Hair Growth Oil

Why Should You Apply Hair Oil Regularly on Your Scalp and Hair?

Ever wondered why our grandmas cajoled us into hair care remedies & regular champs? Well, let us tell you those oiling sessions did not go in vain!.

It not only built a warm bond for both of you but nourished your scalp for hair growth. If you look back, your hair was much thicker and healthier during those days.

Growing up in the fast-paced modern-day living or subjecting hair to chemical treatments & styling can take a toll on our hair health, causing them to break easily or grey at a very young age. And constant care & nourishment with time-tested Ayurvedic herbs is all it takes to treat hair fall, early hair greying & maintain your hair strength and retain its natural glory.

Scroll down to learn more about the benefits of hair oiling and how to do it right!

Hair Growth Oil

Benefits of Oiling Hair Regularly

Oiling hair has lingered with the Indian hair care practice for time immemorial. The richness of Ayurvedic herbs made these oils a magic potion for complete hair growth.

Here is why everyone should oil their hair regularly:

1. Strengthen Hair Strands:

Hair loses its natural shine and lustre when we avoid oiling hair. The situation worsens with regular exposure to sunlight and chemical-rich hair care products.

The herbal essence in ayurvedic hair oils prevents damage and provides hair strength.

2. Promote Hair Growth:

Who doesn't want long and healthy hair naturally?

Oils such as coconut, geranium, and sunflower oils are known for their hair growth properties. Frequent head massages with those oils increase blood circulation and scalp stimulation.

3. Scalp Hydration:

Outdoor exposure, regular shampooing, and hair wash in chlorine water make your scalps dry and itchy. And lack of proper scalp hydration will lead to excessive hair fall, flaky dandruff, and hair breakage.

Applying hair growth oil and massaging for 5 minutes twice or thrice every week help solve the problem. It will nourish your scalp, prevent itchy and flaky dandruff, strengthen roots and control hair fall.

4. Dandruff Control:

Dandruff is one common problem we all face, and curing it seems impossible. The itchiness and a cascade of white powdery dandruff all over the dress humiliate us.

Hair oil with ingredients such as ginger and neem can control hair fall considerably. The antimicrobial property of the neem will prevent future dandruff accumulation and soothe your scalp.

Dandruff Control

5. Prevent Early Greying:

There can be several reasons for early greying; from hereditary to poor water quality, the list goes on. Treating it is an exacting task, but prevention is easy with the right hair oil.

Use hair oils with curry leaves, neem and amla to maintain the natural hair colour.

6. Reduce Hair Fall:

Hair fall is normal if the number is less than 100 strands. However, if it exceeds that, you should be cautious and take preventive measures.

Oiling scalp and hair is the best way to control hair fall; it stimulates the scalp and strengthens the roots of the hair.

7. Stress Relief:

There is nothing more stress-relieving than a good head massage with ayurvedic hair oil.

Apply relaxing hair oil on the scalp, massage for 10-15 minutes in a circular motion and rest for 30 minutes before hair wash. You will feel much relieved; a good oil massage will help you sleep properly as well.

How to Oil Hair for Hair growth?

We all have searched 'which is the best oil for hair', but never 'how to oil right'.

Here is how you can apply hair oil for hair growth:

● Heat the best hair oil for your hair type until it is slightly warm and safe for the scalp.

● Apply the oil on your scalp and gently massage the scalp with your fingers in a circular motion.

● Apply oil on hair from the roots to the tip and slowly untangle the knots.

● After 10-15 minutes of oil massage, wrap the hair with a hot towel for 30 minutes.

● Wash off the oil with a natural shampoo like onion hair shampoo and condition it right after.

● Let your hair dry on its own!

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Things not to do while oiling

Here are some of the mistakes we might commit while oiling the hair:

● Avoid brushing hair with a comb can damage your hair strands, so avoid that during or after oiling hair.

● Washing hair right after an oil massage will strip away the hair oil. Keep the oil on your hair for at least 30 minutes to nourish hair.

● Be gentle throughout the massage; hard massages will do more harm than no massage.

● Use oil in the appropriate amount; too much or too little oil won't give you the benefits of oiling.

● Don’t tie hair after oiling; your hair will be very vulnerable then, and putting it on a tight bun might cause breakage.

Which is the No.1 Hair Oil in India?

Finding the best hair oil for your hair can be a back-breaking task; we know! So, here are some hair oils that you can use without a second thought:

● Ginger & Neem Hair Oil: This oil with antifungal and antimicrobial ingredients is the best hair oil to prevent and fight dandruff.

● Onion Hair Growth Oil: With the rich infusion of raw onion concentrate, this oil promotes hair growth.

● Jabapushp Hair Oil: Blend of 14 Ayurvedic herbs and oils to preserve hair health and prevent hair fall

Understand your hair problem, pick the right oil from Mother Sparsh and start oiling at the earliest.

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