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Why is it Important to Use Organic Baby Wipes for Infants?

Baby wipes are just pieces of fabric that we use once and throw in the garbage. That fact makes many parents wonder whether it is necessary to buy organic baby wipes. If you are one of them, let us help you make the right decision.

Your baby’s skin is very delicate, and any product you use for it will penetrate the inner layers. While a nourishing product nurtures the skin and makes it supple, a harsh product causes skin damage.

Common rashes, and eczema, are just two of the side effects of using synthetic baby wipes. So, it is vital to protect your little one's skin with the right products.

This blog gives you an insight into which baby wipes are chemical-free and why you should use them.

So, keep reading!

Wipes and Baby Hygiene

Baby wipes are relatively newer products in the market, and they made parenting easier for our generation. Instead of using cotton fabric dipped in plain water like our mothers, we can pull a wipe and get the cleaning done.

Even when cleaning with a cotton cloth and pure water has its benefits, it is effortful. First of all, you need multiple clean and dry cotton fabrics ready every time because you do not know when your baby needs that. Then you should wash the cloth after each use and ensure it's hygienic next time.

An unsterile fabric causes more skin problems than any skincare product you use for a baby. The cleanliness factor makes baby wipes a better alternative to the traditional practice of using the same fabric multiple times.

Best Organic Baby Wipes

The Danger of Synthetic Wipes

Even when the baby wipes are hygienic and easy to use, all wipes are not safe for your baby.

The following are the side-effects of synthetic baby wipes:

Harmful Ingredients:

Many synthetic wet wipes for babies contain chemical ingredients such as SLS, alcohols, and artificial fragrances in extensive amounts. These chemicals are harmful to adult skin and cause several long-term skin problems, let alone infants.

Your baby might even swallow these chemicals while wiping its face with such wipes. The toxins can have severe short-term side effects like skin allergies and even long term problems.

Rough Fabric:

Studies prove that many Indian Baby Wipes manufacturers use polyester fabric as the base material. The rough texture of the wipes can hurt your baby’s skin and cause redness and swelling.

These are less absorbent fabrics, leaving your baby’s skin damp even after cleaning. This excess moisture will eventually cause itchy rashes on the baby's nappy area.


As much as these wipes are harmful to your baby’s skin, they are detrimental to the environment too. The synthetic wipes made of plastic and polyester do not dissolve with soil.

Recent studies also pointed out that wet wipes are the major contributor to soil and water pollution. It breaks into smaller pieces and remains on the deeper layers of earth or ocean, damaging the ecosystem.

What are Organic Baby Wipes?

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As the name suggests, the constituents of organic baby wipes are 100% organic compounds. That makes them the best alternative to all the harmful effects caused by synthetic wipes.

The organic ingredients used to make wipes are cotton, wood pulp, and viscose rayon. As all these materials are plant-derived, you don’t even have to think ‘are organic wipes biodegradable’. Like any other organic component, it dissolves in soil and does not cause any damage to the environment.

The soft nature of organic fabric like cotton ensures that it does not leave any redness or swelling on the baby's skin. The high absorbent material prevents dampness in skin foldings.

Organic baby wipes free from chemicals are the best wipes for babies as they do not cause allergies or rashes. The natural ingredients clean as well as nourish your baby’s gentle skin.

Which are the least toxic Baby Wipes?

Are you worried that you are using the wrong wipes for your baby? Don’t worry! It is never late to switch to safer wipes!

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Unscented Baby Wipes are the safest organic baby wipes. It is the perfect amalgamation of traditional baby care practices and derma tested baby products.

It has the goodness of pure cotton and water used by our mothers and the easy-to-use factor of modern wipes. You can keep the wipes in your diaper bag and carry them wherever you go.

The three times thicker cotton fabric and purified unscented water ensure gentle cleansing to your baby. And the best part is that it is biodegradable and 100% safe for our environment.

Baby Wipes

Wipes as Good as Cotton and Water

Are you thinking about where to buy the best wipes for your baby? Mother Sparsh is the right choice! Our best organic wipes make parenting easy and happy for you, and safe and hygienic for your baby.

So, don't wait; order baby wipes online from the Mother Sparsh website now and avail the best offers!
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