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Do you also make these Hair Care Mistakes?

‘Perfect hair care is easy’ said no one ever! We all try many hair care products just to end up making mistakes that damage hair health. The hair fall control shampoo your friend suggested or the “best” organic conditioner you found on Instagram might not work well for your hair.

So, what really works for your hair? We have the answer!

But before going into that, let us look at the hair care mistakes we all commit and some redressal ideas.

Better Hair Practices

If you wonder why your hair is falling even after using a good hair fall control shampoo, we are here to help. All the bottles that come with the label ayurvedic hair shampoo or best organic conditioner won’t suit you.

At times, your favourite home remedies for oily hair might also be damaging for your hair. The following are some of the hair care practices that everyone must follow for healthy hair growth:

Hair Growth Oil

You Do Not have to comb your hair 10 times a day!

Combing indeed helps spread the natural oils evenly from roots to tips. However, you do not have to do that every hour of the day. Over combing does more damage to your hair than not combing at all.

Limit combing to a maximum of two times a day with a wide-toothed comb. It helps detangle the hair, improves blood circulation, and promotes hair growth.

Do not skip Hair Oiling.

If you feel that not oiling hair is a cool thing to do, you are wrong! Your hair needs additional oil even when the sebaceous gland produces oil. The natural oil will remain on the scalp of your head, and the tips of your hair will become dry.

If you have dry hair, ayurvedic oil is a must to treat the frizziness and damage. Make it a practice to apply oil on your scalp and hair once every week to naturally nourish your hair strands.

If you are wondering whether it applies to oily hair, yes, you must! The oil massages help in increasing blood circulation and preserving hair health.

Wet hair needs more care and no care at the same time!

Many of us often make the mistake of combing wet hair, towel drying and blow-drying. The truth is, your damp hair does need any care; just let it air dry itself.

Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair, and drying it with a towel can cause breakage and frizziness. Just soaking the water with a microfibre towel or a t-shirt and air-drying it is the best practice.

Blow drying regularly will cause hair weakness, dryness, and even affect the natural hair growth cycle.

Sleeping with wet hair is also a big NO-NO! We all toss and turn while sleeping, and that friction will cause hair breakage and split ends.

Best Organic Conditioner

Have a fixed hair washing schedule

How often do you wash your hair? Daily or once a week? You should schedule your hair wash according to your hair and the pattern it gets dirty.

If your hair contains a lot of natural oil, we advise you to wash it once every two days. However, if your hair remains clean for three or more days even without washing, cleanse it every three days.

Your scalp & hair need regular washing!

Many people avoid shampooing just because they do not want to face the side effects of chemicals. However, shampooing is necessary to exfoliate the scalp, remove dead skin cells, and get rid of excess oil on hair.

That doesn’t mean that you have to use a chemical rich-shampoo; an ayurvedic hair fall control shampoo will be a good choice. Hair cleansers with ingredients such as Jabapushp, Mulethi and Shikakai are ideal for gentle cleansing.

Conditioner after hair wash is a must!

At least some of us believe that conditioning hair after shampooing is a luxury and not a necessity. But that is not the case; even if you are using a mild shampoo, your hair needs conditioning.

Apply the best organic conditioner on wet hair, massage, and let it do its work for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse it off entirely with normal water and dry your hair with a microfibre towel.

We suggest you use a conditioner with natural ingredients such as bhringraj, amla, and avocado oil for complete nourishment.

Your Hair Needs Timely Trimming

Long lustrous hair is the dream of many women; however, having long hair demands a strict hair care routine. Yet, not trimming it is never a way to lengthen your hair!

The tips of your hair will be exposed to external tension leading to split ends and other hair problems. When you postpone trimming, the tip damage increases exponentially and starts risking the entire hair health.

So, give your hair a good trimming and dressing once every three months for long healthy hair.

Your Friend’s hair care routine might not work for you!

We never hesitate to try a hair care home remedy that worked for our friend. Right? But do you know how damaging that can be?

Your hair is as unique as your skin, and the hair care products and routine should be in accordance with the hair type. However, if you do not know your hair type, go with products that suit all types of hair.

Hair Care Products

Right Care for Hair

Treating your hair with the right products and practices is the key to healthy and lustrous hair. So, put an end to the wrong hair care practices you have been doing for all these years.

Order your batch of the best organic conditioner, hair fall control shampoo, and ayurvedic hair oil now. And don’t forget to tell us your go-to Mother Sparsh Hair Care products!

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