99% Pure Water Unscented Baby Wipes

9 Unbelievable Uses of 99% Pure Water Unscented Baby Wipes

99% Pure Water Unscented Baby Wipes indeed are the best to clean your baby’s nappy area. However, its application is not limited to bottom cleaning; in fact, your baby is not the only one who can benefit from the wipes.

Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes is the ideal substitute for pure cotton and purified water. Infusion of the optimum quantity of minerals makes these wipes the perfect choice to clean sensitive areas.

That doesn't mean you should stop buying wipes once your baby outgrows diaper age. There are several other mind-blowing applications for these wipes.

Scroll down if you are ready to be amazed.

Surprising Applications of Baby Wipes

If you are smart enough, baby wipe uses are innumerable. Here are some of the best ways to use wipes.

1. Quick Baby Baths:

Our baby wipe can be your complete baby bath combo during an emergency. Bathing babies every day is neither possible nor advised by doctors. The pure and unscented formula cleans your baby exactly like cleaning with cotton and water.

So, use wipes instead of bathing them on days your baby needs cleaning but not a complete bath.

2. Cool Down Summer Heat:

Baby Wipes Uses

Summer heat can trigger prickly heat and other skin problems on your baby’s body. It is essential to cool their skin and maintain the optimum temperature, especially while in the sun.

The pure water present in our wipes ensure coolness and protection from excess heat. You can keep a pack of refrigerated baby wipes travel packs with you for extra cooling.

3. Craft Time Partner:

Arts, crafts, or whatever indoor activity your baby is interested in, their playtime can get messy. Hands, face and clothes covered with paint, glitter, and/or glue is never a new sight for parents.

As entertaining as it is to your kids, cleaning requires a lot of time, and your kids will make it messier minutes after the cleaning. You can make it easier with a single pull of Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Unscented Baby Wipes.

4. Wiping Pacifier & Toys:

You must clean your baby’s pacifier once a day with a liquid baby cleanser to ensure hygiene. However, there can be dirt particles inside the pacifier, and it is impossible to clean after every use.

Wipe it with pure water wipes before and after every use to clean those particles. The same applies to toys and other artefacts your baby uses.

5. Cleaning the baby's face after meals:

It is tough to feed a toddler, but it is even more difficult to clean their mouth and hands after mealtime. They will have food particles stuck all over their body, table and the entire area around them.

Baby Wipes

But you can make cleaning easier with Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes as they are 100% safe to use on the face.

6. Clean hands after outdoor games:

Outdoor games can get messy and muddy at times, and washing hands every time with soap and water is not possible. However, letting the mud stay on it until the game is over can cause a fungal infection.

The best way to prevent that is by wiping mud from your kids' hands with gentle water baby wipes. It will keep their hands clean and safe from infections caused during playtime.

7. Cleaning Small Cuts:

No playtime is complete without a small cut or wound, and you should be prepared with a first aid kit every time. Don’t have sterile cotton to clean wounds? Baby wipes are the best alternative!

The 99% water wipes are as pure as cotton and water; you can use them to clean cuts and wounds.

8. Quick Hair Taming:

Who said baby wipes are only for babies and toddlers? Our hair gets frizzy, static and unmanageable at times. Baby wipes are a good option to manage hair in such situations.

Pull a sheet of water wipes and press it over your hair to moisturise and make it static-free.

9. Make-up removal:

Did you know that the make-up remover wipes you use can damage your skin? The chemicals present in such wipes strip off natural oil from your face. It is also unsafe to remove make-up on sensitive areas like the eyes.

Water Wipes

Unscented Water Baby Wipes are the best alternative to remove make-up without harming your skin.


1. What are baby wipes used for?

Baby wipes are used for cleaning a baby's nappy area after pooping or peeing. It is an alternative to the cotton cloth and plain water used by our grandmothers to clean baby’s bottom areas in the olden days.

2. Can you use any wipes on a newborn?

No. Your baby’s skin is extra sensitive, and using regular wipes might cause skin rashes and allergies. We advise you to use pure water unscented baby wipes to clean your newborn’s skin.

3. Which are the best wipes for babies?

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure water unscented baby wipes are trusted by dermatologists and mothers. It is as good as cotton and water and is 100% safe on infants' gentle skin. The 3X thicker cotton wipes are super absorbent and soft, making them the best premium baby wipes.

4. Can you flush baby wipes?

No. The best practice to dispose of used Mother Sparsh water baby wipes is by throwing them in a dustbin. You can throw it with biodegradable waste as our wipes are made of cotton fabric.

One Wipes - Innumerable Uses!

Mother Sparsh's 99% Pure Water Unscented Baby Wipes are the best choice to ensure your baby’s overall hygiene. From mealtime to playtime, it makes parenting easier than ever; so if you do not have these wipes at home, order now!

And do tell us in the comments the different ways you use these wipes.

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