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Plant Powered Premium Cloth Diaper for Babies - with Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert (India's 1st Built-In Booster Pad) for 2X Ultra Absorption

Plant Powered Premium Cloth Diaper for Babies - with Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert (India's 1st Built-In Booster Pad) for 2X Ultra Absorption

Made to Care & Protect

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  • Made with Organic Cotton & Medical Grade Fabric
  • Suitable for 3 Months to 3 Years (5-17kg) Baby | up to 300 Washes
  • 2x Ultra Absorption with 13 Layered Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert
  • Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert with India's First Built-In Booster Tail
  • Reusable & Washable (up to 300 times*) Cloth Diapers
  • AiryDry Comfort | Fast Drying Waterproof Outer Shell


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Welcome Super-Zorb™
Goodbye Leakage

Get ready for Rash-free Diapering

With our 2 times Higher Absorbency Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert, your baby’s bums remain safe from excess moisture.

Designed for 2X Higher Absorption

The 12+ 1 DryTouch layer Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert provides double the absorption than ordinary cloth diapers.

Comfort of Cotton

Made with ultra soft organic cotton fabric, our Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert provides the comfort & care of cloth for your baby.

Advanced in every way

more liquid capacity
ultra absorbency
cotton soft comfort
The science behind our Advanced Super-Zorb™ ultra

India’s 1st Built-In
Booster Pad

An Innovation for Better Diapering

We made Cloth Diapering easier by bringing out Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert with Built-In Booster Pad. The unique design increases the surface area of the pad and thereby makes it higher absorbent. This Revolutionary Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert soaker insert ensures the comfort of cloth in the convenience of diapers for your baby.


Safer in Every Way

Ensuring Premium Cloth Diapering

The distinctive layering of Organic Cotton Fabric with DryTouch Top Sheet in Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert provides the safest care for your little one. It soaks more than ordinary cloth diapers while keeping the Top Sheet dry; thus the baby's bums stay dry for a longer time and chances of diaper rashes become nil.

How to Wear Plant Powered
Premium Cloth Diaper?

  • Step 01 : Lay the Diaper flat. Place the soaker pad on the diaper; the side with the tag facing upwards.
  • Step 02 : Fold the Built-In Booster Tail upwards onto the Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert
  • Step 03: Fold the wings of the Soaker Insert inwards to cover the Booster Tail.
  • Step 04 : Flip the folded Soaker Insert & snap the Insert on the inner side of the diaper lining.
  • Step 05 : Gently place the baby on top of the diaper. Snap the waist button on both sides.
  • Step 06 : Adjust the fit with snap waist buttons & ensure there is no gap between the thighs & elastic.
Have Questions? We’re here to help
  • How many times I can Wash the reusable Cloth Diaper?

    Plant Powered Premium Cloth Diapers are Environment Friendly Diapers which are reusable and washable up to 300 times.

  • Should I wash Plant Powered Cloth Diaper by Mother Sparsh before I use them on my baby?

    Hand wash or machine wash the Diaper & Soaker Insert separately before use to unlock its full absorbency.

    • Machine Wash Cold or Warm to a maximum of 104°F/40°C
    • Line Dry Naturally
    • Do not Bleach
    • Do not Iron

  • What are the Hygiene Benefits of using Plant Powered Cloth Diaper for babies?

    • The infant can feel when the diaper is wet, which may support early potty training
    • Depending on the type of diaper, the infant may have less exposure to harmful chemicals including pesticides and fragrances For Example, Cloth Diapers are pesticides and fragrances - FREE
    • Cloth Diapers made of Organic Cotton & Medical Grade Fabric blend which are more breathable, and can help reduce skin irritation or diaper rashes.
    • Infants with allergies may have skin reactions to certain fabric (Synthetic) or chemicals in disposable diapers. Switching to the cotton cloth diapers, may reduce exposure to allergens and other irritant factors present in disposable diapers

  • What are the key features of the Soaker Insert in the Plant Powered Cloth Diaper?

    Made with Organic Cotton, we are India's first Built-In Booster Tail in Super-Zorb™ Soaker Insert to maximize pee absorption

    • Ultra-soft Top Sheet
    • AiryDry Comfort
    • Soft & Breathable Back Sheet

    Adjustable Snap Buttons

    • Designed to ensure no tension added around baby’s waist.
    • With variety of Fits from XS(5-7 kgs) to L(15-17kgs) which can fit a 3 Month old baby to 3 Year Old Toddler.

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