Newborn Baby Care Tips for New Parents

Must-Know Newborn Baby Care Tips for New Parents

First things first, Congratulations Parents! You now have an immaculate miracle to call your own. As happy and heartening as it is, you might be overwhelmed by the unscientific newborn baby care tips from well-wishers. We Know; you are also in the infancy of parenting, so the profuse number of instructions might confuse you. Fret not; you have our helping hands and thinking minds!

Baby care is not a child’s game; the baby care products you choose impact your little one’s health. So, we researched for you to find the best tips for newborn baby care.

Newborn Baby Care Products

Go ahead & have happy parenting!

2 Hs of Newborn Baby Care

Due to ease of buying, parents often prefer baby care kits over picking each product for their kids. However, newborn baby care is not as easy as buying a kit, sitting back, and enjoying it. Here are some reliable and helpful tips to make your baby steps of parenting easier.


When it comes to the safety of their children, every parent is a germaphobe. We won’t let others take the baby without washing hands, sterilising their vessels in boiling water, and whatnot. These practices, to an extent, protect your child from infections and diseases. But over time, the intensity of cleaning lessens to a point where you wash your baby vessels with a regular dishwashing solution.

Don’t ever let that happen to you; wash your baby bottles, vessels, and toys with Mother Sparsh Plant-Powered Liquid Cleanser after every use. Sterilise it in boiling water once every day to prevent fungal and bacterial build-up. Along with that, don’t forget to use Mother Sparsh Plant-Powered Laundry Detergent to wash your little ones’ clothes. The bio enzymes and natural cleansers ensure hygiene and prevent skin problems.


Babies are born with immature skin barriers, increasing the chances of skin dryness. Dry skin, along with the skincare products you use for kids might lead to skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, and allergies. You should ensure a complete hydrating skincare routine for kids to prevent your little human from these skin problems.

Mother Sparsh Newborn Baby Care Products

Plant-Powered Baby Wash is a baby bath liquid infused with avocado oil and grape seed oil for hydration and nourishment. Use this to bathe your baby, and moisturise baby skin with Plant-Powered Baby Lotion for extra nourishment. For the baby’s face, we suggest you use Plant-Powered Face Cream for softness and care.

However, over moisturisation can also lead to dampness and rashes; so after every diaper change, clean the nappy area with pure water baby wipes and apply Plant-Powered Baby Rash cream. Also, apply Dusting Powder for Baby on the little bum before putting it on the nappy.


Q1. What’s the difference Between wet wipes & Baby wipes?

Ans. Wet wipes are polyester or polypropylene moistened with isopropyl alcohol or other skin cleansing liquid. Whereas Mother Sparsh's 99% pure water wipes are made with cotton fabric and water. They are as good as cotton and pure water; the 3X thicker fabric is gentle as well as 100% safe for baby skin.

Mother Sparsh 99% pure water wipes

Q2. Is dry skin on a baby normal?

Ans. One out of every three babies is born with sensitive skin and their skin getting flaky dry at times is normal. You can prevent that by applying Mother Sparsh Plant-Powered Baby Lotion every day. The nourishing ingredients hydrate your baby’s skin and prevent dryness.

Q3. What Laundry detergent do you use for babies?

Ans. Mother Sparsh Plant-Powered baby detergent is a botanical formula devoid of artificial dyes and optical brighteners. It cleanses your baby’s clothes, removes stains, and stays gentle on their skin.

Right Baby Care Products

Don’t let others’ opinions trick you to try unauthorised tips on your baby or baby care products. Only trust paediatricians and derma-approved newborn baby care products to ensure their safety.

Mother Sparsh is the #1 Derma-Trusted Baby Care Brand with the best baby care products & Baby care Kits. From water wipes for babies to laundry detergent for babies, you will find every product for your newborn.

Order now and let us know in the comments how you liked it!

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