Be Festive Ready With An Alluring Diwali Glow!

Be Festive Ready With An Alluring Diwali Glow!

Get that diwali glow with our Body Care ProductsDiwali 2021 is finally here and there’s an air of excitement! With Diwali traditions such as Diwali padwa rangoli, setting up of Deepawali light, rituals, exchanging gifts, and family gatherings what’s not to love? Getting ready for the festivity is half the fun. Here are some tips to make a statement this Diwali & get that alluring Diwali glow

To get luminous and ever-glowing natural skin and hair
this Diwali, you might need some exclusive beauty tips along with the best natural products in India. 

Have you begun your prep to seem ready for this festive season? If not, then you have come to the right place and get started by embracing a full-fledged skincare routine, hair care tips and some miraculous product ranges to get strikingly glowing skin and hair on this Diwali. Let's get started with this Deepawali blog on the significance of Diwali and Diwali glow!

Body Care Routine by Mother Sparsh for that Diwali GlowAlong with special Diwali glow tips, we need to take care of a few things like-

  1. Eat Healthily
  2. Stay Hydrated
  3. Follow CTM Skin Routine
  4. Take Proper Rest And Sleep
  5. Limit Your Sugar And Salt Intake
  6. Avoid Harsh Chemical Products

Diwali Glow For Skin 

Skin care routine with best skin care products

Eating healthy and staying hydrated throughout this Diwali week to keep the skin nourished and moisturized. To get yourself ready for the Diwali glow you need some simple tips, best organic skin care products in India and you are all set!

  • Cleanse your face twice a day as it is a vital beginning for the festive season as well as a daily routine. But stay away from harsh chemical products as this festival marks the victory of good over evil, and chemicals are no less than evil powers for your skin as well as body. 

  • Before applying any moisturizer or make-up directly to your skin, always use toner as it eliminates all last particles of dirt, smudge, and pollutants held in your pores after you wash your face.

  • Moisturizing is the only key that will help you with your Diwali glow. As theskin requires to remain moisturized as much as possible. It also aids in reducing blemishes, stretch marks, sunburn, controls itchiness and irritation.

  • To brighten tired eyes as your dark circles are more prominent and need a natural solution, you can take some help from home remedies for dark circles or try good under-eye gel which is one of the best organic skin care products in India.

Skin care Routine for that glow you were looking for

  • It is obvious to go out for shopping or family gatherings during the day-time. And that is the moment when your skin needs the most crucial step of skincare. Use a potent UV protection that combats free radicals and keeps your skin ever glowing.

  • To look good, you must be experimenting with your make-up and make-overs. But this is to remind you that before experimenting with your skin, do follow a CTM skin care routine and to avoid future skin problems.

  • You can also try Face Ubtan for Diwali glow as well as to recover your skin from the hectic make-up sessions. During these busy festive days you might not get time for yourself and to follow a proper skincare routine so you can opt for Ayurvedic Turmeric Healing Face Ubtan for Diwali from the best organic skincare products in India and save your time to enjoy Diwali rituals free-minded. 

  • Follow your grandmother’s ingredients of a healthy Diwali oil bath on the morning of Diwali with the most excellent nourishing ingredients.

  • It might feel like a piece of harsh advice for the festive season, but it is necessary to keep the consumption of sweets and fried food in restriction. Excess fried and sugary food can lead to breakouts, weight gain, dull-looking skin, and allergies.

  • Treat your skin with Vitamin E and vital oil-rich creams/lotion and oils which preserve the skin texture. Retrieve to fulfill your water intake of 8-10 glasses, which is the best way to glowing skin. Hydration is key to attain that flawless Diwali glow! 

Diwali Glow For Hair

Diwali Glow for hair by Mother Sparsh

Who doesn't want to look good for Diwali when everything from outfit to make-up is already on point , then hair needs to be perfect too! We experiment with different hairstyles, styling tools, and hair products to match our overall look for Diwali. These simple yet best hair care routine for healthy hair with hair care products will help you get the best Diwali glow to your hair-

  • Before washing your hair, give yourself a hot oil hair massage. By hot we mean lukewarm essential hair oil a night before you wash your hair or you can also wrap your hair in a hot towel after oiling and then rinse thoroughly. 

  • After the wash, let it dry and apply the serum. It will give your hair an attractive shine, restore and strengthen damaged hair, protect it from the heat of hairdryers, curlers, and flat irons, and also deeply condition hair, control split ends, and tame frizzy hair.

  • Don't forget to condition your hair with a good natural conditioner to ensure that your strands & scalp reap the nutritive benefits. 

  • Opt for blow drying with low heat, which is better than ironing or other hair styling tool as it can lead to hair breakage. It is better if you let your hair get dry on its own. 

What Hair Care Products do you need for perfect Diwali Glow?

  • If you find your hair has too much static or a flyaway hair problem. All you need to do is to get your hands with water and smooth your palms over the hair. And withdraw too much brushing.

  • Try some detox drinks such as lemon water or green tea every day, since a healthy digestive system will not only help your skin stay healthier, it will also ensure the well-being of your scalp.

  • Dashmool Hair lep  is also an outstanding resolution for keeping your locks healthy and nourished. Taking care of your skin and hair is the best gift you can give to yourself this Diwali

  • Avoid use of chemically processed products. Instead switch to natural hair kit or ayurvedic hair care products that will help you glow differently this Diwali. 

The Skincare Regime for that perfect Diwali GlowAfter taking good Diwali glow care tips, you must have also started exploring the best Diwali goodies for yourself, your friends, and your family. We agree that sweets, coffee mugs, jewelry, simple diyas, clothes, etc are the traditional Diwali gifts that one can buy for their loved ones, but what if you realize that you have gifted the same box of sweets or clothes to your friend for the second time in a row? Why not give the love and care to your loved ones? What if you give your loved ones love and care for their health? We always go for something materialistic, but we have never thought of giving our loved ones the health care and love they might need and being helpful to them. You must be wondering what should you gift them, so here's the list including one of the best skin care kits:

  1. Mother & baby care kit
  2. Newborn baby care kit
  3. Skin care kit
  4. Hair kit
  5. Health & wellness kit
  6. New moms care kit
  7. Kids care kit

We hope you have a great Diwali! From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy and blessed Diwali. 

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