Different Types of Hair Oils and their Benefits

Different Types of Hair Oils and their Benefits

Oiling hair has always been a part of our hair care routine from time immemorial. Our grandmothers made hair oil for different hair problems with the herbs and roots in their backyard. Plucking each of them carefully, chopping it, making oil with it, and filling it in jars used to be a family activity those days.

Fast forward to 2022, we buy our hair care products from the market without even checking the ingredient list. Even if we want the goodness of Real Ayurveda, this fleet-footed life does not allow us to prepare it ourselves.

Hair Oil

This blog is to enlighten you about hair oils that will help you treat your hair like olden times.

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Herbs & Hair Oils

Did you know that the Sanskrit word for oil, ‘Sneha’ means ‘love’; even if it is a mere coincidence, we believe that oiling hair is equal to loving it.

Here are some of the hair oils that will love and nourish your hair strands:

Japapushpa Hair Oil

Japapushpa, or hibiscus as we know it, is a wonder herb for hair health and hair growth. It hydrates hair strands, nourishes the cuticle and imparts a natural lustre and strength. The leaves and flowers of this plant are ground into paste form and boiled with oil to make Japapushpa hair oil.

It was used in Ayurveda to treat hair fall, prevent premature greying, strengthen hair roots and improve the texture of the hair.

Ginger & Neem Oil

Before the emergence of all these chemical-infused hair care products to treat dandruff, our grandmothers used ginger and neem. Both the ingredients are rich in anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. It eliminates dandruff from the scalp and prevents fungal infections.

Ginger & Neem Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

Our grandmas pasted both the ingredients and infused them with other anti-fungal ingredients to make this oil.

Onion Hair Oil

Onion is hailed highly for its hair growth properties and used in oils from time immemorial to ensure hair growth. The vitamins present in this kitchen staple impart luster to your hair, strength to the strands, and nourishes your roots.

The process of making onion oil is similar to any other hair oil, and the addition of other hair growth ingredients fastens the result.


1. Which oil is the best to control hair fall?

Mother Sparsh 30 herbs hair oil is a curative blend of Jabapushpa, Brahmi, Bhringraj, and curry patta. It provides intense hair care and strengthens your strands to prevent hair fall. The ayurvedic roots, seeds and oils present in this oil retain the natural colour of hair and prevent early greying.

2. Can I remove dandruff with hair oil?

And Mother Sparsh Ginger and Neem oil is your solution to treat dandruff and prevent fungal infection. Using it twice a week will help you keep your scalp healthy and clean.

3. Is there any oil to promote hair growth?

Onion Hair Oil is the best oil to promote hair growth; it is infused with the goodness of til, neem and essential oils. Use it with Mother Sparsh Onion rasa, shampoo, and conditioner to get the best result.

Oiling is a Must!

Whatever your hair problem is, Ayurveda has oils to prevent and treat it! So, if you have never considered oiling your hair, start now! Identify your problem, and treat it with the right oil from Mother Sparsh.

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