property of Mulethi makes it ideal for curing and preventing dandruff.

● The nutrients present in Mulethi protect hair from turning grey at a young age.

How to Use it?

● Powder Mulethi roots, add that to a bowl of curd and apply it on the scalp as a mask once every week.

● Use Mother Sparsh Brahmi Hair Lep with Mulethi to get the same goodness of Mulethi Powder.

Curry Leaves for Kids’ Hair

Curry Leaves, also known as Kadi Patta, is a leaf used as an aromatic ingredient in Indian cuisine. These small yet powerful leaves are enriched with medicinal and cosmetic properties.

Benefits of Curry Leaves for Kids’ Hair

● Curry leaves are rich in a protein called beta-carotene, which improves root health and prevents hair fall.

● The moisturising property of curry leaves protects your child’s hair from damage and ensures nourishment.

● Curry leaves are a good source of Vitamin B, making them ideal to prevent premature greying.

How to Use it?

● Use Curry leaves oil regularly before washing your kids’ hair.

● Apply a hair mask weekly with curry leaves powder in it.

Amla For Kids’ Hair

According to Ayurveda, amla or Indian gooseberry is one of the most prominent immunity boosters. Its Indian name is derived from the Sanskrit term Amalaki, meaning ‘sustainer’, as it is one of the important health sustainers. The medical and cosmetic benefits of this berry begin with indigestion and end in promoting long life.

Hair Oil for Kids

Benefits of Amla for Kids’ Hair

● Rich in Vitamin C to prevent Dandruff and other microbial infections.

● Has antifungal properties to clear dandruff from the scalp and ensure scalp health.

● The presence of antioxidants ensures enough nutrition for healthy hair growth and cell repair.

How to Use it?

● Make a paste with amla powder and apply it to your kids’ hair and scalp.

● Use amla oil regularly before washing hair.

● Consume amla juice twice or thrice a week.


1. What are the Health Benefits of Brahmi for Kids?

Brahmi nourishes your child’s scalp and imparts nutrients to promote brain development and functioning. The presence of antioxidants prevents cell damage and hair loss to strengthen hair strands.

2. How do you treat dandruff in children?

Mother Sparsh Brahmi Anti-dandruff products for kids are infused with ayurvedic herbs, roots and oils mentioned above. The vitamin-rich ingredients prevent dandruff and keep your kids’ scalp healthy and clean. The nutritive elements in the kid's hair oil nourish your child's scalp, the lep provides relief from itchy dandruff, and shampoo and conditioner ensure complete hair hygiene.

Hair Oil for Kids

3. Can you leave Brahmi in Hair?

Brahmi hair lep is a mix of hydrating ingredients; so leaving it on the scalp for more than 30 minutes is not advisable.

4. Do I have to use conditioner on my kids’ hair?

If your kid is more than 3 years old, it is ideal to use Mother Sparsh Brahmi Anti-Dandruff Kids’ Conditioner after shampooing. It will ensure that your kids’ hair is soft, tangle-free and nourished even after a wash.

Best Hair Care Products for Kids

Surprised by the long list of ingredients for your kids' hair care? Don’t worry, you don’t have to gather them by yourself and make leps, oils and shampoos! Mother Sparsh’s devoted kids' care team is here to help you.

Mother Sparsh is focused on bringing the best products for you and your little ones. Our best kids’ hair oil, lep, shampoo and conditioner are nothing less than the most elite hair care products for kids. Place your order from the website now and avail the best offers on kids’ hair care.

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