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7 Ways to Regain Hair Health With Natural Hair Care Products

Once we hit a certain age, the fear of hair loss, early greying, and hair damage becomes a regular nightmare. Searching for the best hair care products and trying every hair care tip will be our new reality.

If you are also going through the same phase, don’t worry; we are here with you!

Haircare is never a walk in the park; you have to make special efforts, change your hair care routine and stick to the working formula. However, once you are on the right track, you can see incredible changes in your hair growth pattern.

So, if you are ready to devote time to hair care and invest in natural hair care products, this blog is for you!

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Right Hair Care: Where to Begin?

'Where to begin?' is one question that most people gets stuck with and give up! We don’t want you to go through the same issues; so here is how you can get into a proper hair care routine:

Natural Hair Care products
Find Hair Type

Just like skin types, each person has a unique hair type. The hair care treatments for one hair type might not suit the other. So, start hair care by understanding your hair type and texture; check for the following factors to know your hair type:

Texture: Wash your hair without any hair care products and let it air dry. If it is straight after drying, the texture is straight or type-1. If it has s-shaped curls after drying, it is wavy or type-2; however, if the curls are defined, it is curly or type-3. And if it forms a zig-zag pattern or spirals, your hair type is coliy or type-4.

Thickness: Take a hair strand from your hairbrush and place that on a plain surface. Then keep a sewing thread of almost the same length and colour next to the hair strand. If the hair is thicker than the thread, you have coarse hair, and if it is thinner, your hair is fine. And if the hair is as thick as the thread, it is medium thick.

Porosity: Porosity is the rate of moisture absorption of your hair. Take a big bowl of water and place the tip of your hair into the water.

Your hair is highly porous with a high absorption rate if the hair goes down and touches the bottom.

Porosity is normal, and absorption is well-balanced if the hair goes down into the water but does not touch the bottom.

And your hair is less porous with a low absorption rate if the hair does not submerge at all.


Irrespective of hair type, applying oil to your scalp and hair is a must for healthy hair growth. It protects hair from normal wear and tears, drying, dullness and several days-to-day hair problems. Here is a list of herbal oils that have medicinal properties to prevent hair damage:

  ● Coconut Oil: Natural hair moisturiser

  ● Sunflower Oil: Prevents hair breakage

  ● Geranium Oil: Ensure oil balance on hair and scalp

  ● Cade Oil: Prevention against dandruff

  ● Clary sage Oil: Promotes hair growth

  ● Chamomile Oil: Helps in preventing dandruff

  ● Sesame Oil: Prevent scalp itchiness

Mixing these oils with your regular hair oil can be beneficial in promoting hair growth. However, if you are confused about mixing, we have a better option, 30 Herbs Hair Oil. It is one of the best hair products in India to prevent hair fall and early greying.

Hair Care Products

Head Massage:

Head massages increase blood circulation, strengthen the roots, prevent hair fall, and increase hair thickness. Massages are also good to relieve stress and reduce hair fall due to anxiety.

The different ways of head massages are:

Oil Massage: Apply any herbal oil or essential oil of your choice on your head and massage thoroughly with your fingers.

Massage during hair wash: Gently rub your scalp with fingers while in the shower.

Hair Brushing: Bruising your hair is also a type of massage. Use a wooden comb ( preferably neem) with a wide-tooth to untangle curls and massage scalp.

Hair Lep:

Hair lep is an ayurvedic mix of herbs and oils to protect hair from damage and promote scalp health. Even when the benefits of the lep changes according to the ingredients present, it is a good hair growth treatment. The following are the 100% Ayurvedic Hair Leps from Mother Sparsh:

Dashmool Hair Lep: Blend of Dashmool, Mulethi, Shikakai and several ingredients that control hair fall & preserve hair health.

Ginger & Neem Hair Lep: Enriched with the power of ginger, neem and several anti-microbial ingredients to prevent dandruff.

Brahmi Hair Lep for Kids: Infused with Brahmi, Methi & Tulsi to prevent dandruff in kids and promotes healthy hair growth.


Your regular lifestyle will leave you with a dirty scalp, and it is necessary to clean hair regularly. You can determine the frequency of the hair wash according to your hair type and dirt accumulation.

However, make sure you use a shampoo or cleanser without harmful ingredients. Ayurvedic shampoos such as Jabapushp Cleanser is enriched with herbs to exfoliate your scalp and provide hair growth.


Note this as the golden rule of hair care, never skin conditioning after shampooing hair! We suggest using natural conditioners with herbal ingredients for complete hair nourishment.

Hair Care Kits and Products

Mother Sparsh Jabapushp Conditioner and Onion Conditioner are two hair care products with authentic ayurvedic ingredients. It helps in treating dryness and preventing breakage due to tangles.

Hair Drying:

Try to avoid using a blow dryer after hair wash; pat dry with a soft towel and let it air dry. That will help retain the natural texture of your hair and reduce damage.

Hair Care with Mother Sparsh!

Your hair care is safe in the hands of Mother Sparsh hair care kits and products. The blend of raw ayurvedic ingredients in traditional hair care formula brings a balance to your hair care.

We ensure that you get nothing less than the best hair products in India. So, switch to the healthy way of hair care with Mother Sparsh Natural Hair Care products.

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