Hair Fall During Pregnancy: Reasons, Tips, FAQ's with Solution

Hair Fall During Pregnancy: Must Know Tips & FAQ's

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, and new moms are naturally concerned for their well-being. From skin care to hair care, every new mom faces various changes during pregnancy. However, only a few new moms know that their hair also suffers during this phase of life due to hormonal changes. Is it normal to lose hair during pregnancy? YES! During pregnancy, the hormonal imbalance sometimes makes your hair grow faster, thicker, and shiner, whereas other times, it makes your hair fall intensively. However, this phase is followed by postpartum hair fall as the hormone levels drop to normal. This phase can stay for 3 to 4 months until your first period comes after postpartum.But with correct guidance and good natural hair products, you can enjoy this lovely journey without any stress on your tresses. 

Hair problems usually start with hormonal imbalance, but continue with many other issues including  lack of sleep, and stress. While this cycle includes alternate phases of hair growth and hair fall  during pregnancy, it's time to think about yourself and start taking good care with some simple easy-care tips.

Hair Fall During Pregnancy its Reasons & solutions

Now you must be stressing over the thoughts: How to reduce hair fall after delivery? Will my hair regrow after pregnancy? How long does hair fall last after pregnancy? How to stop hair fall at home? Which shampoo is best for hair fall? Should I use hair products during pregnancy? - and so on. But all you need to do is stay calm and embrace the beautiful journey! Here are some of our  best hair care tips on hair fall during pregnancy

Before talking about the hair care tips. First, let's talk about the cause of hair fall during pregnancy and Postpartum hair loss followed by the best hair fall solution at home for your tresses. 

What Are The Reason For Hair Fall During Pregnancy?

Hair Fall During Pregnancy what are the Reasons & how can I solve it

The rising estrogen level during pregnancy slows down the natural cycle of hair follicle shedding. As a result, new moms may face intensive
hair fall after pregnancy. But in some instances, the reasons may vary from women to women. Some highlighted causes are- 

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Health Issues like thyroid or iron deficiency
  • Postpartum Hair Loss
  • Postpartum depression or Trauma

What Are The Reason For Hair Fall After Delivery?

Postpartum hair loss is a normal thing and nothing to worry about. The sudden drop of hormones affects your hair growth and results in excess hair fall post delivery. During postpartum new moms can face excessive hair loss in the form of hair clumps. But again, this is normal and it will get cured naturally after a few months. If in any case, it won't get better even after a year, then you should consult your doctor or dermatologist for some medications. 

Hair Care Tips During Pregnancy:

Hair loss after delivery and during pregnancy requires no special treatment. It usually gets resolved on its own with time when hormones get down to normal. But in case of health conditions like thyroid or iron deficiency anemia, always consult a doctor to find a perfect solution for your concern. Hair loss also depends on different causes. Some tips to prevent hair fall during pregnancy are:

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Eat Healthily
  3. Oil Massage on Hair & Scalp
  4. Use Natural Hair Products
  5. Choose Loose Braids or Ponytails
  6. Regular Hair Trims

1. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated to avoid Hair fall during Pregnancy

Drinking the appropriate amount of water and staying hydrated throughout the day is important. Drinking water keeps your body hydrated within, which is exceptionally good for maintaining proper skin and hair health during pregnancy. So, keep yourself hydrated daily by drinking ample water to prevent hair fall during pregnancy.

2. Eat Healthily

Hair Fall During Pregnancy: What to eat to avoid hair fall after delivery

You must be already taking good care of your diet because of the pregnancy. But sometimes forgetting about the right amount of minerals and nutrients that value in your diet might lead to hair fall during pregnancy. Then what should we eat to stop hair fall? Maintaining  a healthy balanced diet during pregnancy can resolve your majority of skin and hair-related problems. Foods like- dry fruits, nuts, flax seeds, fish, eggs, curd provide required nutrients and nourish the hair follicles, and make them stronger to control hair fall during pregnancy. Also, try having food rich in protein to ensure that your body gets adequate nutrition to fight iron deficiency or other health-related issues. 

3. Oil Massage On Hair & Scalp

Hair Fall During Pregnancy: Solution by Oiling & Massaging

A hair massage always feels good! Oil massage with natural hair oils like coconut, almond, bhringraj, etc, will help you improve blood circulation and strengthen the roots of the scalp. Oil massage with regular intervals like- twice a week will keep your scalp and hair healthy and strong. Apart from nourishing hair and controlling hair fall during pregnancy, oil massaging also helps to relieve stress. Regular oil massaging controls hair thinning as well and promotes healthy hair growth. Regular hair oiling also prevents dandruff during pregnancy. For better results, apply warm oil on the scalp and gently massage the scalp and hair, avoiding harsh rubbing or pressure on the head. Opt for Ayurvedic hair oil  during pregnancy hair growth, as it will be safe and the natural fragrances of the herbs will soothe your mind by relieving stress. Try Mother Sparsh's 30 herbs hair oil enriched with 30 natural and ayurvedic herbs for healthy scalp and hair. 

4. Use Natural Hair Products

You can choose your hair products according to your hair type, but it’s important to use only natural products for hair fall during pregnancy. The ingredients of the product are equally important to be taken under consideration before buying. Avoid the use of harmful chemicals (like parabens, SLS, PEGs), mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances. Always opt for natural products that are enriched with organic herbs and oils including coconut, wheat protein, argan oil, beetroot extracts, Bhringraj, and other ayurvedic natural ingredients. 

Also, avoid any type of chemical hair treatments like keratin, smoothening, or hair dying. The harsh chemicals can get absorbed through the follicular openings causing skin irritations or other health issues. Stay away from hair dyes or hair dying treatments as artificial hair colors have harmful chemicals and strong fragrances that might cause dermatitis. Then what can be done to color your hair? You can try henna coloring but is applying henna on hair is good or bad? Yes, It is safe to use henna during pregnancy because of its natural properties without any harmful chemicals. It also nourishes your hair from roots to tips, and the natural fragrance of henna relieves stress. Natural hair products mean products that are infused with Ayurvedic herbs and oils, specially crafted with age-old home remedies to promote healthy hair growth. Try this Ayurvedic Intense Hair Care Treatment Kit from Mother Sparsh infused with age-old Ayurvedic ingredients that promote hair growth during pregnancy.

5. Keep Your Hair Loosely Braided

Choose your hairstyles carefully during pregnancy. Avoid making tight buns or braids that might cause more hair fall during pregnancy. The more you tighten your hair buns, pony, or braids, the more your roots will get weak and result in hair loss during pregnancy. Tight hairstyles also cause headaches which are more severe during pregnancy. When your hair gets tightly pulled in a braid or pony, it makes your hair roots weak resulting in hair breakage or excess hair fall during pregnancy

6. Regular Hair Trims

Hair Fall During Pregnancy: Why Regular trims are Essential?
Can I cut my hair during pregnancy
? Yes, absolutely! During pregnancy, the skin and hair textures get affected because of hormonal changes. Skincare is treated with the use of good natural products or good facial spas. But hair spas do not last long, also during pregnancy, it is advised not to undergo any hair treatments. So, the only best solution to eliminate all your hair problems is to trim them regularly. Time-to-time hair trims control hair fall during pregnancy, breakage, thinning of hair, and promotes hair natural healthy hair growth. By cutting off the rough edges of the hair it improves the hair texture and quality for the long run. 

7 FAQ's Regarding Hair Fall During Pregnancy

Q1. What are the best
home remedies for hair fall and regrowth during pregnancy?

Ans. There are piles of home remedies that can help you with your hair loss during pregnancy. But raw amla as a fruit or amla juice in pregnancy can help you with your health, skin, and hair issues during pregnancy. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and rich in water & protein content, it will help you stay hydrated and nourished throughout your pregnancy phase. Along with Amla, aloe vera, beetroot, neem, Shikakai, and other ayurvedic herbs help you with your hair loss during pregnancy. 

Q2. Is Amla good in Pregnancy

Ans. Yes. Without any doubt. Amla is the best natural fruit that can help you with your body's concerns. Amla juice, Amla hair oil, Amla Shampoo, Amla as a fruit, and many more. In every form, Amla benefits your body internally and externally in a good way without any side effects. It’s recommended to drink amla juice twice a day to keep your body, skin, and hair healthy. 

Q3. Does rubbing nails grow hair?

Ans. When you rub your nails together, the friction created by rubbing targets the nerves of the scalp. This eventually stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp resulting in healthy hair growth.

Q4. How to stop hair fall immediately at home for female during pregnancy?

Ans. As mentioned above, with a balanced diet along with hydration and some important tips. You can control your hair fall during pregnancy. During pregnancy, sometimes your hair naturally grows faster and then sheds too. This depends on the level of the hormone estrogen, the rise will make your hair grow faster and healthier, and when the hormone level goes down the hair starts shedding. You can opt for natural hair Lep to promote healthy hair growth by using them twice a week. 

You can also opt for Mother Sparsh’s Dashmool Hair Lep which is an Ayurvedic home remedy passed down from mothers, to mothers! Crafted with the goodness of 14 Ayurvedic Herbs, Dashmool Hair Lep aids to control excessive hair fall during pregnancy and provide an overall intense herbal treatment. 

To know more about Dashmool Hair Lep and ayurvedic tips for hair thickness with healthy growth, do read this blog

Q5. Is body hair loss during pregnancy a thing?

Ans. It may or may not be possible. But the increased level of the hormone androgen sometimes causes facial and body hair growth. And when the hormone level decreases, it results in hair shedding. So, this is a natural occurrence during this phase.

Q6. Is curd beneficial for hair loss during pregnancy? Are there any side effects of applying curd on hair during pregnancy? 

Ans. Yes, the curd is very beneficial to pregnant ladies as it is a rich protein supplement. It has probiotic bacteria that protect your body and your baby from heavy metal exposures and keep your gut healthy. Along with body benefits, it is also beneficial to your hair. 

Q7. Is there any best shampoo for hair fall after delivery in India?

Ans. During pregnancy, the best hair care product you can use safely is natural products only. As harsh chemicals can seep into your skin from follicular pores and cause irritation or any skin problems. This is why it is advised to use only natural or Ayurvedic products during pregnancy. You can try Ayurvedic and natural hair care ranges from Mother Sparsh, as their products are crafted with love and care for mother care and baby care. Mother Sparsh is also the No.1 trusted brand by a dermatologist for mother and baby care ranges. 

We hope you liked and enjoyed reading this blog. Please share your comments and queries with us in the comment box. We will be glad to help you with your queries and provide you with the best solution. Thank you for reading.

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