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Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Skin Care Products Online

We have come a long way from using Grandma's homemade turmeric ubtan to totally relying on the internet to buy skincare products. Even when online shopping comes with the perks of a hassle-free transaction, home delivery, and additional offers, it has its downfall. A lot of people end up choosing the wrong products from the internet due to the lack of proper research.

Given that the internet is also an ocean of information, making wrong choices while shopping from the internet seems ironic. Are you wondering if the skincare products you bought from online stores are right for you? We can help you figure that out and choose the best skincare products.

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Skin Care Shopping Mistakes

Skincare shopping is a tricky game, and a single wrong product could damage your skin irrecoverably. Choosing skincare items with a single allergenic ingredient (even in negligible quantity) can be a grave skincare mistake. So, read the following points and check if you have ever made any of these blunders. And don’t panic if you are on the risky side of skincare; we have given the solutions towards the end of the blog.

Failing to Read Reviews

When it comes to online shopping, reviews are the best help to make wise decisions. First-hand users write honest reviews on how the product worked for their skin. This can be a guide on what to expect from the product and how to use it for the best result. Still, many of us fail to pay enough attention to the detailed product reviews on the website and other platforms.

However, keep in mind that the product that worked for one person might not work for you. On the other hand, a product that causes irritation to one's skin might do wonders to yours. A thorough study of the reviews is necessary to understand if it works for your skin type or not.

Neglecting your skincare needs

Skincare products should cater to your skincare needs; for instance, if your skin gets dry often, your day cream should be enriched with moisturising oils. If you have dark spots on your face, the skincare products you use should have ingredients to clear them.

Skin Care Tips

Many of us just go for products that worked for our friends or the one that appears first on the search list. If you fall in that category, understand that this is the perfect example of an unresearched purchase. That would lead to purchasing products you do not need or are harmful to your skin.

Not Sticking to the Routine

Using three or four random skincare products does not help you reach your skin healing goals. Religiously following a skincare routine is mandatory to bring the outcome you expect.

If you do not have a skincare regimen, follow a hydrating skincare routine. Because no matter what your skin type is, it requires hydration. Wash your face with a refreshing face wash, and apply healing day cream and sunscreen every day. Use a skin-refreshing Ubtan once or twice every week for bright and radiant skin.

Not cross-checking the ingredients list

Checking what goes into your products is as important as knowing what goes on your skin. In the olden days, skincare products were completely homemade, and our grandmothers and their grandmothers knew what items they used for skincare.

However, situations have changed, and we do not even have time to research products, let alone make them ourselves. However, not knowing the ingredients of the products you use may put your skin in a vulnerable situation. Some ingredients might cause allergies to your skin, or they could have harmful chemicals that might damage your skin.

Rushing through Products

Use a dark spot removal face wash for two weeks, then switch to something else because you didn’t get the expected result. Does that sound anything like you? Then you are in trouble!

Natural skincare products take at least two to three months to show visible results. That doesn’t mean that the product is not ideal for your skin; it will treat your skin damage from the inner layers of your skin from the very first day. By the time its effect reaches the outer layers, you will switch to another product, and the whole circle starts again.

How to Pick the Right Skin Care Products?

The above points might make you wonder how to find the right skincare products for the skin. Fret not! Here is all you need to know in picking the right skincare products:

Best Skin Care Products

● Understand your skin type and focus on your skincare requirements. Each skincare product in your routine must complement your needs and help your skin heal the damage.

● Take time for the product to start working on your skin, and take irritation, itchiness and redness as the cue to switch to the right product.

● Use products with natural and plant-based ingredients to avoid risks. Plant-based products will nourish your skin and be devoid of any side effects.

● Stay away from harmful chemicals such as Sulphates, Parabens and formaldehyde.


1. What are the three most important skincare products?

Face Wash, Day Cream and night balm are the three must-have skincare products other than regular sunscreen. Mother Sparsh Turmeric Healing Face Wash, Day Cream and Night Balm would be the best choice for bright and spot-free skin.

2. Why is a patch test necessary before using a new skincare product?

Even products with 100% plant-based ingredients demand patch tests because of the chances of skin’s sensitivity toward some herbal elements.

3. What is the best routine for dry skin?

Dry skin needs extra nourishment and moisturisation. Apply Mother Sparsh Rose and Beetroot face oil before washing your face every day to get even-toned and nourished skin.

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