Must Have Body Care Products for your Winter Care Routine

Must Have Body Care Products for your Winter Care Routine

Winters can be a beautiful wonderland to indulge in with its charm and appeal. However, the dry cold winter wind can wreak havoc on your body and skin along with making your hair super dry, itchy, and irritated throughout the season. The outdoor chilly weather conditions can leave your skin feeling dreadfully raw, while indoor heating often ends up stealing away the moisture from the air as well as your hair. As a consequence, it can feel like you're trapped with a million woes.

But there are a dozen simple & effective  body care tips you can try to prevent dryness while relishing in the winters. But how? How can we get glowing skin? How does my hair stay healthy during winters? What are the body care tips? What are the best skin care products in India?  To keep your skin feeling supple and soft, along with your tresses lustrously tamed all seasons long, there are a few basic changes that need adoption in your day-to-day routine that can make a huge difference in your life. Henceforth, no need to worry because we have got you covered with the best of nature with Mother Sparsh's all-inclusive body care range with the best hair care and the best skin care products in India. Keep reading ahead to find all the self-care secrets no one has told you before that you should know.

Body Care Products for Winter Care

Here are some miraculous tips to keep in mind when it comes to personal body care and body care products so that you can feel your stunning self all winter long. So let’s get started with the  handy recommendations for healthy luscious hair and glowing skin with the best skin care products in India.


Skin Care Routine 

Skin Care Routine In winters

Due to the hectic modern-day lifestyle, many people don’t get much time for an intensive CTM skin routine and derma care due to their jam-packed tight schedule. But no worries, you still can pamper yourself by just doing the basics right and by using the best skin care products in India. Good ayurvedic skin care kit for women and balanced healthy lifestyle choices can help slow down the natural aging process a bit and prevent many skin problems. Along with good skincare habits, the natural products for skin care are also important. Read more to know the best CTM skin routine and the best organic skin care products in India

Use A Gentle Face Wash

Using a Gentle Face Wash For your Winter Care Routine

A mild face wash is what you need to clean up your skin deeply from all the dirt and impurities. For oily or acne-prone skin types, you may opt for Turmeric Healing Face Wash. However, if you face dry skin problems, we suggest using Plant-Powered Ultra-Rich Face Wash to leave your skin feeling fresh and radiant.

Use A Body Moisturizer 

Body Moisturizer for Skin Care by Mother Sparsh

Keeping your body nourished with body care products is also a necessary aspect of healthy skin. To achieve that natural body care, you may try out our Plant-Powered Body Butter, enriched with the goodness of Shea butter & cocoa that deeply hydrates your skin cells from within, leaving it supple smooth throughout the entire day.

Use A Face Cream or Moisturizer

No matter what your skin type is, always use an ayurvedic skin cream or moisturizer day and night with hydrating properties and give a healthy glow to your skin. Plant-Powered Ultra-Rich Face Cream is a good choice since it is loaded with the essence of kokum butter and lavender oil that help with intense moisturization of the skin. For whole-day moisturization and nourishment, try Turmeric Healing Day Cream which intensifies skin resiliency & shields the skin from UVA and UVB rays, harmful effects of sun damage & environmental stressors. Dry weather, cold temperatures, and decreased humidity can cause dry patches on the skin and worsen skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It eventually results in hyperpigmentation and blemishes. Try a to avoid dryness during winters. 

Use A Face Mask

Weekly Ubtan face pack / mask or Ubtan for face are essential for flawless-looking skin. It reveals a naturally healthy texture along with sloughing off dead skin cells through gentle exfoliation. Pamper your skin with the goodness of Ayurvedic skin care home remedy of Turmeric Healing Face Ubtan. You may introduce your skin with the goodness of nature from our Plant-Powered Honey & Oatmeal Face Mask crafted from oatmeal and honey for extra nourishment and glowing skin that looks like a million bucks! 

Shield Yourself From The Sun 

Sun Protection for Body Care by Mother Sparsh

One of the simplest ways to protect your skin is by using sun protection with a turmeric healing kit. A lifetime of sun exposure leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and various skin problems. So, grab your favourite sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to 50 and gently massage into skin after using the Turmeric Healing Kit. Generously apply sunscreen every day & reapply after every 2 hours.

Hair Care Routine 

Our hair usually gets unruly, dry, and frizzy with dandruff added into the equation, it can become a nightmare for many people. Taking this into consideration,one of the best hair care routine for healthy hair consists of all  natural ingredients.  An Ayurvedic hair care kit is always a better option since it provides much needed nourishment to your locks whole heartily by obeying simple hair care tips for girls during winters. 

Hair Care kit for your perfect Hair care routine in winters

Use An Oil Treatment

Make it your habit to religiously oil your hair before using a hair kit. During the winter season, the best thing you could ever do for your hair is to provide essential nourishment. You can pick up Ayurvedic  30 Herbs Hair Oil which is enriched with the goodness of nature and some powerful herbs that work excellent for your hair. Heat it a little bit to make sure it is lukewarm, and then gently massage it from your scalp till your ends. This process ensures that the oil deeply penetrates the scalp allowing all the nutrients to get absorbed. For better results, you can try wrapping your hair with a hot towel and leave for 30 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with Hair Cleanser/Shampoo for intense herbal care. If you have dandruff, dry, or itchy scalp you can try this popular hair care range Ginger & Neem Anti-Dandruff Kit specially formulated hair care kit to eliminate dandruff, dryness, and flakiness.  

Say No To Toxins 

The best part about Mother Sparsh is that all our products are free from sulfate, silicones, and harmful chemicals. Our hair care kit and and our exclusive  ayurvedic hair care products are made from Ayurvedic formulation, making it natural and good for your hair. You can opt for Jabapushp Hair Cleanser and Jabapushp Hair Conditioner to pamper your hair with some good old love of Ayurveda for gorgeous locks.

Say No to Toxins for perfect hair care and get a good hair care Kit

Commit To A Hair Spa 

Sometimes our hair needs some extra love and nourishment. Seeing the current scenario of the pandemic, some people might be terrified of stepping outside, let alone visiting a spa. But why let your hair suffer at all when you can enjoy a spa at home with ayurvedic hair care kit and Dashmool Hair Lep and Ginger & Neem Hair Lep that deeply provides nourishment by eliminating dandruff and making your tresses silky soft for healthy growth. So gals, follow the best hair care routine & deep condition your hair after every 15 days for softened, hydrated, and shiny hair!

Protect Your Hair 

Shield your hair from moisture-robbing chilly dry weather by covering it with a hat or beanie cap. In this way, they will stay put and protected from sun damage and not dry out or be prone to breakage. Cover your hair from air pollution, sun, dirt & dust, excess styling, and harsh chemicals. Follow the best hair care routine along with a natural hair care kit to keep your hair healthy and promote natural hair growth. 

We hope you found the article helpful and learned something new from it. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any self-care hacks of your own. 

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