New Parents’ Guide: Complete Newborn Baby Products List

New Parents’ Guide: Complete Newborn Baby Products List

There is nothing more joyful than holding your little bundle of happiness for the first time. We know how you feel about those tiny feet, small palms and two wide round eyes!

Aren’t you excited to take that cutie home and start a new life? We are also excited for you, and we want to make your parenthood easier and safer. So, we bring you an exclusive newborn baby products list to make baby shopping easier for you.

newborn baby products list

Scroll down to find all the necessary products you need for that little munchkin of yours.

Newborn Shopping Checklist

Here is your official shopping checklist for newborn baby care products.

Wipes for Babies:

Doctors often advise new parents to use a cotton cloth and pure water to wipe babies. But, it is not possible to have cotton cloths ready whenever your baby poops or pees. So it is always good to buy premium quality wipes for babies; it will make parenting easier for you.

But be careful while picking the wipes for babies! Your newborn's skin is gentler than a thin sheet of a napkin, and it deserves the softest care. The immature skin barrier lets every chemical substance that falls on the baby’s skin penetrate and go inside. Mother Sparsh 99% pure water unscented water wipes are as good as cotton and water, the best choice for your newborn!

best baby skincare products for kids

Insect Repellent:

Insects like mosquitoes are the most important transmitters of diseases; protect your newborn from such diseases with an efficient mosquito repellent. It will help you be worry-free and your baby safe.

Mother Sparsh Natural Insect Repellent is an infusion of lemongrass, eucalyptus oil and citronella oil. The DEET-free formula makes it safe for infants. So, don’t think twice; get this for your baby and protect it from insect bites.

Mosquitoes bite balm:

No matter how much you care, at times, a red bite mark shows up on your baby’s body. It can be itchy as well to the baby, so it is necessary to treat it with a gentle balm.

Mother Sparsh After-Bite Turmeric balm is a mixture of natural healing ingredients such as turmeric, mustard and olive. It will soothe your baby’s skin and remove bite marks naturally. It will also protect your baby’s skin from itching and irritation.

Dusting Powder:

Rashes due to dampness is one major cause of skin irritation for babies. So, it is necessary to apply dusting powder after wiping your baby’s soft baby bum. However, the normal talc-cum-powder will be harsh on them and might cause irritation.

The Natural Dusting Powder for Babies by Mother Sparsh is made of corn starch, arrowroot powder, lavender oil and several other herbal ingredients. The antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory talc-free formula is gentle on the baby’s skin. It will prevent rashes and keep your baby’s skin soft and moist-free.

Colic Relief:

Nobody wants to see their baby in pain, yet babies cry a lot throughout the day. There can be several reasons for that and most of the time, they stop after a while.

However, at times babies cry for several hours, and the intensity of their voice will be deeper than regular crying. Such cries mainly happen due to colic, a digestive problem.

It might happen very often in babies and taking them to the hospital is not necessary always. Mother Sparsh Colic Relief Roll-On will help in relieving colic pain in babies. It is a natural mixture of Hing and Saunf Oil; the ayurvedic, mix will reduce the pain naturally and make your baby happy again.

Laundry Detergent:

Do you know that the detergents you use to wash clothes contain chemical dyes and optical brighteners? It can cause redness and irritation on baby skin; so we advise you not to use regular detergents for babies’ clothes.

Go for Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Baby laundry detergent; it is made of 100% plant-based ingredients and bio-enzymes. The chemical-free formula will gently remove dirt on your baby’s clothes and ensure 100% care for your baby’s skin.

Rash Cream:

The Baby’s skin is very soft and a small amount of dampness can cause rashes. So rash cream is a must-have in your baby’s small wardrobe.

While picking the rash cream for your baby, make sure it is safe for your baby’s skin. Most of the baby creams available in the market are rich in chemicals and are harsh on babies' skin.

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Rash Cream is a solution to all those issues; the plant-powered ingredients ensure that the cream gently cares and soothes your baby’s skin.

Baby Lotion:

Baby’s skin can be dry and rough at times; so it is necessary to have baby lotion. Our choice for baby’s gentle skin is Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Baby lotion; it is the best body lotion for kids and we have reasons to say that.

It not only moisturises the baby’s skin but nourishes it too; the natural ingredients used in it will be gentle on the baby’s skin and keep it hydrated from one bath to the next.

Baby Sunscreen


Don’t be confused, your babies too need sunscreen, maybe more than us adults. Babies' skin is gentler than ours and even a light dose of UV exposure can cause sunburn. But don’t even think of using your regular sunscreen for baby.

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered natural baby sunscreen is the ideal solution. This sunscreen is made just for your baby’s gentle skin; it protects from UV rays and keeps skin safe.

Shop Mother Sparsh!

From colic relief roll-ons to wipes for baby, you will find every baby care products you need for your newborn in Mother Sparsh. Our 100% plant powered products make us the providers of the best baby skincare products for kids.

We aim to make parenthood easy for all the parents and skincare safe for babies. Our bio-degradable products ensure that we not only take from nature but give back to it as well. So, every time you shop from Mother Sparsh, be proud that you are also contributing to nature.

Happy shopping from Mother Sparsh! Let us know your must-have Mother Sparsh Baby Care Products.
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