Skin Care Tips for Babies

Complete Summer Skin Care Tips for Babies & Toddlers

Summer, the bright season of sunny days and starry nights, is almost here! It is the time of the year when your kids spend most of the time outside playing. And along with this extended outdoor playtime comes rashes, eczema and other skin problems.

You must already be worried about the summer skincare of your baby. Right? We know!

That is why we did the research and gathered cool tips to prevent skin damage during harsh summer weather.

Keep reading to find the best skincare products for kids this summer!

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Summer Skin Problems

Baby skin is so delicate, and taking care of it during summer is not a walk in the park. Here are the major skin problems that your baby might face during summer.


The dry, flaky, and red patches on your baby's skin is not just a winter skin problem. The humid summer weather can also cause eczema in kids and steal away the fun of holidays. The constant itching due to eczema worsens the situation, causing painful blisters and oozing.

The causes of eczema in children during summer are overheating, dryness due to AC, and excessive sweating.

Prickly Heat:

Prickly heat or heat rashes are common in kids during the summer season. The intense heat causes small red itchy bumps on your baby's skin foldings. In some cases, it takes two or three weeks for that to fade away.

The reasons behind prickly heat are intense heat, sun exposure, improper dressing, and hours of non-stop playing.


Folliculitis or hot but rash is a bacterial infection that causes bubbly rashes on the hair growth areas. It occurs when the bacteria from an unhygienic baby bathtub reaches the hair follicles of your baby. It might be itchy to some while painful to others.

Sweaty Sock Syndrome:

The cracking or peeling-off of feet's soft skin is common during summer. This condition is called Sweaty Sock Syndrome or Juvenile Plantar Dermatosis.

The main reason behind it is the sudden changes in temperature due to wearing socks. Even when socks protect from UV rays, long hours of wearing socks can cause sweaty socks syndrome.

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease:

It is a viral infection that causes small reddish-brown bumps near the mouth, hands and foot. It is a common disease in kids during the summer and comes with fever and a runny nose. The rashes or blisters will appear inside the mouth, sole of the feet, palms and fingers, and baby bums.

The Enterovirus Coxsackie ( a virus) causes Hand, Foot and Mouth disease in kids; the infection spreads among kids during interactions.

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Summer Prevention!

Here are some preventive measures that you must take to avoid troubling skin conditions this summer.

UV Protection:

Even when everyone must use sunscreen during all the seasons, the importance of sunscreen is at its peak during summer. Make sure you apply a thick layer of Plant Powered natural baby sunscreen on your baby’s skin before taking them out.

A sunscreen with SPF 30 that protects against UVA/UVB will be the best sunscreen for babies. Also, make sure that the sunscreen is free from toxic Titanium-Oxide.


Summer heat can make your baby’s gentle skin dry and flaky, causing problems such as eczema. Moisturisation is the only way to prevent skin problems due to dryness. Here are the ways you can ensure external hydration during summer:

  • Choose hydrating skin care products for kids.
  • Buy pure water and cotton wipes for babies to prevent rashes and dryness.
  • Lotion with ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Vit E and Avocado Oil will be the best body lotion for kids.
  • Baby body wash should have natural ingredients that gently cleanse and hydrate the baby’s skin.


The baby clothes you buy for your kids also play a vital role in preventing summer skin problems. Here are the things you should keep in mind while buying clothes for babies:

  • Use cotton fabric to ensure breathability and air circulation.
  • Light-coloured clothing protects babies from intense heat.
  • Always make sure that the clothes are loose-fitting.
  • A cute sun hat is a wise option to prevent forehead tanning.
  • Choose comfortable footwear over fashionable ones.

Insect Prevention:

Insects are the uninvited guests of summer, and their bite leaves irritating bite marks. However, an effective insect repellent spray and fabric roll-on will ensure safety to an extent. Buy the best DEET-free insect repellent to ensure insect free and safe outside play hours for your baby.

No matter how much you take care of, one or two mosquitoes find their way to your baby’s skin and leave bite marks. Use Turmeric Afterbite Balm to treat the red itchy bumps on your baby’s skin.


Sweating is the main reason behind skin rashes during the summer season. Use natural dusting powder on skin foldings after bath to prevent sweating.

Be gentle on sweat; use thick water and cotton wipes for babies to clean the sweaty area. And apply Plant Powered rash cream regularly to prevent and treat rashes.


The main reason behind viral, fungal and bacterial infections in babies is improper hygiene. Clean your baby’s toys and utensils with all-natural Plant Powered Cleansers with antimicrobial ingredients.

Cleaning baby clothes in detergent with bio-enzyme also prevents rashes due to chemicals. Make sure the laundry detergent is free from optical brighteners and chemical dyes.

Happy Summer Shopping!

Now that you know all the information you need to take care of your baby’s skin, it is shopping time. Mother Sparsh is ready with everything from wipes for babies to the best skincare products for kids.

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